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Cynos Ambassador Alex Carbonell (center) with models who sported hairstyles inspired by the ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ game

It was a an afternoon of flair, talent and style as international professional hair care brand Cynos, elevated hair fashion to a new level via the Hair Asia Salon Spectacular Event  at the World Trade Center.

Cynos unveiled edgy and modern yet very much wearable hair creations, while introducing the brand’s chosen Filipino ambassador, stylist Alex Carbonell, and launching their hairstyle bible, the Cynos Lookbook.

Hail the hairstylist!
Alex Carbonell has stamped his mark in the world of hair fashion for 25 years with his unique brand of hair cutting and color creations, evident in some of the most memorable looks of local celebrities and the fashion-forward set. He is currently the creative and learning director of Bench Fix Salon and also the creative director for Studio Fix Salon.

A Carbonell creation

A Carbonell creation

“Everything starts with believing in what the product can actually do with someone’s hair,” Carbonell says of his role as Cynos ambassador. “It all started for me with the treatment of the Argan range. After trying the shampoo, conditioner and mask, my sensitized hair immediately became smoother and healthier. As ambassador, I speak through experience. The salon clients are really the models and I am the endorser.”

“And as a creative artist of the brand, I am now designing a module and a syllabus that will be used as a technical tool for beginners and cynos-users,” he adds. “We will educate salon hairdressers on the use of the products, do live shows, seminars and major marketing programs.”

At the launch, Carbonell led the Cynos team in presenting the hottest trends in hair looks through a show dubbed “Outbreak.”

The hairstylist revealed that the plants of the hit game Plants vs. Zombies inspired the show.

“I beautified them on stage to regain their power to kill and eliminate the zombies. Literally and figuratively speaking, hairdressers do make the world beautiful,” he enthused.

The lookbook
Another first for the brand, the Cynos’ Lookbook is a precious compendium of diversified hair looks, cuts and colors presented as an important element of one’s fashion statement and individuality.

Cynos collaborated with fashion icon and supermodel Isabel Roces in the production of the Lookbook with the theme “Hairventures—Journeys to Remember.” Four of the world’s most vibrant fashion capitals were used as the spring well of ideas for the book.

Roces’ “accounts” were then creatively rendered using the wide range of Cynos professional hair care and styling products, and interpreted by Carbonell and guest artists Tinette Puyat, Hanz Olivar and make-up artist Lourd Ramos.

Cynos Inside Hair Care is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by New Summit Colors Dist. Inc. For more information, call log on to .


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