How far have we gone in int’l coconut competition?


Coconut has been called “tree of life” because of its myriad uses since time began. Every part of the tree has its own use from the leaves, fruits bark, husk, shell, etc. as food wrapper, street sweep., medical concoction, food additive and beauty solution, salve for body pains, and other products.

Of course, it is also a thirst quencher or beverage and food additive, according to the Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

The fact is if better packaging and branding are established by our manufacturers, we could do well in the international market dominated by other coconut-growing countries in Latin America like Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela and Columbia.

While most of us are familiar with “buko juice” being sold on the streets and ambulant hawkers along provincial waysides coconut processed products end up in standup pouches and plastic bottles that end up in posh restaurants and venues as base for cool cordials and smoothies, according to ITDI.

Also quite popular is the clean and clear coconut water in its creamy variant as coconut milk that maybe consumed as beverage or additive in flavoring in main dishes, confectioneries and pastries.

Past studies ITDI in 1987 was not successfully adapted, thus unable to sustain production which resulted in the removal of coco milk beverage from selling shelves.

In another study, coconut milk is produced by conventional process with a few modifications came up with a shelf-stable product that can stay in cold temperature and varying room condition.

The strong wine called “Lambanog” has found itself in foreign shores but stronger support is still needed for its popularity expansion.
With new food stabilizers and additives, coco milk is now ready for commercial purposes with quality and taste comparable to foreign brands.

ITDI claims the study is currently attracting a group of local stakeholders willing to invest in the product.

With the product reinvention and re-establishment in the market, a new milestone in the local industry has been achieved as coco milk beverage pushes itself towards the global market with the goal of making it to the top in the not-so-distant future.



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