Honrado proves vacuity of honor of Aquino regime


WHEN will Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) Manager Jose Angel Honrado bow to popular demand and call it quits? Must we Filipinos wait for the Last Judgment to come before he gracefully exits from the stage?

Honrado makes his own surname inappropriate for himself. He manifests the same pathology common among Filipino politicians and public officials. This disease is rarely seen in more civilized political cultures: the officials’ tenacity to cling to a position even when the whole nation demands that they quit.

Strangest of all, the pathology evidently comes from the desire to save face. They believe that by resigning an office, they will confirm the worst that has been said of them.

When the National Bureau of Invetigation (NBI) officially confirmed the existence of the Tanim-Bala (bullet planting) extortion racket at the Ninoy Aquino International airport (NAIA), and then filed charges against employees of the DOTC’s Office of Transportation Security (OTS) and the PNP’s Aviation Security Group (ASG), we thought it would finally induce Honrado to submit his resignation.

Instead, this political appointee and relative of President BS Aquino issued a public statement saying that he will not quit. He declared that he must continue the service and the program that he provides at the nation’s main international gateway.

Public office not a sanctuary
A public office is not a haven or a harbor in which the citizen, if lucky to be elected or appointed, should seek sanctuary. It is a place where the officeholder is expected and mandated to do a job and do some public good. When he or she insists on clinging to office, come hell or high water, he/she inflicts harm on the public service.

In the book, Honest Government, an Ethics Guide for Public Service, by Michael Cody and Richarson Lynn, the authors discuss the options available to an appointee like Honrado. They are only two: 1) resignation out of principle or voluntary resignation; or 2, wait to be fired from the job by the appointing authority.

A third option, says the book, is “going down in flames,” clinging to office to the bitter end. But be warned, the flames will burn bridges and restrict future chances at public service.

Mr. Honrado should see the film Heneral Luna–if he has not yet seen it. If he has, but is not being challenged to choose “bayan” in the film’s emphasis on Heneral Luna’s message — “Bayan o sarili?” (Nation or self?), then he is really undeserving of his name.

And he also dishonors his friend and relative’s good governance claim and slogan (Daang Matuwid).

His bad performance as the Manager of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), his claim not to have any responsibility for the conduct of the luggage handlers and security personnel of the airport named after his cousin, Ninoy, his apparent tendency to excuse the criminal acts of the tanim-bala extortionists, are proof of the untruthfulness, hypocrisy and vacuity of honor of President BS Aquino.

Mr. Aquino claims to be a reformist president who has achieved so much in removing corruption and incompetence in Philippine government service. He claims that it is to make sure that the person who becomes the next president continues his anti-corruption and reformist government, he is moving heaven and earth to ensure that his anointed successor, Mr. Mar Roxas 2nd, wins the presidency in 2016.

Yet, Mr. Aquino cannot or will not dismiss his uncle, friend and favorite official, Mr. Jose Angel Honrado, who is a model of incompetence and corruption as shown by his willingness to tolerate the tanim-bala perpetrators in NAIA.


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  1. Kaya hindi ako naka pag bakasyon ngayon Holiday Season dahil natakot ako sa tanim bala sa NAIA. I normally spend between 4-5K USD in one month, that should have been going to the economy. The general manager kunu, Mr. Honorado made a statement during Senate Investigation that he is not aware and he is out of the loop to investigate any anomalies within his jurisdiction. The Senators and the public in general could not believe that this guy does not know his job. Pero ako, sa aking isipan, this guy Honorado is part of the criminal activities going on at NAIA. It has not been proven by any law enforcement agency, such as the NBI or PNP na siya ang HEPE ng mga magnanakaw at nango ngo tong sa NAIA. However, well informed people like me think that he is, the biggest, the fattest, and the ugliest criminal in NAIA. He can also tell you the biggest lie, and can still maintain an innocent look. (Magbakasyon ako ulit kapag wala na siya sa pwesto).

  2. Strong words from you guys, but in this country change cannot be achieved thru words alone, mga pare ko. In 1986, we have to risk our lives and family, went to EDSA with nothing to protect ourselves, unmindful of death. You want to get rid of Abaya & Honrado? If you are as tough as your words, you know what to do. If you are willing to be hosed with estero water, charged with subversion… The thing is, it will take to put our lives & family at risk, and if we are lucky, the people will wake up, fired up again & sipain maybe not only these two lowlifes but also our beloved President. Tagal na tayong pinagloloko ng mga nasa gubyerno, puro lang tayo salita at panood ng PBA & ALDUB. We deserve our government, enjoy na lang kayo!

  3. This is my first time to hear that Mr. Honrado is a relative of BS Aquino. With Sec Abaya acting as his pull, you can already see another Aguinaldo relative behaving like what happened during the revolution not mentioning the treachery Aguinaldo did to Heneral Luna. If you see the body picture of Mr. Honrado, he not only symbolize nepotism but also of incompetence. Very slow in movements and sluggish. I think he is the image of the incompetence of the Aquino government. Very confident he will not lose his job.

  4. Same feathers flock together.we can’t expect something good in this administration. he was got elected by mere popularity nothing less and nothing more.roughly six months he will go lets hope the next malacanang occupant is better.

  5. Naging general lang si honrado when he was still in the service, paf, because of cory aquino even though his performance was wanting and promoted over his senior and more competent officers. Honrado, please resign and give our country a break.

  6. The temerity to hold on to his ill-deserved post is most logically driven his enabling presidential relative. The gall of this family to impose upon us !!!

  7. If a person failed to do his job, there are only 2 choices, either you quit or be terminated. I think mr. Aquino did not get his education right. Since Aquino is in the management position, his subordinates must follow Aquino commands which is good governance. If they disobey, they must be terminated. Really I cannot wait for the new president because our president failed miserably. That is the reason Mar Roxas will lose in this election. One and only option..NONE. Nobody is qualified to be president of this country.

  8. If Pnoy cannot appoint competent individual outside of his yellow circle of friends and relatives to replace the manager of our premier international airport means that there is a shortage of honorable and competent people around him.

  9. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Just too bad that we are losing our sense of delicadeza. Expect the worse to happen. God bless the Philippines.

  10. Alas, the “vacuity of honour” is not the sole domain of the current administration’s appointments, it is the badge of shame of all administrations and often the Presidents too (GMA, Estrada and Marcos to name but three). As long as we have a political system based on corruption, nepotism, patronage, cronyism, effective immunity from justice, an electorate who do not understand the value of their vote, interference from religious bodies, and politicians who are only serving their self interests rather than the country and the people then we will never improve. We will never be a true democracy, a 1st world country, rid of our dirty money label.
    I do not see how things can improve, whilst we remain an oligarch, controlled by a few rich families and businesses.

  11. The problem with BS Pinoy is he don’t read newspaper anymore he only watch Boy Abunda on TV and of course sis Cris Aquino last quarter na ito syempre it is time for a kamag anak na humamig tuwid na daan ano yun?

  12. Very well said! The whole nation wants an NAIA Manager who is a competent and would ensure that the once premier airport to be free from any anomaly. NAIA having earned the unwanted distinction of Being One of the Worse Airport in the World needs a holistic facelift if it were to regain its image as the gateway for tourist to our Beloved Philippines. I honestly don’t think Mr Honrado is up for the job.