• Hong Kong police start removing protest barricades


    HONG KONG: Hong Kong police early Monday started removing street barricades at sites where pro-democracy demonstrators have been holding more than two weeks of rallies, paralyzing parts of the Chinese financial hub.

    Police had started moving in to clear barriers at the edges of the main protest site in Admiralty, catching some demonstrators unawares after their numbers had dwindled overnight, Agence France-Presse correspondents saw.

    But protesters, some of whom had been sleeping in tents, remained at the site and the police said they were intent on clearing blockages to traffic rather than ending the protests outright, as morning commuters weaved around the opposing lines on foot.

    “Police urge protesters to listen to the advice of the police, not to obstruct the police action, to remove obstacles blocking the roads as soon as possible, and to leave the scene in a peaceful and orderly manner,” a police statement said.



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