Honesty is the best policy


WHEN we were young, we were taught in school and by our parents not to lie. In relationships, as in so many other facets of life, honesty is undoubtedly the best policy. Why? Because a lie promotes distrust and when trust is broken, it is difficult to earn it back if at all. A relationship based on lies will not last forever. There will always be that doubt. Sabi nga ni Ms.Susan Roces, ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw.

And yet why do people lie? An article I came across says honesty is not always the best policy at work.

A new study finds that leaders appear more benevolent by using decepton to manage certain business situations. Telling the naked truth to your employees can result in panic, stress, or spite. Do you agree?

The study describes situations in which you can break from totally being honest such as giving beautiful feedback even if untrue just to get the better of people and to gain trust and confidence. This smacks of hypocrisy to some, to others it may be a marketing tactic to gain support at all cost.

I am interested to learn what the latest trust rating is of PNoy and his cabinet in the light of the Mamasapano massacre and its continuing saga. Results would validate whether his actions were correct or people perceive him as a liar.

God is great!



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  1. Amnata Pundit on

    This is probably why God did not include “Do not lie” in the Ten Commandments. What is written there is ‘Do not bear false witness against your neighbor.” What this means is don’t make up a false story against your neighbor, like what the major witnesses did against Erap during the impeachment crisis 15 years ago. Yes perhaps God was giving room for white lies, which of course depends of your definition of what a white lie is. Remember when God told Adam and Eve that the forbidden fruit was poison? The serpent showed them that it wasn’t, so that obviously was a white lie. Your basic faculty of reasoning, the one you were born with like your sense of sight, touch, smell etc, the one referred to in the Bible as the Armor of God, should be able to tell you. Its when you surrender this armor to some “authority” who will then define for you what is right and wrong that the devil enters your thinking and problems begin. One should never let his guard down because the devil never sleeps. As far as this president is concerned, his father is a congenital liar and his mother a hypocrite so what do you expect?

  2. between pnoy and napenas? I would give my trust to napenas. who is pnoy before media ‘hyped’ him to presidency?