• House or hospital arrest for Enrile pushed


    IF some senators had their way, their colleague, Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile, should not be incarcerated at a Camp Crame jail for humanitarian reasons.
    Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano on Monday said Enrile, 90, may be granted hospital arrest because of his frail condition.

    The Sandiganbayan’s Third Division is yet to determine if there is probable cause to order the arrest of Enrile for plunder in connection with the P10-billion pork barrel scam.

    Sen. Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito said because of Enrile’s age, it is only right for the court to allow him to be placed under house arrest.

    Ejercito noted that while he considers Enrile strong for a 90-year-old man, the conditions in the detention facility could be unbearable for a man of his age.

    “For humanitarian reasons, I just hope that he will be given that luxury of being under house arrest,” Ejercito, a half-brother of detained Sen. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, said.

    Estrada and Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. are detained in Camp Crame, the headquarters of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Quezon City.

    Cayetano said while there is a big chance that Enrile will be allowed hospital arrest, the veteran senator should still undergo the normal process of being booked in case the anti-graft court issues an arrest warrant.

    “He still needs to turn himself in and subject [himself]to the booking process and be turned over to the PNP Custodial Center,” he added.

    But if there will be signs of health problems, Enrile should be taken to a doctor, Cayetano said.

    He also noted that unlike Revilla and Estrada who are still young and could somehow cope with harsh conditions inside their detention cells, an elderly man like Enrile will not be able to withstand the conditions in the custodial center.

    Enrile suffers from poor hearing, macular degeneration, high blood pressure and vertigo.



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    1. Ang pagnanakaw ay kasalanan,
      Bata man o matanda dapat parusahan,
      Walang mahirap o mayaman,
      Kapag napatunayan dapat sa kulungan,
      Batas ay batas, iba nga lang sa Pinas kasi maraming hudas na tumatanggap ng padulas.

    2. samuel daniel on

      I’m just voicing out my point of view what is happening now in our country with the corrupt govt. officials. Don’t be one sided or want to hear good news about those crooks. Philippines is a free country. I’m following all these things since then, thus I understand fully what is it. Corrupt, plunderers govt. officials must be punished according to the law without exemption. They stole my HARD EARNED MONEY.

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    4. bigyan halaga din minsan natin kung pano mapapanatiling buhay ang isang akusado para maharap nia ang hatol sakanya bago siya malagutan ng hininga

    5. di na mahalaga kung house arrest o hospital arrest basta haharapin nia ang mga kaso laban sa kanya

    6. Enrile can be placed in a hospital arrest for humanitarian reasons, but not house arrest!
      Why give Enrile the comfort of his own house in his detention? The gravity of his misdeeds is not proportion to a comfortable place of his dwelling! Did Enrile ever look back to the miserable plight of poor Filipinos who could otherwise benefit from his PDAF? Did it ever bother his conscience that the 200 millions he pocketed from his pork barrel could have educated thousands of youth or fed 1000 of families or build schools? Enrile was entrusted with billions of pork barrel from the time he became Senator for purposes of helping out farmers, fishermen and ordinary folks to earn a living out of it. Instead, he betrayed the trust of the downtrodden people and enriched himself and his mistress, Gigi Reyes! Enrile is not contented with the unlawful wealth he amassed during Marcos regime but continued to plunder the peoples money! Does Enrile have any morality and scruples at all? Now he may plead for house arrest for pity though his macho image rejects this as he said he is willing to die in jail! So let Enrile be placed on hospital arrest as Christian consideration but NOT house arrest!

    7. Greg Apolinar on

      I think Sen Alan Cayetano has forgotten that his job is to create bills and pass laws for the benefit of the Filipinos-he should not be messing with the Justice Dept’s role of trying these shameful acts of corruption of his colleagues in the senate. Let the fair process of justice runs it’s normal course and if those involved in the PDAF scandal are convicted they should be thrown to jail to finish their sentences. Where is Cayetano’s sense of Equal Justice For All! His idea of treating Enrile differently is nonsense!

    8. its not being unfair, its being considerate, yes we have a lot of prisoners who are not treated the same way but thats another story…

    9. in my opinion, base on enrile’s state of health he can be given this one chance..

    10. if he would stay alive to face his sentence then do what you must, but i would prepare hospital in that case

    11. just place enrile in a place where he can be summoned easily and can be monitored…

    12. a house or hospital arrest for enrile wouldnt sound unfair in my point of view, old as he is, but if the case end up against them then thats the time he should be transferred to a proper prison…

    13. R. Crucifico on

      what good to the country if enrile dies in jail before the case hearings even finished, a dead suspect is nothing but a dead justice…

    14. house arrest or hospital arrest is up to the courts to decide, leave it to them to identify what just…

    15. rene catalasan on

      This is in reply to Sen. Cayetano’s personal opinion as to where Sen. Enrile should be detained considering the latter’s age and physical conditions.
      My question is- is there a separate and special law for the high and the mighty? Sen. Cayetano you’re a lawyer and you know the law. Huag mong sabihin trapo ka na rin?

    16. samuel daniel on

      When Enrile stole people’s money did he ever think millions of Filipino people suffering from hunger, lack of education and unemployed. It’s worth for Enrile to be executed in front of Filipino people like what happened to the president of Romania ceausesco.His wife and the president was shot by firing squad, from there no one will dare again to do such crime. or hung to death publicly.
      Age will not exempt him from persecution. JUSTICE MUST FAIR TO ALL.
      concerned citizen of the philippines

    17. joseph hernandez on

      pareparehas lang tayong tao sa mundo bkt ung ibang normal na tao eh dumaan at nakukulong pero pag sila grabe special treatment db? eh pare parehas lang naman tao yang mga yan.!

    18. Alfred Salon on

      Bakit di nalang natin antayin ang decision ng Sadigan Bayan kung may probable cause ang kaso ni Senator Enrile, et.al. Bigyan natin sila ng sapat na panahon para magawa nila ang kanilang tungkulin.

    19. Dapat ay ikulong sila sa ordinary jail lalo na si tanda na dati nang nangurakot panahon pa ni Marcos ito ang problema kapag mahirap iba ang treatment.
      sana makulong sila habang buhay. at mangkaron sila nang salot sa pamilya nila.

      Mabuhay si PNOY kung wala siya kawawa ang mahihirap.

    20. Tao din yan sila. Walang pinagkaiba sa ibang nakakulong, pare-parehas nagkasala, kaya dapat fair. Kung san nakakulong ang iba, dun din. No for special treatment!

    21. I believe Mr. Enrile must resign to his office and never run again if ever he will be able to have Presidential Pardon from succeeding President(s). In the first place he was experiencing health problems due to age, so why did he still run for public office and not just enjoy as private citizen? I am not a lawyer but as far as I am concern, the case was committed at Mr. Enrile’s old age, so the penalty will also be at his old age time. The blindfolded justice symbol will be totally useless if the Lawmakers will keep on insisting their own personal view on how to render justice to ordinary citizen and well-known personalities. Because of their suggestion, they are making the correct justice appear as if it is cruelty to jail Mr. Enrile in ordinary jail citing the age. Cruelty is if Mr. Enrile will be jailed for no conspicuous crime.

    22. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

      Please remember that in the Philippines, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The three Senators accused of plunder are being detained. They are to be tried in court and if found guilty, will be jailed. The jail must be the same condition as any persons found guilty of crimes. But until then, they are only being detained.

    23. Kung may sakit si Manong Juan or dahil sa idad niya…bakit di pa siya mag resign sa senado ….para magpagaling na lang …pag dadalhin sa kulungan dami ng dahilan..pero ayaw naman bumitiw sa senado…

    24. Ceyatano who are you to give privelages to these scum. We elected you to do our work & implement our wishes. We want fair justiice to all. Age didnt stop im from working, sickness didnt stop him from working. age & sickness didnt stop him from chairing over the coronas case, but how his nectk is on the line his age & sickness is suddenly there for all to see. I dont care if he is sick or not, he has raped the monies of this country & he has laughed at the people of this country for years. These scum think its their money & now these senators are standing up for them, ceyatano if you cant stomach doing whats right then get out & lets get someone in there who will put this country 1st. Your feelings to ordinary citizens over 90 who are in jail or any age who are sick & in jail are not there, is it you care not for ordinary people but hey a senator is a vip right. Well you had better watch out as people will remember you & hopefully get you out of there & make you work for a living. The people of this country should stand up & tell all these senators do what is best for out country or you will start paying the price.

    25. Juan Ponce Enrile ran for several posts in the government in the past 3 elections as Tongressman and Senatong. In these past elections he was not heard to complain about poor health in fact even if he advanced in years, he still went on. He became Senate President without any complaint. He presided as Chief Senatong in the Corona impeachment trial without complaining that he was tired. In short, Enrile despite his late years continued to be active in politics for obviously the power and money with it. Now, why will his friends and cohorts in the Senate and other allies and friends now make his age as an excuse that he should not be put in jail? Just because Cayetano, another Pork man says so? JAIL ENRILE!

    26. It’s not fair. An ordinary Juan can’t use age or health as an excuse to be incarcerated in a regular jail. This move is a miscarriage of justice.

      • We have a double standard on many things and justice system is one of them. I hope we can get out of this system. It is injustice to the people.

    27. This comment of mine is a direct appeal to Sen. Cayetano, who is suggesting that the alleged culprit Sen. Enrile should be detained in house arrest or be confine in the hospital due to his current physical condition as being old, frail and incapable of bearing the harsh environment in an improvised jail. Sen. Cayetano before you single out your colleague in the Senate , I must say, considering a special treatment . You, Mr. Senator must inculcate on your mind the other prisoners who are already serving their terms behind bars same age or older than Sen. Enrile. Why?, you’re not giving these prisoner a chance of having such privileges. Is it because, these are ordinary citizen and not a high profile individual like Sen. Enrile. Due to the gravity of the crime commited, stealing money from the very core, supposedly for the sustenance of millions of Filipinos who are in desperate of basic needs: food, shelter and their health.All of these perish due to the greediness and heartless self-satisfaction. Be reasonable enough…

      • pautng na loob lan gnya yan sa kahoy na ibinigay ni enrile noon gpagawa nila ang bahay nila. Kung maaprubahan yan, lahat nang mga corrupt official na mahahatulan ay hindi na makukulong,

      • It make sense, they should be treated exactly the same as other plunderers and by the way, Sen Cayetano , please ask yourself , they forget the welfare of many suffering Filipinos and now you think they should be given leniency , That’s totally wrong.

    28. At the end of his term PNoy will get the dose of his own medicine – a “karmatic” effect.

      • What do you mean? What has Pnoy got to do with Enrile’s predicament?
        Enrile deserves to be punished for his wrongdoing. House or hospital arrest to me is sufficient due to his age.