How Alice Dixson leads a healthy, balanced lifestyle

Alice Dixson’s secret is a healthy lifestyle

Alice Dixson’s secret is a healthy lifestyle

With her unwavering discipline to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, veteran actress Alice Dixson was recently launched as the newest ambassador of the US health brand General Nutrition Center (GNC) at a press conference in Ortigas Center on May 21.

As part of GNC’s 20th anniversary celebration in the Philippines, the company chose Dixson as their new brand endorser to reach out to the active, modern, career woman.

With this, Dixson expressed her happiness to inspire fellow women on their 40s, and generously revealed to them her “not-so-secret secrets” to maintaining her svelte figure and youthful skin.

“I take the right amount of GNC Multivitamins, the kind that is suited for my age and lifestyle. For the skin, I regularly take the Resvitale Collagen Enhance because at my age, and for those who are in their 40s, gravity brings your skin down, but collagen pushes it back up again,” she shared.

The actress also professed to being a fan of Burn 60, a thermogenic supplement proven to increase energy expenditure by 60 percent during physical activity, which is also recommended for those who want to jumpstart fat loss.

And while GNC supplement intake is regular for Dixson, the company clarified that they are now steering away from the common notion of being a supplement store. GNC opens up to a wider market of health-conscious individuals who want to maximize their physical and mental potential.

“We are not a supplements store, we are a healthy lifestyle store,” noted Ian Segovia, the chief operating officer of GNC Philippines.

The same is true for Dixson as according to her, besides taking supplements, she also follows a strict workout, which she incorporates in her daily life.

The TV5 mainstay and Viva Films talent’s schedule for the day begins with a 10- to 20-minute cardio routine before she does her morning rituals and heads out to her daily engagements. Later in the day, she will sneak in a visit to the gym if her schedule permits her.

Realizing the difference between her 20-year-old-body compared to her still-sexy 44-year-old figure, Dixson has made a conscious effort to lose the bulge and make healthier choices in her diet and daily activities.

“When I was in my 20s, I felt invincible. I was active but I was not careful. I ate what I wanted, and I wasn’t very conscious of what I put in my body. When I reached 30, I noticed my metabolism was slower, then by the time I was in my late 30s, I put on some weight,” she recalled.

“That’s about the time that I created realistic health goals. Although initially I wanted just to lose weight, I learned that being healthy is not about pounds. It’s about having the energy to go through the day, with your body being able to keep up to your daily activities. So I set health goals, I started reading about different supplements and I began doing my daily fitness routine,” the actress concluded.


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