• Hot topics at Balitaan sa Rembrandt


    “Balitaan sa Hotel Rembrandt” the other day tackled hot topics such as the Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) massacre, political double cross, and a new Filipino world class product.

    Ferdie Pasion, chairman of Nat-Fil, reminded our leaders that no rebel group should lay claim to a sovereign territory because all parts of the Philippines is governed by the republic.

    Strategic analyst Prof. Rommel Banlaoi cautioned the government on the real identity of Malaysian terrorist Marwan who is known to have a double or look-alike: “Let’s wait for the findings of the US authorities if the dead body reported by SAF is really Marwan. If he’s the real Marwan, what is he doing in the MILF territory while peace negotiations are ongoing with the government?”

    Tito Osias, the convenor of Balik Probinsiya, explained that the coconut industry should be revitalized. He cited a new world-class product, the Lakan Lambanog, a Filipino made alcoholic beverage that comes from the coconut spadix.

    Ado Paglinawan, a former Philippine Embassy attaché is calling on all Filipinos to be wary about the real agenda of some people in the government service who are there for their own interests instead of protecting the interest of the nation.

    Meanwhile, activist Leon Peralta of Occupy Comelec said that with the brutal killing of our PNP-SAF forces in the hands of the MILF-BIFF, they would shift their mass actions to EDSA to show solidarity and sympathy to our massacred law enforcers. With them in photo is Erick San Juan, the forum host.


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