• Hot days: Metro sizzles at 41°C


    This week may turn out to be the hottest this year as the weather bureau sees the           heat index to soar to 41 de-grees Celsius.

    The heat index in Metro Manila is expected to peak to 40.7 degrees Celsius. In Tuguegarao City, it is seen to hit 41 degrees Celsius.

    Metro Manila’s maximum heat index from Tuesday to Friday may range from 39.9 to 40.7°C.

    However, Baguio City will be relatively cool with a heat index ranging from 24.4 degrees Celsius to 25.4 degrees Celsius this week.

    Other major cities can expect a heat index ranging from the mid-to high 30s.

    The weather bureau said a heat index between 32 degrees and 41 degrees may lead to fatigue and heat cramps.


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