• House likely to junk impeach rap vs Robredo


    The impeachment complaints filed against President Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo will most likely be junked because most members of the House of Representatives believe that the filing of the cases was ill-timed, Deputy Speaker Romero Quimbo of Marikina said on Tuesday.

    Quimbo said lawmakers do not want the chamber to be used “for political infighting.”

    “The filing of impeachment complaint at this time is ill-timed. Most of us in the Liberal Party (LP) believe that we really need to give the President, the Vice President and all duly elected officers at least a year to be able to carry out their promises,” he added.

    “I am not saying that we should all be quiet. We just have to give them opportunity to succeed because their success is also our success. Besides, I have seen the complaint against Vice President Leni, and it is really baseless. It’s a sham,” Quimbo said.

    Robredo is the interim chairman of the LP.

    “Those who are filing an impeachment case against the Vice President are Marcos loyalists. They want us to think the election is fraud marred,” the lawmaker added.

    Oliver Lozano filed the impeachment complaint against Robredo on Monday.

    Quimbo stressed that the House has other more important matters to attend to.

    “The Speaker is a mature leader and we are confident that he will take a position that is going to be healthy for the House, meaning he won’t let the House be used as a political tool,” Quimbo said, referring to Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez.

    “We have so many more important things to discuss which have greater chance of success like tax reform which would remove income taxes for those earning P250,000 and below, criminal justice reform and amending the economic provisions of our Constitution which will result in more jobs. Impeachment will just be a political sideshow,” Quimbo added.

    Party-list Reps. Rodel Batocabe of Ako Bicol and Sherwin Tugna of Citizens’ Battle Against Corruption echoed Quimbo’s sentiments.

    “An impeachment proceeding is a highly divisive process. If not done properly, it weakens institutions, rather than strengthen them. It is precisely because of the far reaching consequences of impeachment, including disenfranchising the vote of millions, that it should be used sparingly and for the most compelling reasons based on the grounds provided under the Constitution,” Batocabe told The Manila Times.

    Under the Constitution, impeachable offenses include culpable violation of the Constitution, treason, bribery, graft and corruption, other high crimes and/or betrayal of public trust.

    “Less than a year after elections, an impeachment won’t do our country any good. This is still a period to build, unite and galvanize the country. As public officials, we are always subject to criticisms and accusations. But these should not result in impeachment. We will become a pitiful country if what we want to do is impeach our two highest elected officials,” Batocabe said.

    “Impeachment is a constitutional process that is reserved and should be used only against the basest and gravest act of an impeachable official. Absent any of these elements and factual basis, the time of Congress can be spent on more productive issues like the issue of revenue generation through taxation, job creation and improving social services through legislation,” Tugna said.

    Reps. Teddy Baguilat and Tom Villarin of Akbayan warned Alvarez against endorsing Lozano’s impeachment complaint.

    “This is a highly political move and as head of the lower chamber, he should try to insulate himself from the bitter political fray that will ensue from this,” Baguilat said.

    “Oliver Lozano is an ambulance chaser and opportunist. If Speaker endorses it, he will be a laughing stock as nobody believes Lozano anyway. Filipinos are not that dumb as they want us to believe,” Villarin said.


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    1. Seems like LP acknowledges the stupidity of the VP and wants to restart anew. Funny parang comedy hehe. The VP needs to go and be replaced with someone whos pro active so we can move on.

    2. So it appears now that LP congressman started to realize that impeachment case in less than a year is just fully a political manipulation. Then its better for the LP group to withdraw their impeachment case against PRRD so the supporters of our president will also withdraw their impeachment filed against VP Leni, that’s it very simple. Our congressmen had so many works to do for improving the lives of filipino people this should be the first priority. Election time was over lets get back to work!!!!

    3. Quimbo said:
      “Impeachment is a constitutional process that is reserved and should be used only against the basest and gravest act of an impeachable official.”

      Quimbo conveniently forgot about the “Corona” impeachment. In fact. the late sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago commented that the non-declaration of a dollar account in the SALN is a correctible act and was not even an “impeachable offense” but the Noynoy regime went thru with it even though it is not “the basest and gravest act of an impeachabe official”.

    4. These LP jackals speak as if they have the numbers in the House. I believe its time to call for a revolutionary government and a new Constitution that will ban for life all past and current LP members, their allies, associates and family members from seeking public office. We can no longer afford to have these individuals in a position to continue the plunder and ruin they have inflicted on the country.

    5. Go on, let’s see who has the numbers. You started it, finish it. We can afford to lose a vp, not working anyway.

    6. More important things to do? The House MUST be able to address ALL issues and agendas. Typical yellowtard.

      One would only need to look up Twitter to see millions of Filipino feels their trust has been betrayed. Acting VP betrayed public trust for releasing a video asking foreigners to intervene in our sovereign country as if it is a lawless State. She doesn’t believe, us, the Filipino people, can govern ourselves that we need UN intervention. Speak for yourself NOT for the whole country. When addressing the UN with VP title, you are representing the whole country and not just a matter of personal opinion.

      She is unpatriotic yet holding the second highest position in a public office. She must go.

      I am a Filipino and Leni Robredo betrayed my trust #retweet #ImpeachLeni

    7. Voters, remember these congressmen who wont vote for impeachment. Next election dont vote for them. It’s high time to remove Leni from office. She is a disgrace to the Filipino people. This Quimbao represents LP so what would you expect? The narco-politicians inside LP are out to destroy our present govt by all means and Leni is key in delivering that. #ImpeachLeni !!!

    8. So, ano po gagawin ninyo Mr. Quimbo, sa kabobohan ng highest official ng partido ninyo, which happens to be the VP? Pababayaan nyo lang?

    9. Is maligning the state and its government in front of the UN freedom of speech? …the impeachment complaint will test whether this freedom has been abused …. …… …..

      • Freedom of speech is not ultimate as senate president Pimentel said. It has limitation and responsibilities attached to it. His example was: Someone in a movie house cried FIRE. This incident caused stampede and death of some movie goers. The person who cried FIRE cannot claim freedom of speech as his defense.

    10. I don’t think Leni committed treason. Stating to the UN what really happened in the country is a freedom of expression. Everyone has a right to express what one thinks of what is happening to this country specially to the war on drugs.

      • Lord Neiox Jumangit on

        @Arturo H. Supremo

        Yeah, maybe its freedom of expression, but she should have first verified all the data that being presented to her. Not just base on hearsay. Is it not clear to you how she describe our country? How she put shame on every Filipino? Watch the video message again.

      • kung sabihin ko sa harap ng asawa mo na may kahalikan sa cine. freedom of expetsson ba yun ha. Mas mabuti pa na tumahimik ka na lang

    11. Nigel of Makati on

      Leni Robredo should go. She is a disgrace to the Filipino people. #ImpeachLeni Robredo

    12. “Most of us in the Liberal Party (LP) believe that we really need to give the President, the Vice President and all duly elected officers at least a year to be able to carry out their promises,” Quimbo says.

      There! MOST OF US IN THE LIBERAL PARTY are the operative words. It means SOME are not willing to give Pres. Duterte a chance. It would be interesting to hear Quimbo name and identify who are those SOME.

    13. Nelson Bania on

      Leni Robredo committed treason because instead of upholding her country in the eyes of the United Nations she spread lies to damage the reputation of the country. As for public trust, she has betrayed that a long time ago when she participated in rallies calling for the president’s ouster while she was a cabinet member. She also denied housing to the thousands of typhoon haiyan survivors in all the time that she was housing czar. Which member of the Filipino public in their right mind would trust such a person in the second highest public office?

      • On robredo’s mine , who can she refund the billion pesos expences during election campaign

    14. Mario B. Capangpangan on

      That’s what you think.But majority will proceed to impeach the woman who maligned our country and our people before the United Nations. It’s unforgivable.

    15. Look who is talking now. Is not this Quimbo was one of the prosecutor in the impeachment of the late Renato Corona? Who fabricated lies to convict him, a lap dog of the no good Noynoy of the dang matuwid guro. He should go back to the liberal as opposition. He is an opportunist, trapo and Balimbing. I cannot say good word for. This man.

    16. Miro Quimbo, you wanna bet your senate hopes on that? Oh don’t worry if you’ll lose the bet, you won’t get to the senate no matter what you try.

      Remember, there is no more Smartmatic and you and your Liberal Party mates can no longer cheat in the elections.


    17. We don’t want to impeach two highest official of the land. We only want to impeach Leni Robredo. #ImpeachLeniRobredo

    18. Alvarez thinks that his Boss Duterte will last forever as president of the Philippines. When change of administration happens, Alvarez will be like a “basang sisiw”. Alvarez thinks he is so powerful. He is totally WRONG because Duterte will not last two years.

      • Lord Neiox Jumangit on


        So your like Madame Auring now. Knowing what will happen in the coming years ah.

      • BHING GO
        if——If the unthinkable happened, but no dice. liberals are doom
        Duterte is a smart ass, don’t compared him to anybody in politics