Hospital in Tondo rodent infested

Erwin Tulfo

Erwin Tulfo

Last week, a mother was seen on TV crying in front of her dead baby at the morgue of the Gat Andres Bonifacio Hospital in Tondo, Manila.

She was not wailing because of her baby’s demise, but at the sight of her lifeless child whose nose was eaten by rats.

The mother had accepted her baby’s death due to blood infection. But what she could not accept was the fact that rats feasted on her infant’s body.

Hospital officials apologized to the grieving mom and admitted that the hospital is having problems with rats.

The mother was given P5,000 by hospital officials who also promised to shoulder the burial expenses of the child.

This hospital has a lot of cleaning to do. It’s not that hospitals or medical facilities around the world are sanitary, but having pests such as rodents is inexcusable.

Hospital administrators of the Gat Andres Bonifacio are aware of the existence of rodents and yet did nothing to address the problem.

I am sure that aside from the hospital’s morgue, these rats also visit other rooms at the hospital, including the kitchen.

How can the Department of Health (DOH) expect to win its campaign against leptospirosis and other deadly diseases if some of its hospitals are themselves the source of rat infestation?

The DOH should look into this matter immediately.

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Electronic gadgets making kids dull?
Several students interviewed on radio on Saturday did not know what Andres Bonifacio did and when.

The children, elementary and high school students, are aware that Bonifacio is one of the country’s heroes but they have no idea when he existed and what he fought for.

I shook my head while listening to the stummering children as they gave wild guesses about the founder of the katipunan.

Children are taught Philippine History as early as in third grade yet it seems that some of them are no longer interested in our rich past.

A friend of mine once complained that his son, who is in first year high school, does not even know what H2O means.

Last week, I overheard a mother scolding her fifth grader who asked her to buy iPad.

The mother said she would buy the gadget “only if you already know the difference between the sum, product, and quotient.” She was talking about math.

However, when it comes to the operation or use of gadgets, children can teach their parents with authority.

According to my “compadre,” his 14-year-old son prepares his power point presentations. So does my fifth grade daughter.

A fellow journalist bragged about that his 12-year-old daughter’s ability to create a short film with her iPhone.

Kids nowadays are slow in the classroom but they sure are intelligent when it comes to electronic gadgets.

After all, this is the digital age.


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  1. Our schools no longer prepare our kids to be logical in their daily lives. We have become too mechanical and electronic based because the internet provides us information with a mere punching the right key topics in their smart phones or computers which kids mistook as knowledge! That is why, given a situation where a street smart kid and a computer savvy kid left on their own in a jungle or in a situation where there is no technology available, it will always be the street smart kid who will survive.

  2. Rat traps is the answer!!! I had a plague of rats at one stage, every night they were running free on my roof, vsiibly running on our clothes line. I bought a rat cage from the local market and since then I cant see a single rat. Everyday day I caught one without fail, the interim result was 51 rats salvage and no sign of any rodents ever since. Cats are no match for rodents as big as them.

  3. Gloria M/ Kuizon on

    E. Tulfo & gadget-

    savvy kids’ ignorance

    Today’s column by Erwin Tulfo (page 7 “Hospital in Tondo rodent infested”) has a second subject matter–“Electronic gadgets making kids dull?”

    He talks about the phenomenon of children and teenagers who can make short movies with their cell phones and create powerpoint presentations for their parents’ businesses. But many of these gadget wizard kids don’t know anything about Gat Andres Bonifacio (not even which period in Philippine history he lived in) and the basics of math. I have also seen classmates of my own children who don’t know and don’t care about reasoning logically, writing and speaking grammatically in English and Tagalog, and thinking about what makes an act right or wrong, going to church and learning about God, Mother Mary and the angels and saints.

    That is the curse of those members of the human race who learned a lot of practical mechanics and physics but not about basic morals. philosophy and religion. They are the ones who end up making the A-bomb, the H-bomb, the chemical, virus, bacteria and other kinds of weapons. They are the ones who do not hesitate to destroy our forests and water resources to expand their industries and increase their profits.

    Knowledge of practical things and the use of technology must be coupled with respect for mankind, the environment, the logical process and total reality which is made up of the natural and the supernatural.

    Gloria M. Kuizon

    Novaliches, QC

  4. Voice from the Wilderness on

    This rodent problem in the hospital is not a difficult problem to solve. All the hospital authorities needs is just to be creative by harboring animals that are natural predator of rats, and that is, to keep active cats in the premises. You don’t need huge budgets for this endeavor as these cats can be fed by leftover foods in the hospital.