‘Hot’ immigration official preys on Tsinay aide


The Bureau of Immigration (BI) is still staggering from the Wang Bo bribery scandal but is beset again by two more disgusting allegations.

One of the cases is the alleged sexual harassment complaint filed against one ranking BI official who himself had figured in the recent Wang Bo affair.

This time, the “amorous” official allegedly made sexual advances on a new, young and comely lady immigration officer (IO) assigned in his office.

Insiders have it that the official would corner the young IO in the inner chamber of his office, short of forcing himself on thetsinay-looking lady.

At one point, the official came on her too strongly, and asked her if she were still a virgin.

The neophyte IO could no longer bear the sexual harassment and decided to report the incidents to the office of Commissioner Siegfred Mison, who reassigned her.

* * *

The other case that has beset Mison is the reported “disappearance” or questionable release of a number of BI detainees, among 200 suspected alien illegal workers apprehended at an online casino and call center in Pasay City last week.

Intelligence agents under BI official, Atty. Carlito Licas, were reportedly being investigated in connection with the release of over two dozen Chinese workers at Star Cruises Centre on Andrew Ave., Pasay.

The foreigners, who should be facing deportation proceedings, were surreptitiously escorted out of the BI offices in groups.

The BI agents reportedly denied extorting bribe money.

No ‘foi’ law as lawmakers eye 2016 pork
Much has been said about Noynoy Aquino’s omission of the issue of the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill during his two-hour or so State of the Nation Address (SONA) last Monday, prompting Malacañang to ask Congress to “prioritize” it.

It is clear by now that Noynoy’s administration is no different from the previous ones in its refusal to pass the FOI bill, which had been repeatedly shelved in the past congresses only to be resurrected again and again.

The people must understand by now that largely the same politicians, who have comprised the legislature in three decades, have consistently suppressed the enactment of such a law.

The 16th Congress has done nothing different for obvious reason. They have an awful lot to hide.

And, they are cooking something with the proposed P3 trillion 2016 National Budget.

Naglalaway na ang mga buwitre! They smell pork.

Needless to say, an FOI law will enable the public and the media to access, examine and scrutinize government transactions at all levels.

If Noynoy’s administration, along with its puppet congress, had wanted to show government accountability, it would have passed an FOI law at some point in the past five years.

Just because people are widely criticizing the President’s glaring omission of the FOI issue in his all-important speech, his public relations geniuses are saying the engot is all support for it.

After five years of continued plunder, they are finally giving it importance.

Obviously, it is easier said than done.

Truth be told, passing the FOI bill is the last thing greedy congressmen would like to do.

What with the all the abuses and anomalies in the use of their own “pork barrel” funds, which of them would like the public and inquisitive journalists empowered with an FOI law?

Former senator and ex-rehabilitation czar Panfilo Lacson said what has been uncovered by the Janet Lim Napoles-Ben Hur Luy domestic spat is just a “tip of the iceberg” of the massive anomalies involving the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) of legislators and the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) of the President.

Noynoy deliberately omitted the FOI bill, as well as the matter of the Mamasapano Massacre of the Special Action Force in the January 25 suicide mission.

Instead, he pushed the BBL bull crap and treated us to a video magazine, featuring exceptional human interest stories.

Pulos kabaklaan, pwe!



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  1. “Truth be told, passing the FOI bill is the last thing greedy congressmen would like to do”.

    Agreed along with the Anti dynasty law.

    Who will enforce any such laws if say the FOI did pass and was violated ?

    Not the Justice Dept, De Lima only investigates who the president allows to be investigated.

    Not the Ombudsman Morales, same with the Justice Dept only investigates who the president allows.

    Doesn’t matter what laws are passed does it if no one will enforce them.

    There are plunder and graft laws on the books already but the president, De Lima and Morales shield the Liberal Party and allies from investigations and being charged.

    Might as well make a law against Typhoons hitting the Philippines, it won’t be enforced just the same.