House panel approves Moro bill

 Sen. Marcos

Sen. Marcos

The House Committee on Ways and Means on Tuesday approved with amendments the provisions in the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region specific to taxation and wealth-sharing.

The committee, headed by Marikina City (Metro Manila) Rep. Romero Quimbo, acted on the proposed measure after it was referred to it by the House Ad Hoc Committee on the BBL last week.

Government chief peace negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer and panel member Senen Bacani were present and served as resource persons.

Also present were Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Secretary Teresita Deles and Commissioners Hussein Muñoz and Timuay Melanio Ulama of the Bangsamoro Transition Commission.

During the discussion on share of the Bangsamoro in national taxes that will be collected in its territories, Bacani said shares of the local government units (LGUs) in the Bangsamoro cannot be diminished.

“Of the 70 percent share under Republic Act 9054, 35 percent are enjoyed by local government units therein while the other half is retained by the ARMM [Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao]. The percentage the LGUs are getting cannot be diminished as stipulated in the proposed BBL,” he explained.

Under the proposed measure, the current 70 percent share of the regional government will be increased to 75 percent.

Also represented in deliberations were Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), National Tax Research Center and Department of Finance.

Bacani also explained to the members of the ways and means committee the formula used for the annual block grant.

“The amount is equal to 4 percent of the 60 percent of the BIR net collection three years detached from the fiscal year. When you compute that for 2016, that is roughly P27 billion, just a little over what the ARMM received for 2015.”

Members of the committee also discussed filing of income tax by businesses operating in the Bangsamoro.



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  1. This BBL is all about money and the terrorist MILF will be the one that benefit from it and they will give more of the business to their patron Malaysia.Then the OPAPP and the YES crook politicians will get their commission.Then coward P-NOY will get his nobel peace prize and the poor will get poorer.Solution abolish autonomous region nobody is special we are all the same all Pilipinos.Moro province,Ilocandia province,Visayan province,Bicolandia province,Mountain province and so on.

  2. You should put the faces (kapal mukha) of those tongressman who voted for BBL not Marcos.

    • Bonifacio Claudio on

      This seems to impress the anti-BBL senators — the likes of Sen. Marcos, Sen. MD Santiago, Sen. Chiz Escudero, Sen. A Cayetano, et al — that the source of “money” is not, and never, a “problem” if you are on the fence side of the BBL; that the “money” is all “inclusive” — after the lower house, next is the upper house…