toyotayaris01_20131015DRAWING its share of ogles at this year’s Frankfurt motor show was Toyota’s Yaris Hybrid-R concept, which infuses the popular Yaris Hybrid with high-performance engineering lifted off Toyota’s Le Mans and World Endurance racing prototype, the TS030 Hybrid.

Based on the plebian three-door Yaris, the Yaris Hybrid-R concept packs a highly tuned 1.6-liter gasoline engine that’s supplemented by two powerful electric motors, leading into electric four-wheel drive mobility. The car’s front wheels are driven by a 300hp, four-cylinder, turbo-charged engine with direct injection specifically developed in accordance with FIA rules, hinting at the Hybrid-R’s racing intents. At the rear, its wheels are individually powered by a 60hp electric motor—the same ones used in the standard Yaris Hybrid—resulting in a total powertrain output of 420hp.

And just like in the TS030 Hybrid’s case, energy recovered during braking gets stored in a super capacitor that, compared to a standard NiMh hybrid battery, has a higher power density and a fast power charge/discharge speed.

There’s more. A third 60hp electric motor, located between the engine and the six-speed sequential transmission, operates as a generator to feed the super capacitor or to directly power the rear electric motors.

Other performance-specific kit of the car counts 18-inch TRD wheels wrapped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires, selectable “road” or “track” modes, Recaro bucket seats and Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel, among a host of other stuff.

This Yaris concept is one hot hybrid hatch.



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