How can an admitted mass murderer be our people’s most popular president-to-be?


OUR Columnist Rigoberto Tiglao asked a most pointed and relevant question in his column of April 25: “How could a Christian nation even make Duterte the leading presidential contender?”

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte boasts of having killed thousands of “bad” people. He proudly displays the morals of a monster, making a sick and cruel, disrespectful joke about the Australian lady Christian missionary who had been slain by rapists. And he makes stupid and unattainable claims of achieving great things within six months of assuming the presidency that he could not achieve in Davao City after running it for decades.

He has cursed – with a “putangina” – the Holy Father Pope Francis for causing him to suffer heavy traffic inconvenience last January. And he loves to use foul language, not only in his campaign sortie speeches but even on the air on radio and TV, claiming untruthfully that the use of dirty Tagalog and Cebuano words that mothers and teachers labor to keep their children from uttering is how men normally talk.

He has also paraded at least two of his mistresses before his audiences. And he proudly taunts other men for not being like him in managing to copulate with many women in addition to his wife.

Some fools have been taken in by his propaganda that with him as its mayor Davao City has been the cleanest, most orderly, crime-free and best-governed. The most superficial look at Davao will yield the truth, which gives the lie to his propaganda.

And he proudly says that he has killed, executed criminals, numbering more than 1,500, without bothering with the proper and legal processes.

He has by admission and behavior proved to be the worst kind of man who should become a public official. By his own admission of misdeeds and the inability to control his impulses, he should be the last man to be considered for any government office. Because of his lack of virtues (although he claims to be clean and uncorrupt), he should not even be considered for the position of office janitor (many of whom are among the most moral and virtuous Filipinos).

So what kind of people have we, Filipinos, become that a person like Rodrigo Duterte looks like he would be elected President of our Republic if the election were held today?

Mr. Tiglao has expounded on the paradox of how a Christian nation could have Duterte as the leading candidate for president. We think he made a mistake in accepting the premise that the Philippines is a “Christian nation.” Alas we Filipinos are not generally a Christian people. It is true that possibly 80 percent of all Filipinos are born in a Christian (mainly Catholic) family and get baptized into mainly the Catholic Faith, with the rest being baptized and enrolled in the various non-Catholic Christian denominations.

But how many of us really take the fundamental articles of the Christian Faith seriously? Roman Catholic attendance at ordinary Sunday Mass does not even quite reach 25 percent of total membership. Maybe members of the different Protestant sects are more faithful and diligent.

That should explain why the Philippine government is one of the most corrupt in the world.

It should therefore not surprise anyone to see that Rodrigo Duterte and his monstrous ways attract a great number of Filipinos.


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  1. come May 9 we will see who gonna win. May God’s will always be done and bless Philippines to have a good leader that moved our country forward in a positive way, hand in hand with our already established allies.

    • David Michael Meyer on

      Yes gods will;is we hope done –At he same time God always helps those that help themselves…How can we not heed what this man is allegedly saying …We canit ignore the kind of rhetoric he is using …If he says these things now–and he wins …We ca be having a “Megalomaniac” running our country –Surely we don’t need another dictator ..If we were to be kind…Maybe this man is suffering from a nervous condition and needs help

      Dr David M Meyer PhD Psych

      NB. I hope if iis true –and he is saying these things –He will seek wise council –Not come and kill me LOL

  2. Thirty years after the Pilipino people overthrowned the Marcos dictatorship,They are disappointed.Yes, we got more freedom of speech and assembly, but the scenarios remain, the Philippines remain to be among the most impoverished nation in this part of the globe,there may no longer be Marcos cronies or Imelda blue ladies around,but in their places emerge a new set of cronies who enjoyed their version of inclusive growth to the max.This election is not only a matter of voters’ education, it is an outlet for the dissapointments of the Pilipino people to the hypocrisies during election times- and they are so frustrated and desperate for a different chance even if their favored one is accused of all alleged crimes in the penal code.Election day is merely away for about a week and it’s too short a period for the author to effectively dissuade that particular group of voters.may our almighty God be merciful to our country and send the Holy Spirit to enlightened our voters in all voting precints on whom should they correctly vote during the Election Day,

  3. There is another candidate that can represent the true interest of the Filipino people and that is Miriam Santiago. I hope people will switch to Miriam as she has never been tainted with corruption and has moral integrity to lead this nation. Let us not slide to choosing a President that is not substantive enough just because we were disappointed with PNoy. There is hope only if we choose and elect the best candidate for President & Vice-President including the Senators. As for me, I already voted for Santiago-Marcos. With the senators, I excluded Drilon, Lapid and Sotto. I did not vote for the Reds like Colmenares, Hontiveros, etc. and the yellows. We have new candidates for the Senate so please select wisely. Some of them are Gordon, Ople, Tesdaman, etc.

  4. The elites, the Imperial Manila always has the last say of choosing our President. But all this years they choose the wrong one. This time we the masses will assert our own choice. If our choice is wrong then so what! At least we elect our “wrong choice”.

  5. As a Filipino voter and elector, your decision must be based objectively on who among the Presidential candidates will mostly likely to execute and achieve in the next 6 years, only the best interest of the Republic of the Philippines and of the
    100 million Filipinos.

    Your vote should not be underpinned by candidates’ politically correct statements which are merely 100% what you wanted to hear in the first place.

    Also, you should vote a candidate who did not reside overseas as permanent resident.

    More so, vote for a candidate who never renounced his/her Philippines citizenship to gain overseas citizenship. Once any candidate did this during his/her life is not qualified nor competent to execute 100% interests of the Republic of the Philippines.

    You should vote a candidate who has proven effective experience in an exemplary executive role in serving her/his fellow Filipinos.

    As an elector, you should not vote solely based on unproven allegations, personal judgement by others, or other personal or subjective conjectures about a candidate.

    You should not vote a candidate who is without courage and conviction.

    Finally, the successful candidate will be the Chief Executive of the Philippines and 100 Millions Filipinos in the next 2,192 days!

    S/he wiil only be replaced after 6 years in power on June 2022!

    So, think very well on what sort of Philippines (egalitarian, rich middle and lower class, peaceful, safe and secured, pleasant to reside and live, highly respected in the international community as fiercely independent and not a vassal of any overseas country) you would like to have by 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

  6. arnel amador on

    now, all you have said is about Duterte, how about the other presidential candidates? can you say something about each one of them also.
    you focused on the negative side of digong. let’s see the same with the others, and we will decide…

    • Bias nga yung author and the article. Ano pa ang maexpect natin? Sa may 9 na magkaka alaman eto sir. I agree with your opinion.

  7. Hope Dimagiba on

    Aren’t you too judgmental to your fellow Filipinos who support Duterte, and to Duterte himself?

    How about seeing it this way: Yung OTHER PRESIDENTIABLES, kung ihalintulad natin sa isang produkto, kahit gaano mo man pagandahin ang strategy ng marketing ay hindi talaga mabenta-benta dahil para sa mga mamimili wala talagang kwenta kompara sa napupusoan nilang produkto.

    Kung bakit ganon ang isip ng mamimili? Dahil baka sa experience nila, wala talagang kwenta ang ganong produkto. So, bakit nga naman bilhin ng mamimili kung nag-iisip sya?

  8. Whichever way the Manila Times bewails and grumbles about it, Duterte will be the next President barring massive cheating (and its grave consequences) and an act of God. It would appear that the more odious labels and accusations are heaped upon him, the stronger his support grows. His own opponents are reduced to sniping with peashooters that hardly dent his rising popularity. It would be best for the Times to resign itself to the inevitable since people hardly trust broadsheets anymore in forming their opinions and are reliant to a great extent on social media for information. What the Times can do is continue doing what it does best in its role of sentinel against the wrongdoings and shortfalls in government. It has unmasked the faults of and lashed out at the Yellow Rule and I expect the same vigilance and fearlessness in watching over a Duterte administration.

  9. Among of them! who is the best setting in a right place? Do you think promise comes true? By the way Duterte is an idiot but more actions than words. He is a fluent in politics by a local policy platforms but nothing in an economy minded.

  10. mahilig talaga mga bobotante sa komiks si digonggung durierty ay isang komik karakter. pang komiks lang.

  11. My Idea why more Filipino are voting for Mayor D is people him as thier expression of all thier sentiments and hopelessness in the present government …people are tired of #corruption drugs,lag lag bala ,#POVERTY #CRIMINALITY #INSURGENCY #ABU SAYAFF #WESTPHILLIPINESEA ISSUE etc…people are so desperate that bad words of Mayor D is thier un uttered words (kase bawal, unethical ,sacrilegious) Its a sign of the Peoples #DESPERATION FOR CHANGE ….!

  12. An interesting comment:
    “Roman Catholic attendance at ordinary Sunday Mass does not even quite reach 25 percent of total membership. Maybe members of the different Protestant sects are more faithful and diligent.
    That should explain why the Philippine government is one of the most corrupt in the world.”
    The author is implying that non attendance at church is the reason for corruption. If we look at the data, the protestant countries in Europe have the lowest levels of corruption in the world. The Catholic countries, however (all over the world) have the highest levels of corruption and poverty. It’s nothing to do with attendance, or non attendance at church, some of the biggest crooks are devout church goers. It is to do with Catholicism.

    • “Roman Catholic attendance at ordinary Sunday Mass does not even quite reach 25 percent of total membership. Maybe members of the different Protestant sects are more faithful and diligent.
      That should explain why the Philippine government is one of the most corrupt in the world.”

      in this line i think the author is not really highlighting that non church goer are corrupt but change the perspective, think the positive sides. that is just an example. what is trying to imply is that, if only each of us including candidates heartily practice of being Christian Nation then even the leaders will not be greedy or corrupt for they themselves know what is right and wrong. Religion teach us morals/values to be most capable in the society… religion is part of legal institution, is given authority to mold individuals. if we only practice faith and count boundaries then i think each of us will be on the same path.

  13. He has a huge cult following reminiscent of Charles Manson. He has pushed the right buttons getting beside the poor and oppressed working class who are mostly uneducated not only in schooling but who are also internet awareness lacking. One could easily brand them the ignorant. Sadly they have the numbers but can’t see past their shanty door.

    With his popularity his arrogance seems to grow daily. He is a little Hitler who must be stopped. The embarrassment he has and will reap upon this nation is monumental and will degrade Filipinos worldwide. He won’t even be able to travel to the US or UN general assembly for fear of arrest.

    No country on earth has ever freely chosen to vote in a serial killer dictator. This country is flushing democracy down the toilet yet most don’t have the foresight to see that. Still busy blaming dictator Marcos and repeating the same process…only much much worse.

    A madman will only bring madness and destruction. His own attempts at self destruction should clearly demonstrate this is his plan for the nation.

    • Marcos will look like a school boy compared to Duterte. The turmoil that Duterte will make will make Marcos looks like a baby. Duterte has no brains but people is mesmerized when he talks. He can mass hypnotized even the educated rich voters.

  14. Drugs in buy-bust operation may exceed P 1 B before date of election.Killing people is easy. Commuters suffer in silent. Government officials unmindful of what is happening.Misery just part of life for many Filipinos. The people will show anger come May 9. Don;t be surprise – EDSA will become less important.

  15. my goodness, now a mass murderer? how come NOT A SINGLE CHARGE IN COURT?
    Mr. Tiglao and the thrashing columnist here are not saints either, RESTLESS is the word, what fuels this kind of unseen hatred in a major daily? elites versus a probinsyano?
    the masses has spoken and wants him to lead, no editorial can stop him……….

  16. The Filipino people are too sick and tired from being sick and tired of being fooled and being used by all the trapos that have been running the country for almost half a century. All the false promises of the self-serving evil politicians at expense of the long suffering masa can no longer be tolerated. The people are clamoring for drastic changes at the expense of the hypocritical pronouncement of being contrary to the tenets of a “christian nation”. Let us not forget that the Christianity many profess had some of the bloodiest and tyrannical events in the history of any religion. So stop all that hypocrisy and rally for a true change.

  17. Maybe the better question to be asked is:
    “What kind of people have we become because of the neglect and incapacity of the current president BS Aquino, 3rd?”

    • BS can’t do it alone with all the wickedness from within, & from without gov’t.
      The Pilipino must commit for chance individually, personally,
      & collectively; to avert the ongoing downward spiral self destructive scenario.