How do I go green?

Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

IN MY last column, I asked some pointed questions to guide me in my life this 2014. One of the answers I am contemplating is going all-out green. This will definitely help the environment and humankind in my own small way. How will I do that?

Questions empower and open the mind. When we seek answers, without first clarifying the question, we limit our choices to a few. But when we ask questions, we become open to possibilities, limitless possibilities. For example, when you immediately sit down and list resolutions (answers), you limit yourself to what you know at the moment and what you want.

When you begin with questions, you get to the bottom of your needs and come up with really workable resolutions.

So, let’s start asking ourselves some provocative questions from the book Co-Active Coaching:

What do I regret? Resent? What am I willing/unwilling to change? Where might I be in denial? What am I overlooking? Where am I slowing down?

What is the decision I have been avoiding? Where do I stop short? What is a big enough game? What have I wanted to do and haven’t? What keeps me from winning? Where have I denied myself/others? Why bother? What am I being right about? What complaint/fear/bad habit/discomfort can I do something about this year? Where am I asleep at the wheel? What am I settling for? What will this goal get me? How do I sabotage myself? What is it to transcend my sense of failure/sense of resignation/feeling of “I can’t”? Where am I selling out on myself? What am I stepping over? What is my reputation? What do I expect of myself?

What is grace/enthusiasm/prosperity/abundance? What is it to be proactive? What is it to be centered/optimistic/supportable/non-attached? What is it to be fluid/flexible? What is it to be compassionate? What is completion? Where am I incomplete? What will I have to give up? Why am I taking this action?

Ask your own questions.

These questions would be valuable for personal discernment. It also works for businesses before they do their actual planning. Oftentimes, companies go into strategic, operational and/or tactical planning without analyzing their past, present and potentials. Many of their strategies and action plans are coming from the air or off the cuff.

These questions would also serve our national government leadership.

They are quick to threaten resignations when something seem to be going wrong in their area of responsibility (yet, there has been no actual formal resignations yet—they are all press releases). They need to examine their functions by asking questions and not indulging their victim mentality.


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