House raises SSS by P2,000 a month


Pensioners of the Social Security System (SSS) are one step closer to a P2,000 pension increase.

They may have to thank the House Committee on Government Enterprises and Privitization for approving House Bill 6748 or the Act Increasing Pensions and Other Benefits under the SSS.

House Deputy Minority Leader Neri Colmenares, the principal author of the measure, on Friday noted that a large number of SSS pensioners are getting only P1,200 to P2,400 monthly SSS pension.

“It is the intention of this bill to augment the pension of our esteemed senior citizens who are members of the SSS and contributed to the fund’s growth through their contributions. It is necessary to provide additional benefit such as a six-month equivalent of their monthly pension to be availed right after retirement which shall not be deducted from their monthly pension,” Colmenares and fellow Bayan Muna lawmaker Carlos Zarate said in their Explanatory Note.

“Having no other source of income, our senior citizen retirees depend only on their pension to support their basic necessities, most especially medical and health needs. Giving them an additional benefit upon retirement will help our retirees start a new life without ever worrying where to get income for the succeeding months,” they added.

Bayan Muna also underscored that the increase in the SSS pension should not have a corresponding increase in the SSS premium.

“We hope that the House and the Senate will act fast on this so that the pensioners can have better lives ahead of them,” Colmenares said.


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  1. Hi,

    Mag ask lang po if ang mga naga pension ng namatayan ng asawa ay maka avail din ng 2,000 increase ng? Kaylan po ang effectivity?


  2. I am a sss pensioner bcoz of my husband he died 1992 and a he is only a member for 4 years on the time of his death will i get the 2000 increase? my pe sion is 2,100 pls reply

  3. I’m confused. Are the SSS death pensioners will benefit also to the 2,000 peso increase?

  4. John Emanuel Tanhueco on

    Matanung lang po,,,sino sino poba lahat makikinabang dito? I mean mga retirees lNg po ba? Eh ung ibang pensioner po like sa death kasali din poba para sa mga naiwan ng mga namayapang miyembro sss? Godbless Cong. zarate n colmenarez

  5. What I noticed only The Manila Times carried this news. The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star and other national dailies are not carrying this news in their headlines. Just wondering..!!

  6. It’s about time that SSS pensioners who are also senior citizens get whats due for them. We have been reading in the news that GSIS pensioners are getting substantial increases in their pensions approved by Pres. Aquino. We can only watch in awe and envy how the GSIS pensioners are being taken cared of the the government. While, the SSS pensioners are only getting candies for their monthly pensions. I hope this House Bill 6748 will be signed into law by the outgoing Philippine President Benigno S. Aquino III..!! If he does signed this bill into law….he should be leaving a good legacy for the SSS pensioners who are also senior citizens…

  7. Paki linaw lang po. Ito po bang P2000 pension increase ay karagdagan o gagawing adjustment lang? Halimbawa: kung ang buwanang pension ko ay P1400, ito po ba ay magiging P3400 (P1400 + P2000) o mag-aadjust ng P60 para maging P2000 (P1400 + P60) Correction: P600. Salamat

  8. Paki linaw lang po. Ito po bang P2000 pension increase ay karagdagan o gagawing adjustment lang? Halimbawa: kung ang buwanang pension ko ay P1400, ito po ba ay magiging P3400 (P1400 + P2000) o mag-aadjust ng P60 para maging P2000 (P1400 + P60)

  9. when will this increase effective ? it will realy help a lot for such an amount

  10. How i wish it will push through during this administration. We, SSS senior citizens are really very thankful. More power to those who initiated the move and to the one who will finally approve.
    Again, thank you

    • Lido M. Millares on

      When will this be implemented–today, tomorrow, this week, this month, this year or next year? I hope it won’t be never. I trust our officials for their concern on us, senior citizens. Anyway, most seniors citizens are almost at the end of the road of life and its just very proper to give them back the fruits of their labor and let them enjoy it even for just a short time before they fade away.

  11. JERRY Rimando on

    Cong. Colmenares you have shown that there are still some legislators who care for the people particularly the seniors. May your tribe increase. More power.

  12. Ano ang mabuti sa 1,200 at 1400 peso pension,pamasahe lang yan kulang pa!sa bagay mabuti na ito kaysa wala!

  13. If this pension increase will push thru and approved, we owe Congressmen Colmenares and Zarate for the good they are doing for the poor, old SSS pensioners. As what my friend Jessie Nazario, declared, during the term of Aling Gloria, she made it a point to give regular increases to SSS pensioners and what a coincidence, the name Neri is coming out from oblivion. The SSS Chair who regularly increased SSS pension was Mr. Romulo Neri during his term in the SSS. Now the gallant person who is introducing a substantial increase is another Neri, but his name is Cong. Neri Colmenares. Let us all hope that this once in the administration, the SSS pensioners will be given what is overdue, quite frankly. One wishes that for once, PNoy will withdraw part of the bribes he is planning for what objectives he wants and divert the money to make the necessary SSS increases, for what is really the value of P2,400.00 monthly pension?

  14. jesus nazario on

    Thank you un-ordinary (Congressman) Neri ! During former President GMA’s term senior citizens got several raises in their pensions. During this current term pushing to almost 5 years na, the senior citizens got none, zero, zilch, nada, wala,…