How badly does the devil want our elections?


The Philippines is much too rich a country to be left in the hands of Filipinos. Our foreign friends in the West know this, so they try to free us from the odious task of running our own affairs. They try to run our economy, our politics, our moral and religious code, our basic rights and liberties, even our right to choose our type of elections. They cannot stand it when we say with our Constitution: “The Philippines is a democratic and republican State. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.”

Very few talk of Lincoln’s government of the people, by the people and for the people anymore. Government authority often emanates from those who exercise it. The Hebrew scholar Jacob Leib Talmon invented the oxymoron “totalitarian democracy” to describe a system where the people in principle still choose their leaders but are completely excluded from making the decisions affecting them. This is what PNoy has instituted in the Philippines. He must have had a hearty laugh when he said that we, the people, were his “bosses” and some of us were naïve enough to believe he meant it.

We’re no longer a democracy
Just because we are still free to ask the Supreme Court to strike down as unconstitutional and void any act of Congress or the Executive, even many of us tend to believe we live in an authentic democratic and republican State. It doesn’t follow. To begin with, PNoy was never elected in a legitimate electoral process. The election was conducted by the Venezuelan marketing firm Smartmatic on behalf of the Commission on Elections (Comelec), which alone has the constitutional authority to conduct elections. It used the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) voting machine after it had been divested of all security features and accuracy mechanisms, contrary to law. No one has ever been punished or investigated for this deed.

Long before the presidential tribunal could complete its proceedings and proclaim the president-elect, US Ambassador Harry Thomas called on candidate B. S. Aquino 3rd at his residence on Times Street, Quezon City, to congratulate him on his “election.” Then several other Western ambassadors followed. Since 2010, PNoy has assumed virtual control of the three coequal, coordinate branches of government, without any formal declaration of national emergency or martial law, after he had bribed the members of Congress to impeach and remove Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona and forced the enactment of the foreign-dictated law on Reproductive Health.

He has behaved as a faithful puppet to his foreign masters, and an insensitive despot to the Filipino electorate. Listen to the pained testimony of the poor and the victims of natural and man-made calamities. Now that his term is ending by middle of next year, his problem and that of his foreign masters is how to produce an Aquino clone and replicate the electoral proceedings of 2010 and 2013. We cannot afford a clean and honest process.

Cloning PNoy
PNoy needs to be succeeded by someone who would be able to protect him from prosecution and punishment for all his past crimes in office; and one who would welcome all foreign impositions on his government. There are two ways of ensuring this: first, to find a clone who would be completely obedient to the oligarchy and its imperial bosses, and then to make sure that the election itself would remain completely under PNoy’s thumb through Smartmatic.

The attempt to project Sen. Grace Poe as a possible presidential bet by giving her high ratings in her adoptive uncle’s skewed surveys is an obvious first step. Some people see very little psychological or intellectual difference between PNoy and Poe. She could be his clone. Both are heavy smokers, although PNoy seems to consume less alcohol than Poe, and seems to use less cuss words when speaking to his subordinates. But Poe has been lying too much under oath, and could soon face a criminal charge of perjury.

For starters, Poe, who was stateless at birth, being a foundling, is not a natural-born Filipino. This is the first essential requirement for the Senate and the Presidency. It is not known how she first became a Filipino, but early in life she renounced her Filipino citizenship to become a US citizen, long before the law on dual citizenship. Then she renounced her US citizenship in the second quarter of 2012, two years after she became Chairperson of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, and less than one year before she ran for the Senate in 2013.

How could Grace Poe ever fly?
In both instances, Poe committed a crime. The MTRCB post requires that the appointee be a Filipino. And running for the Senate requires that one be a natural-born Filipino, and a resident of the country for at least two years immediately preceding the election. On both counts, Grace Poe violated the law. Still, her adoptive uncle’s alleged surveys, including one reportedly taken on a group of CEOs, purportedly continue to show so many ignorant people in favor of making her run for president. This support is being whipped up by oligarchs who seem to believe that Poe’s lack of “natural-born” status could be easily cured by buying members of the Supreme Court, if any could be bought, to rule that two and two no longer makes four but six.

Right now, some concerned parties are preparing to question Grace Poe’s right to sit in the Senate, being merely a naturalized Filipino. But even if the facts and the law were entirely different, and Grace Poe were shown to be a “natural-born Filipino,” questions about her fitness for the presidency would still persist just because her husband is an American and her children are all American. Are we going to have a president with an American family? How would such a president assure the nation that her loyalty and allegiance would be solely to the country?

Therefore, those who are looking for aPNoy clone will have no choice but to drop Grace Poe. This is bad news for the magnates RR, MV, the young politico-billionaire Albee and a few others, who are reported to have already invested several suitcases of goodies in Grace Poe. But they ought to know that it’s not so easy to try to own the country through an unvetted wannabe.

In search of a non-transparent election
PNoy’s next step is to make sure that the electoral process stay as opaque as it was in 2010 and in 2013. He is probably still ahead. For the best part of last year through the whole of this year, the National Transformation Council has been pounding on the need for a thoroughly overhauled electoral system as a conditio sine qua non for the holding of the 2016 elections. No reform, no election. Better a transitory council to oversee system change before embarking on another election.

No known presidential aspirant ever joined this call. None of them, in fact, are demanding transparency as a necessary feature of the next election. For one brief shining moment, the proponents of an alternative voting system seemed to believe there was a chance for reform when they were allowed to make a presentation of what they have. This was after the Supreme Court disqualified Smartmatic’s bid to refurbish the 81,000 old PCOS machines at P1.6 billion because of its failure to comply with the national procurement law.

But not long thereafter, the Comelec reconsidered its position, and qualified Smartmatic to bid anew for the refurbishment of the old machines. Yet Smartmatic refused to bid anew for the 81,000 old PCOS machines, but instead offered a bid for lease of 93,977 units of the Optical Mark Reader, a new variant of the PCOS, at the cost of P12,641 billion. So instead of a less costly election without Smartmatic in the picture, 2016 promises to be even more expensive, with Smartmatic occupying a stronger role.

Enter Mark Malloch-Brown
How did all this happen? It looks like the effort to control the 2016 Philippine presidential elections has become a major big-powers operation. In November 2014, Antonio Mugica, Smartmatic CEO and co-founder, brought in George Soros’s well-known collaborator, George Mark Malloch-Brown, as chairman of the new joint venture SGO, which they launched based on Smartmatic’s “successful worldwide operation.” Last month, Malloch-Brown came to the Philippines and met with one of PNoy’s sisters, and the Comelec commissioners while they were deliberating on Smartmatic’s previous disqualification.

International operator
Malloch-Brown is not a new name to the Philippines. In 1986, as lead international partner of the US consulting firm Sawyer-Miller Group, he played a secret role in Cory Aquino’s presidential campaign against Marcos, just as he played a similar role in the campaign against Augusto Pinochet in Chile, and in Mario Vargas Llosa’s unsuccessful presidential bid in Peru in 1990. He is said to have principally ghost-written Cory Aquino’s speech to the US Congress on her triumphant visit to Washington, DC in 1986.

Together with the billionaire speculator Soros, he played a role in Georgia’s “Rose revolution” in 2003, when student protesters forced Eduard Shevardnadze out of office, in a bloodless coup, after having ruled Georgia for 30 years. Starting as a political correspondent for the Economist, Malloch-Brown was at one time Deputy Secretary General of the UN, UK Minister of State for Africa, Asia, and the UN in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, development specialist at the World Bank, and Administrator of the UN Development Program.

On July 9, 2007, the Queen of England made him a life peer as Baron Malloch-Brown of St. Leonard’s Forest in the county of West Sussex. That same year he became vice president of Soros’s Quantum Fund Management and Open Society Institute.

From the enemy of ‘dictators’ to a supporter of one?
From a long history of working against rightist regimes, Malloch-Brown will now be tasked to help keep alive in the 2016 election the inept dictatorship which PNoy has tried to impose on the Philippines since 2010. Is that how badly the devil wants to own the Filipino people? But the real test for Smartmatic will come from a series of court challenges which are set to be filed against the firm starting today.

The bishops against Smartmatic
Together with former Biliran Congressman Glenn Chong, Protestant Pastors Arthur Corpuz and Greco Belgica, I will be joining eight Catholic bishops and archbishops in a petition before the Supreme Court for certiorari and prohibition with preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order, seeking to assail and stop the unconstitutional juggling of billions of pesos in public funds by the Comelec in order to lease (with the option to purchase) 93.977 OMR units at P12.641 billion, in gross violation of the 2015 General Appropriations Act, the Constitution, and the rulings of the Supreme Court, to the injury and insult to the Filipino people.

The eight clerics include Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa; Archbishop Romulo de la Cruz of Zamboanga; Archbishop Rolando Tirona of Caceres; Archbishop Emeritus Fernando Capalla of Davao; Archbishop Emeritus Oscar V. Cruz of the CBCP National Appellate Matrimonial Tribunal; Bishop Ramon Villena of Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya; Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos of Butuan; and Bishop Filomeno Bactol of Naval, Biliran. Other petitions are expected to follow in the next few days. Let’s see how Lord Malloch will respond to these challenges.


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  1. I applaud Mr.Tatad, and the group of Catholic Bishop’s aggressive, decisive and optimistic stance against the unconstitutional abuse both of the resources and the power these negative elements imposition with impunity on the people. Ignorance is their favorite tool but unfortunately, there are more educated citizens than there are ignorant citizens today.

  2. genesisbughaw on

    the sharky pirates are again at play in search of a new barbie doll.
    We are in challenging times now and much of pnoy abnoy hulabballoo.

  3. joseluis hierbas on

    A leader should be one that could show to the people as a good example. If the rule states that don’t do this as it is bad but they are doing the bad is not worthy to be the leader of the country. The leader should be strong, emotionally, morally and spiritually.Then everything would surely be in order. We should decide on the kind of leader when the 2016 election comes.

  4. Amnata Pundit on

    Very badly is the answer. So bad that if by some accident a government that thinks independently of the Amerikans takes over here Amerika will not hesitate to send in the marines to bring down that government and hang its leader ala Saddam Hussein.The American empire is on the decline and they know it. Ron Paul said just recently that unlike Russia and China, America has run out of carrots ( because of the current financial crisis in the West) and therefore has no other option left but the stick. They show this by challenging Russia at her border using Ukraine as the bait, and here in Asia they are using the Philippines and Japan to goad China into striking first to start a war. Some experts are predicting that WW3 is only five years away or less. Therefore this yellow regime of clowns and chimpanzees that front for these foreigners are here to stay as long as the American-led West is behind it, and Smartmatic or its clone is the best way of ensuring this. It is our sad geographic fate that we are right smack in the middle of where superpower interests are at cross purposes. The good news is that when the final phase of America’s decline comes, it could be steep and very quick. The job therefore of patriotic Filipinos is to organize, organize and organize all contra-yellow forces so that we are ready as soon as the opportunity comes. Organizing against the yellows is now the path of least resistance as the people has already recognized this evil regime as undeniably made up of unrepentant hypocrites and criminals, bungling idiots, and quislings of the lowest kind, the exact opposite of what these EDSA forces promised the people when they ousted with the Americans’ help Marcos and Erap. Bangon muli Pilipinas !

  5. Justaskingseriously on

    You opened the eyes of the country to the hocuspocus of the 2010 and 2013 elections. And now you have opened the magician’s curtain to reveal the devil headquartered in London on 105 Picadilly. It is intriguing that this baron of a devil is in league with a greek-sounding name that seems to be intimately connected with the advancement of the Left. The world of the people of faith clashing with the world of the people of no faith as we ought to see the big picture operates in the name of progress through technology! This Greek has geeks that enabled the first leftist U.S. president to “manage” or “organize” the U.S.A. community for almost 8 years now.

    Yen Makabenta was theorizing that the eminence grise is in London. Malaysia and the MILF, Stephen Sackur grilling His Eminence Antonio Cardinal Tagle on contraceptives and throwing innuendos on the Catholic Church’s immense wealth. “Why are the British smacking Filipino catholicism?” (themanilatimes 5/8/2015), Yen could only ask. Now you have provided him with the answer. If these devils take pride in their prestigious upbringing (Oxford, Harvard, and Yale); they surely played it to the hilt. The Philippines is definitely going the way of Haiti, Venezuela, and whatever other countries that got intrigued by the SGO magic. I wouldn’t put it past
    Soros if he is an eminence grise in the ongoing Greek debacle.

    The Filipinos are indebted to you for your keen sense of patriotism and keen intellect that has made you a heroic sentinel. Kudos to the Filipino Bishops and lay leaders who heeded their sentinel. With the Queen Mother’s intercession, may you continue to be vigilant and pave the way to true progress to point a true north for pilgrims on their journey.

  6. Smoking and drinking does not necessarily make a person bad
    Mas importante sa akin ang pulitiko na nag seserbisyo ng tama at totoo.

  7. Tuloy mo Lang yan Kit. Hanggang walang katulad mo di titino ang kalakarang political sa ating bansa.

  8. Felimon A. Soria on

    Lots of luck Mr. Tatad for your petition to the Supreme Court for Certiorari and prohibition with preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order. I hope and pray there are still decent and honorable people who are going to listen to you.
    My previous comment in another newspaper few months back is that they have to watch Sen. Llamanzares the way she address and talk to people because I believe then as I truly believe now that she was not transparent.
    Again Sir Good luck in your petition.

  9. If this administration is moving heaven and hell to pass the BBL, what more the elections.

  10. Who control comelec control the government? So our government is off the people, buy the people, and poor the people!

  11. How unfortunate that you misdirect your criticism away from the true cancer of the country, the oligarchs! These are the devils who perpetuate the ongoing enslavement of the people. Shame on you!

  12. Leodegardo Pruna on

    I wish to be one in the group questioning the actuation of government, particularly Comelec, on issues pertaining the hocus-PCOS machines. I pray that the group succeeds in ensuring that the forthcoming general elections be cleaned, honest, and will of the Lord. God bless the Philippines.

  13. The politicians who lost for reelection are the devil who really wants the election.

    • Glenn Chong on

      To posit the view that only politicians who lost the elections are the devil out to get the elections is not only myopic but more likely borne of out sheer ignorance. In the latest Veritas Truth Survey, only 55% of voters remain trustful of the PCOS results. 45% of voters do not trust anymore the PCOS results. This is a very significant reduction from the highest 97% acceptance rate in Metro Manila in 2010. As a matter if fact, the statistics is 50%-50% (trust-do not trust) in Luzon of which Metro Manila is a part of. This is the reality of the PCOS after only 2 elections.

      On the other hand, going by the logic of your argument, the traditional politicians and political dynasties who clearly kill, maim, intimidate and cheat with impunity just to remain in power are not devils out to get the elections. Can you honestly call them angelic?

  14. Kailangan kumbinsihin nila si archbishop tagle na sumama sa kanila upang mas makatotohanan!mukhang dalawang grupo ang cbcp!kung hindi sila nagkakasundo may maniniwala ba sa kanila?dahil sa politika nawawala ang respeto ng tao!

    • When Christ was alive and walked the earth, He clearly took sides on political issues of his day. He never sought to placate the sufferings of the Jews by out of touch clinical preachings. He was there right in the middle where His people where. Because of the examples of Christ Himself, I do not believe those who simply resort to clinical preachings without significantly accomplishing anything. I salute these Archbishops and Bishops who took the word and preachings of Christ in the real sense in defense of the people against the clearly unlawful impositions of COMELEC, and by extension, the Aquino government.

  15. if Grace really insists of becoming Philippine president and face the enormous problems of the country once elected, bakit hindi niya simulan sa showbiz at tulungan si Jiro Manio na nagpapalaboy-laboy sa airport terminal? ngayon pa lang ay simulan na niyang akuin ang problema ng bawat pilipino. tutal nagpupumilit naman siyang maging presidente.

    baka mamaya pag naging presidente na siya ay palaging mainit ang ulo niya at pasigaw-sigaw na sa mga staff niya. the late pres. ramon magsaysay was found crying in malacanang by manong max soliven and the latter asked why. pres. magsaysay said he was crying because the country had too much problem.

    pres. cory aquino was crying during cabinet meetings because her cabinet secretaries were bickering in her front. this was revealed by her former press secretary Teddy Benigno in his newspaper column, years after Cory’s presidency ended.

  16. “Both (Pnoy and Grace) are heavy smokers, although PNoy seems to consume less alcohol than Poe, and seems to use less cuss words when speaking to his subordinates.”

    ano pa kayang ibang characteristic ni Grace ang hindi nalalaman ng publiko?

  17. Rosauro Feliciano on

    You have said many things but what had you done when you were having the opportunity to put bad things in the right direction? Why grafts and corruptions became our culture and only to be seriously confronted by this administration? What was your role in the martial law government of your favorite president Ferdie? Why don’t you be a source of being active in participating in converting our country into a prosperous one? You say many negative things but without contributing solutions. Why, do you want to be a candidate for public office? I guarantee you will not win. If you were in a base ball league, you will not even reach the first base because people already know you. Senator Lapid is so an honest man for publicly admitting that he is not a qualified person to be in Senate hall notwithstanding after two terms. You should be emulate his character.

    • Tama nga naman Senator Kit, You should emulate Lito Lapid of the following:
      1) Publicly admitting that he is NOT QUALIFIED to be in the senate hall, but PROCEEDED anyway.
      2) That one time interviewed and said: ‘Kahit ano pa, sa kanya(Gloria Arroyo) naman talaga ako.
      Gayahin mo Sir Kit, may SARILING PANININDIGAN.
      3) Papayag na utusang kumandidatong Mayor sa Makati para kalabanin at matanggal si Mayor Binay na supporter ng opposition.
      Baka kasi makuha sa pagiging action star and mga constituents ng Makati.
      4) Lastly Sir Kit, baka merong area sa Bicol na puwedeng gawing quary business, I-EMULATE nyo na rin para lubus-lubusan na.
      Sa Jueteng kaya ? Pero di ko alam. Baka merong nakakaalam na nagco-comment. Paki-share naman.

      Pero sa ganang akin Sir Kit, hindi na po natin kalkalin ang mga nagawang kapalpakan sa mga namamahala noon. Marcos man, Cory man, Ramos man, Erap man, Gloria man.

      Ang inihanga ko sa mga ‘matinong’ journalist ay ang magmulat sa mga tao NG ‘KATOTOHANAN, Elitista man or Mahihirap.
      Kasi po ang nakikita natin na nakakaintindi at marunong umintindi ay maraming Pansulat (Pen) ng mga Journalists ay kulay ‘Dilaw’ na at and puting papel ay naging ‘Dilaw’ na rin which kung pagbabasehan ang contents ng inyong Column ay may ‘PERANG NAG-PAPAGALAW’.

      Umaasa pa rin po ako na may magagawa ang taimtim na pagdadasal ng ating Sekta ng Kabanalan na mamulat at malilinawan ang kaisipan ng mga GANID SA KAPANGYARIHAN at WALANG PAGKAKAKUNTENTONG MAYAMAN SA PAGKAMAL NG MAS MARAMI PANG KAYAMANAN.

  18. I thank God for you, Mr. Tatad and the likes of Mr. Greco Belgica and the 8 Catholic bishops and archbishops for accepting His call to be our country’s champion in these troubled times in our history.

    Indeed, we must use the law to fight Satan himself (personified by our illegitimate Malacanang occupant), echoing the words of St. Thomas More : ” We must give the devil the benefit of the law for our own safety, or else where would we be.” Satan must be stopped by the law, and by the never failing grace of God.

    What you just did is definitely what is presently needed!