• Hong Kong removes visa-free travel privilege for Filipinos


    HONG KONG: Hong Kong announced on Wednesday it was imposing sanctions on the Philippines because of its “unacceptable” failure to apologize for a deadly hostage crisis more than three years ago.

    The current visa-free arrangement for visiting Philippine diplomats and officials will be suspended from February 5, Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying told a press conference.

    Currently they are able to stay 14 days without a visa.

    Leung described the move as the “first phase of sanctions” and said the government may take more action if it thinks it could be “effective” in securing an apology over the 2010 hostage-taking.

    Hong Kong has been demanding an apology for the incident in which eight Hong Kongers were killed and seven wounded.

    They were shot after negotiations broke down between Philippine authorities and a former Philippine police officer who hijacked a Manila tour bus in protest at his sacking.

    “The Philippine side is still unable to meet the demand of the victims and the families for a formal apology despite many rounds of discussions,” Leung said.

    “The response is unacceptable.”

    Hong Kong lawmaker James To, who also represents families of the victims, said it was the first time the city had imposed sanctions on a foreign country.

    “It sent a very clear message that the government is very determined to fight for justice for Hong Kong people,” To told reporters.

    President Benigno Aquino 3rd refused to apologize on behalf of his country, insisting the deaths were mainly caused by the actions of the hostage-taker.

    The apparent incompetence of the Philippine police during the hostage crisis outraged residents of Hong Kong, a city with low crime rates.

    Hong Kong has maintained a travel warning to the Philippines since then.

    More than 160,000 Philippine nationals live in Hong Kong, with most working as domestic helpers.



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    1. Perhaps if the negotiators agreed with the demand of the the “busjacker” to reinstate him back to the service, no killings would have happened. They could have easily convinced the perpetrator to surrender, then later on arrest him for the committed offense.

      Unfortunately, somebody made the wrong decision to flushed him out of the bus, that led to the killings of some of the innocent tourists, and the suspect himsefl.

      Had the responsible people use their common sense to tricked him in surrendeing after the innocent tourist were released, none of this threatening sanctions would occur endangering the future status of our OFWS employed by Hongkong.

      Hopefully, all these misunderstandings may be resolve for the benefit of all concerned.

    2. There is that word “incompetent” again in describing our government. Maybe I should also add “arrogance” and “clueless” in the government’s handling of this hostage situation.

      • And it is tragical when an incompetent, arrogant and clueless one is made to believe by his lapdogs he is infallible and he buys the line. Pity the Filipinos always ending up at the receiving end. But we deserve whom we vote.