• House of madness


    Our honorable lawmakers must have gone mad.

    While the House of Representatives go through the motions of “plenary debate” before it rubber stamps President Noynoy’s version of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), it has taken steps to revive the proposed Charter change (Cha-cha).

    They must know that the evident railroading of the BBL Express has further eroded the legislature’s credibility after the moro-moro-like Mamasapano massacre probe failed to bring justice for the victims.

    Noynoy’s public satisfaction rating dropped dramatically in the wake of the whitewash-coverup of the President’s bloody blunder.

    Now, for hideous reasons, they are pushing the Cha-cha, amidst mounting problems on high unemployment and underemployment, widespread hunger and homelessness.

    The toiling masses’ demand for livable wage rates and humane conditions at the workplace seem less important to our congress representatives.

    They would rather ignore the poorest of the poor Filipinos living in the murky sidewalks and squatter colonies.

    Instead of addressing the perennial problems on the lack of quality public health services, ailing mass transport, and abusive school tuition hikes, Noynoy’s “alipores” would rather tinker with the Cory’s Aquino’s 1987 Constitution.

    Sec. 4, Art. VII of the Cory Charter provides that the President serve a term of six years and shall not be eligible for any re-election.

    Probably, the current Congress would rather toy now with the idea of extending Noynoy’s term beyond June 2016 than squarely train their genius towards resolving the territorial sea dispute with China.

    They turned their backs on the Sabah issue and they’re doing the same thing on the China sea row.

    Ironically, Cha-cha is purportedly intended to amend the “economic” rather than the political provisions to allow “foreign ownership” of businesses in the country, as if the economy isn’t already owned and controlled by foreigners.

    Mga luko-luko!
    The haste to get on with the Cha-cha is as absurd as railroading the passage of an unlawful BBL.

    We’re electing a new president in less than a year on May 9, 2016, after which Noynoy gets to be a sitting duck for one more month.

    Noynoy and “alipores” in Congress should enjoy it while it lasts but that doesn’t mean they should abuse power and authority the same way they despised Marcos for.


    * * *

    Not quite a few parents had a misgiving about sending back their children to school on Monday, particularly millions of pupils at public elementary and high schools.

    With the full implementation of the controversial K-12 (kindergarten to 12th Grade) program, students and parents look at an additional two years in their basic education.

    Understandably, they see the K-12 scheme as nothing but an added financial burden that the Noynoy administration and the Department of Education have failed to justify satisfactorily.

    K-12, which is said to be designed to upgrade the country’s primary education program to “world standards” does not actually suit our needs.

    Hindi naman dapat gaya lang nang gaya.

    It is supposed to ensure that students acquire vocational skills, which can help them find menial jobs once they graduate senior high school.

    There is nothing wrong with teaching school children vulcanizing tires and carpentry.

    But the country is clearly unprepared for K-12 because of the lack of properly trained teachers in the new curriculum and the shortage of secure classrooms.

    I find it repressive to discourage young people to dream and pursue college education despite financial difficulties.

    It is precisely for the reason of ending the cycle of poverty that poor kids must strive and get professional training in college.

    Many poor kids, who didn’t go through K-12, eventually became successful.

    And, the State is duty-bound to provide opportunities for them to get quality education.



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    1. Mr. Erwin Tulfo, I did not know that brain damage or what you wrote as madness is contagious. Apparently basing on the meat of your article today, 90% of the people manning the Philippine Congress have been contaminated with PNoy’s sickness.

    2. chthonic monster on

      if and when the cha-cha gets going nothing on earth can stop these MotherF*****s from tweaking the present constitution and remove the provision for a six-year one term of the president!