• House Bill seeks regular salaries for village officials


    SANTIAGO CITY: A bill filed in the House of Representatives has been filed seeking to give regular salary and statutory benefits to barangay officials. Rep. Giorgidi Aggabao of the Fourth District of Isabela thought of filing House Bill 4652 because village officials are also in the frontline of government service delivery. “Being in the frontline of government service delivery, barangay officials have not been able to enjoy the benefit of having a regular salary and statutory benefits, unlike their counterparts in other government offices,” Aggabao said. He said the bill also seeks to classify village officials into government workers so they can be given fixed salaries and benefits also extended to government employees. Aggabao said the bill also seeks to declare the Punong Barangay or village chief and Sangguniang Barangay or village council members, the Barangay Secretary and the Barangay Treasurer in all 42,000 barangays in the country as “regular government employees.”


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