How big shots lose opportunities daily


It is only but natural that we create a cordon sanitaire’ around us once we acquire a high position, especially when said position requires dealing with multiple VIP personalities. The purpose for the seeming exclusivity is to ease the traffic that goes your way, and to protect you from the riff-raff that wishes to see you. Nobody wants to be in a position of having to decide negatively to multiple requests. When your position puts you in positions of disadvantage, we manage our ways out of it. After all, who likes to waste time saying NO to every Tom, Dick and Harry? This is most prevalent for politicians in local government (and the executive branch) who prefer to give excuses for being busy always.

What I have found most interesting is how many managers have created this cordon sanitaire’ only to lose opportunities that come their way.

Imagine a Steve Jobs applying for work with his innovations only to be negated an appointment frivolously. Imagine losing out to a meeting with proposals that will only generate the business you have been waiting on, only for your secretary to negate their every proposal. Many times the under-links also have their game to play. In this example, I mean to point out; “what is in it” for them for you to meet their boss”? This translates to lost opportunities.

Meeting with VIP’s who are multi-tasking as they meet with you is also a waste of time! It is like having a meeting with a person who is perennially on his cell phone taking every call as they come in right in front of you.

Once I chanced upon a VIP addressing two separate calls at the same time. Now really – isn’t this stretching multi-tasking a bit too far? In case you haven’t noticed, many government people have these poor practices.

Either they are really too busy to meet with you, in which case they shouldn’t agree to an appointment or should VIPs multi-task while meeting with you is all for naught—the best you can do at this point is to walk out of the appointment.

Can you imagine how many contracts and agreements they sign while multi-tasking without paying full attention to a single item (case in point – the cybercrime bill signed into law, pun intended)? I don’t know about you, but I tend to shy away from situations like these. I just totally lose interest and walk away. It is like being late for a meeting, which for one reason or other is tradition in this country. I personally have walked out of appointments where my client and or associate made me wait for over 15 minutes. Should you respect the person you are meeting with you would make sure you not only arrive on time, but that you are ready for your presentation. There may not be enough hours in a day for a busy executive with gargantuan tasks, nevertheless the ability or worse – the inability to multi-task is subjective and can be detrimental.


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