House justice panel junks impeach raps vs Aquino


The House Committee on Justice threw out the three impeachment complaints against President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Tuesday.

The panel, through a 54-4 vote, found the complaints against Aquino insufficient in substance. Two of the three complaints stemmed from the implementation of the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), which was outlawed by the Supreme Court in July. The third complaint involves the Philippines’ Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement with the United States.

“The pulse here is the reflection of the sentiment of the entire House [of Representatives]. We allowed four hours of debate and all the opportunities [to speak]were given to the endorsers. Walang laman yung complaints [The complaints are empty]. It is hard to force it if the complaints are really empty,” Rep. Niel Tupas, Jr., chairman of the justice committee, told reporters.

The three complaints accused the President of culpable violation of the Constitution, betrayal of public trust and graft and corruption.

It was Rep. Romero Quimbo of Marikina City (Metro Manila) who first called the complaints empty.

“The past Presidents have been mobilizing the generated [government]savings. It has been clear that it was allowed, until the Supreme Court decided that it is not, although there is no finality on such decision yet. Culpa means willful. Has the President stolen the DAP money? Has the President pocketed the money? Are there [pieces of evidence]to prove that he used [this]money to build a number of houses and accumulated millions in his bank accounts like in the case of the President we previously impeached?” Quimbo said, obviously referring to former President Joseph Estrada.

The Makabayan bloc, composed of legislators from the party-list groups Bayan Muna, Gabriela, Alliance of Concerned Teachers, Kabataan and Anakpawis were outraged, saying the President should be impeached for corruption.

“By nipping the impeachment proceeding at its bud, the committee on justice has once again kowtowed to the whims of the emerging dictator. Laugh while you can, Mr. Aquino, but this is not the last time you’ll hear from us. The fight against the yellow dictatorship will continue in the parliament of the streets. There, I assure you, Mr. Aquino, you don’t control the numbers,” Kabataan party-list Rep. Terry Ridon fumed.

“Congress has played blind, deaf and mute to the clamor of the Filipino people for justice and accountability against a budding budget dictator. Legislators were given a choice today, to vote for what is right and what is convenient. Despite presenting clear arguments and a substantial recital of facts, they still opted for the latter,” Ridon said.

The justice panel will make a report on its decision to junk the impeachment complaints before submitting it to plenary. The plenary can overturn the report with a majority vote, but this is unlikely considering the overwhelming vote against the President’s ouster.


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  1. roldan gachalian gamboa on

    The evidence of being robbed is the lost money, not how and where the money hide by the robber, while the absence of inventory is the emptiness of what really happened.

  2. roldan gachalian gamboa on

    This are some substances in matter of inventory report to the public; read this link:…/119686/ and to this link:…… Obviously, the DAP’s money cannot be released with out the consent of responsible person that being address as of intended for; or else this person is unsound mind to his duties and responsibilities. Whereas; as mandated to our Philippines’ Constitution to those unsound mind person in public office must be removed from public office.

  3. i wonder how much tupas and his cohorts at the house justice committee were paid to junk the impeachment raps agains Pnoy. i am sure there was a promise of pork by the palace. its a mockery. plain and simple. is this what we call “daang matuwid”? taxpayers money, i am sure, was spent to pay off these guys to junk the impeachment raps against Pnoy. Ang kakapal ng mga mukha ninyo!!!

  4. Congratulations Mr Tupas, youve just buried yourself deeper with your zarzuela, after your Corona debacle and your 50mill mansion you still have the nerve to do what you did on 54-4 vote with your fellow Representha-thieves. Dont worry Neil, your wheelchair in St. Luke is waiting as well as Frank’s (if he doesnt go first.)

  5. rosendo bagtas on

    expected ng sambayanan ang pagbasura ng 3 impeachment complaint. alam natin na hindi judicial determination kundi political consideration ang zarzuelasng naganap sa House of Representative. This is so because of the fact that more than 2/3 ng mga miembro ng House ay nakinabang sa presidential largesse mula sa malakanyang. sa ilalim ng PNoy administrasyon lantaran ang pangdarambong, pagwaldas ng yamang bayan, at paglabag sa saligang batas ni PNoy upang maisulong ang kanyang politikal gameplan. ngayon, talagang napahiya at napasubalian ang akusasyong isang Abnoy si PNoy . . . dahil ang naganap sa Kongreso ay maliwanag at malinaw ng pagpapatunay ng marunong si PNoy mang-uto ng mga kongresista, senador, at ibat-ibang lider politikal sa bansa gamit ang pera ng bayan. ang naganap kay CJ Corona at Ombudsman Gutierrez ay walang kaduda-dudang matibay na ebidenya tungkol dito.

  6. >>> as what everyone said before, that complaint will not succeed in the House where most if not all are the Representa-thieves. The only option is to continue the crusade against this ambitious empty headed president.