To the honorable justices of the Supreme Court


    WE respectfully address this editorial to the honorable justices of the Supreme Court to urge them to take swift and sure action to resolve with finality the long pending election protest on the result of the 2016 vice-presidential election, and thereby enable the nation to breathe with relief and the government to complete its structure of service.

    The high court alone, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), can put an end to the interminable delays, and move the process forward.

    The frustration of the people over this unfinished electoral exercise should be assuaged by the healing power of the Court’s majestic authority and wisdom.

    Almost like convicts on death row, the contending candidates will dread the hour when the PET will declare unequivocally and finally that the vice-presidential election is over, and one candidate has clearly won.

    But we should rather welcome the reality that resolution will be a relief to victor and loser alike, far more than the contending sides may realize now.

    Delaying the tribunal’s action by endless legal maneuvers is patently the wrong strategy to follow, for the following reasons:

    First, a strategy to delay will only put the onus of blame for stonewalling the proceedings on the one seeking to delay, instead of letting the responsibility lie with the PET, which has the authority in this case and the experience to handle public recriminations.

    Second, delay of the proceedings will not avert the inevitable. It will not change the writing on the wall or the count of the ballots. The lawyers who are counseling their client to adopt the strategy of delay are probably even more terrified than their client of an unfavorable verdict, because of its possible impact on their legal practice and repute.

    Third, all should be in no doubt that the public and the nation want this issue to be settled now, so that a fully legitimated Vice President can render constructive service to people and country. Whether we are for Leni Robredo or Bongbong Marcos, we all want this contest to end now, and the true and rightful winner to be proclaimed.

    Fourth, the task facing the PET is a momentous one. It can bravely decide to tackle the issue head-on. Or it can slink away timorously to avoid the responsibility.

    Avoidance is ignoble, a disservice to the nation. On the other hand, answering the call of duty will be indubitably honorable and praiseworthy.

    The fact that the vice-presidency is umbilically linked by the people to destabilization plotting against the President ought to intensify the urgency of the PET’s hearing of the protest and recount of the vote. The nation will gain a measure of stability and calm from a clear and unchallenged verdict on the protested election.

    Finally, we want to call the attention of our people to this hard reality:

    The term of an elective office is short. When the VP protest is settled, the winner will have less than the full term to serve—perhaps at best less than five years to complete the term. The winner will need our good wishes and our goodwill in order to serve the nation honorably and well.

    Let us therefore extend that goodwill freely and gladly.


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    1. Very biased editorial. It is obvious that Manila Times is favoring Bongbong Marcos if you will scour this opinionated editorial like the mention of the unproven destabilization attempts by the current VP and the term of the declared winner. Get your math right. If Robredo is declared the winner she will enjoy a full term, not a short one as you put it.

    2. There’s no way you can cheat on the machines. Kaya nanalo si Duterte eh. Pareho ng machines lang ang nagbilang sa mga boot nila hanggang sa pinakamababang local officials. If you want a recount, recount all elected officials’ votes. Move on na! Address the poverty problem. Tama na ang pamumulitiko.

    3. Thank you to the Manila Times, currently the last bastion of journalism in this country.

    4. Pamela Tuansing on

      This is a BS Aquino Supreme Court and it is in cahoots with the Commission on Elections and the Liberal Party. The massive cheating last year is unprecedented in Philippine history in terms of magnitude and organization. Computers and personnel of Smartmatic and Comelec conspired to steal votes from leading candidates and transfer them to the Liberal Party candidates. An immediate investigation including forensic investigation of the computers used in voting, transmitting and counting of votes would have revealed the fraud committed. The Supreme Court delayed and delayed this until Smartmatic was able to decommission and wipe clean the computers and data storage used in the 2016 national elections. Imagine, nine months after the election there is still no recount and forensic investigation? This BS Aquino Supreme Court is ridiculous!

      • Si why in hell did Roxas lose if LP as you said cheated massively? Care to explain? Why should LP cheat for Robredo with measly 200,000 votes?Bugoyski

    5. Kudos to The Manila Times for taking the cudgels for the people. Indeed this has been a long wait for the people that the Supreme Court can not seem to care. It’s as if PNoy’s tentacles are still present and working in the Supreme Court. Imagine that, de Lima’s petition filed only few days after she was arrested and placed in jail already held 3 hearing days. While BBM’s protest, filed 9 months ago, has not reach preliminary conference. Why gave de Lima special treatment? Is her personal circumstances more important than the fate of the nation? I think it would be right if before becoming a Justice of the Supreme Court, applicants should undergo test on nationalism.

    6. Honorable? is this an oxymoron?

      comelec and judiciary – birds of same feather; thick-skinned “honorable- crooks” is the more truthful, appropriate term for these typical pinoy officials.

    7. For MANILA TIMES and BM supporters, can you not move on and wait for the next elections? Why still question the election results? For the sake of the country and the Supreme Court please stop the foolishness.

      • pablo sanchez on

        why? because a moron like you only believes that ROBREDO wins.how can she win if only the PCOS machine recognizes her in a remote town? im not pro BBM but im for the truth and honest election.let the vote of the people prevail.

      • move on for what ?to allow cheating always during election?i think the best call is wake -up people who is in charge…do your job honestly…

    8. It will takes years for the Supreme Court to resolve the 2016 Vice Presidential election issue, thus avoiding any problems that may arise which will lead to removal/impeachment of the SC Justices. This is the justice in the Philippines.

    9. jess nazario on

      If deliberately tolerating the delaying of the recount process gives time for Comelec to do their sordid act of covering their fraudulent tracks doesn’t that translate to the PET being an accessory to the crime of treason committed by Comelec ?

    10. Leopoldo Mayo on

      If the justices just put their mind to it, the Supreme Court acting as Presidential Electoral Tribunal can do the recount of the the Leni Robredo-Bongbong Marcos votes right away and resolve it in one week or even much less. It’s not as if they need to manually count the votes nationwide; they only need to look at the few obviously contentious ones like those of Lanao, and since the voting returns are digital, the tabulations can be done in just a few days or even just a few hours, no sweat. The problem really is that the Supreme Court is inordinately devoting more and more of its precious time hearing the noisy and obviously manipulative theatrics of the incarcerated accused drug-queen Sen. Leila de Lima. Why can’t the Supreme Court, on its own initiative without being pushed by this or that interested political interest, give top priority to resolving the more crucial and consequential matter of the true electoral will of the Filipino people on the Vice Presidency? The justices can make themselves true heroes in the eyes of the Filipino people if they did just this single thing with dispatch.

    11. Leodegardo M. Pruna on

      It is true that delaying tactics would simply make those doing it look losers and simply would do anything to maintain the status quo in spite of the truth. We appeal and beg PET to act on the issue with dispatch with only one thing to remember- the TRUTH about who won in the VP contest. God bless the Philippines.

    12. Marlon Verano on

      With this display of delayed justice…the Supreme Court is still living in the past eras where corruption and decision buying thrives. People are awake now and slowly are asserting their rights…a time will come that you magistrates will be brought to justice for the injustices you’ve done to the Filipino people

    13. jose b. taganahan on

      The Honorable Supreme Court sitting in bank as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) should now act with dispatch the protest filed by losing Vice Presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. I am among those who have doubts on the result of the Vice Presidential election which the SC can put to rest regardless of who will come out the eventual winner if the Court will act with dispatch and with impartiality

    14. I hope they’re not waiting to decide for the winner of the next election!
      Come on please, who’s the winner?? I’m already peeing in my pants with excitement !!

    15. If the Supreme court wanted to resolve this issue they would have done it already.

      Their delay gives Comelec time to tamper with the machines and try to clean up any evidence that exists that would implicate Smartmatic and them.

      Justice left the Philippines a long time ago and is not coming back.

      A Government full of adulterers and thieves who only help themselves.
      If the government wanted to get rid of the thieves they would have arrested all the pork barrel thieves in the senate and house of reps.

      20 senators on the Napoles list
      100 house reps on the Napoles list

      Only 3 opposition senators arrested by team PNoy and De Lima