• ‘Honesto’ stands up for truth until the end

    Raikko Mateo is TV’s new child wonder

    Raikko Mateo is TV’s new child wonder

    ABS-CBN’s top primetime drama series Honesto continues to inspire TV viewers to lead a life of honesty in its last two weeks, as the teleserye—topbilled by Raikko Mateo, Paulo Avelino, and Cristine Reyes—continues to draw the biggest audience nationwide.

    Based on data from Kantar Media on February 24, Honesto scored its newest all-time high national TV rating of 35.6 percent, or more than double its rival program, which only got 17.1 percent. The show has also conquered social networking sites such as Twitter, where the hashtag #HonestosLastFifteenNights became one of the worldwide trending topics.

    Since it started airing in October 2013, Honesto has won the hearts of Filipinos with its realistic and timely story on honesty, sincerity and kindness. The series has also established Raikko Mateo as TV’s newest child wonder, and furthered the already thriving careers of Paulo  and Cristine.

    Honesto’s powerhouse cast also includes Eddie Garcia, Janice de Belen, Angel Aquino, Nonie Buencamino, Melissa Ricks and Joseph Marco. It is directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng and Darnel Joy Villaflor, and produced by Dreamscape Entertainment Television.

    Aware of the public’s clamor for an extension of the series, Dreamscape’s advertising promotions head Biboy Arboleda said on Friday that while they would like to carry on in producing the inspirational story, the network has lined-up a host of powerful projects that require the creative team’s attention.

    “We acknowledge that Honesto has truly captured the hearts of Filipinos everywhere because as always, we all want something positive and inspirational to watch on television,” he began. “But much as we want to keep on going with this wonder boy’s story, we have to launch the other titles that Dreamscape is producing for ABS-CBN this year, which for the industry, will mean more work for more people.”

    Thus, Arboleda’s advice to Honesto’s fans is to stay glued to the series’ last two weeks, promising a memorable finale come March 14.

    For exclusive updates, pictures, and videos, log on to Honesto’s official social media accounts Facebook.com/Honesto.TV and Twitter.com/Honesto_TV.


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