• Honoring President Quirino

    Becky Garcia

    Becky Garcia

    Elpidio Quirino, the sixth President of the Philippines, would have turned 125 this year. In commemoration of this, the President Elpidio Quirino Foundation is holding a year long celebration called “EQ125,” which will encompass a variety of events, programs and projects to remember his legacy and celebrate his causes.

    Launched on April 17 with a press conference, EQ125 reacquainted guests with Quirino’s life guided entirely by the principles of tolerance, goodwill, and love—the three values he espoused on the day he became president on the same date of the year 1948.

    This encompasses the aim of EQ125 to introduce Quirino to new generation remembering him and reassessing his relevance to them today.

    “EQ125 is not only the foundation’s way of celebrating a milestone birthday to a great President,” said Atty. Angela “Lilia” Quirino of the President Elpidio Quirino foundation. “More importantly, we want to highlight the values that guided him every day of his life, values that made him a true Filipino within us.”

    Notable speakers representing various groups who have benefited greatly from the humanity and leadership of President Quirino shared how he affected the lives of many other through tolerance goodwill and love.

    Israeli Ambassador Effie Ben Matityau spoke of his gratitude for President Quirino’s vision. When he was still secretary of Foreign Affairs, Quirino guided the Philippines’ crucial vote at the United Nation in 1947. The Philippines was likewise one of the five countries named by the UN General Assembly to the UN Commission on Palestine.

    Bernard Kerblat, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Representative of the Philippines, talked about how the president Quirino welcomed the white Russian refugees driven out of China, giving them sanctuary in Tubabao Island, Guiuan, Samar.

    Family members shared their experiences and anecdotes that reflect the character of the president.

    The event also saw the launch of the Ako, Pilipino! Campaign, which will be the underlying message of all the EQ125 activities lined up for the entire year.

    The Ako, Pilipino! Campaign will unfold in two parts. First is in the retelling of one teacher’s journey to greatness under the Guro to Pangulo platform that follows the progression of President Quirino’s career from the classroom as a teacher to the presidency.

    The second part of the campaign is an engaging and uplifting information campaign that celebrates the values of the true Filipino, and will bring about a fiercer love of country, a greater understanding and appreciation of being Filipino.erreras and Vilma Selga.


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    1. Fusao Mishima on

      I am a Japanese, who believes that Elpidio Quirino was among the greatest political leaders in the world in that he showed us the moral lesson for the world peace. He pardoned all the Japanese war criminals confined in the Philippines in 1953. He had his wife and three children and five other members of his family brutally killed by the Japanese. He didn’t want to pass on to his peoples hatred for another.It was indeed courageous and examplary act of a Head of a State. Many heads of states would have similar opportunities today. Elpidio Quirino had tremendous courage, great wisdom and world statesmanship, above all, deep Christian understanding.