• How long must we endure Honrado?


    IT seems Manila International Airport Authority chief Jose Angel Honrado has struck again.

    In the latest installment of an apparently never-ending string of embarrassments, Honrado’s MIAA has inflicted on the country’s main international gateway, the airport has threatened to eliminate “seasonal passes” for employees of the 30 or so member airlines of the Airline Operators Council (AOC), due to unpaid bills for leases, interest and penalties, with some charges dating all the way back to the 1970s.

    The seasonal pass is a pass that allows the employee the necessary free access to the airport terminals and his or her work area for several months, thus sparing the employee from constantly having to undergo full security procedures every workday. Instead of the seasonal pass, however, MIAA has said it would require the employees to obtain a “day pass” each day. Because the passes can allow employees into highly secure areas of the airport, security procedures before being given a pass are strict and tediously time-consuming.

    As the legal team representing the AOC complained in a letter sent to Honrado to protest the decision, “not all of the employees affected are simple clerical workers,” but rather workers with critical jobs needed to keep planes and passengers moving. Forcing them to go through a lengthy security procedure every day will, the AOC fears, lead to serious interruptions in operations, which will quickly reflect on customer service.

    Honrado is said to have saved the young Noynoy’s life when he was ambushed during a coup attempt against his mother, former president Cory Aquino. Honrado has escaped accountability for the missteps of his poorly run operation, including the embarrassing “tanim-bala” or “bullet-planting” scam that made international headlines several months ago. It is because of the personal connection that Honrado stays in his position, long after any other person would have been sacked and maybe even arrested for doing such a horrible job.

    It should go without saying, but Angel Honrado is apparently unaware of it, and so we will spell it out for him: Whether or not airlines have unmet financial obligations that need to be cleared up, bullying their employees – and by inference, every traveler who attempts to use NAIA – to force the airlines to pay their bills is irrational, unethical, and almost certainly completely ineffective.

    Clearly, these embarrassing and costly scandals will continue to occur as long as Honrado remains in charge at NAIA. While we can take some comfort that, at the very least, we will most likely see him make his long-overdue exit by the middle of this year, we must wonder if we can tolerate him for even that relatively brief amount of time. It will take the next head of the MIAA a considerable amount of time and effort to undo the damage Honrado has wrought; if the man has any shred of self-respect and public service sensibilities, he would step aside now and give his unlucky replacement a bit of extra time to clean up the mess.


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    1. Sa susunod na Presidente ang unang dapat niyang gawin ay linisin ang lahat na mga government departments, tanggalin ang mga namumuno na hindi nararapat sa puwesto. Huwag tularan si Abnoy. Wala siyang naitulong sa mga Pinoy. Puro utang na loob sa mga alipores niya. Humanda ka Abnoy, maghanap ka na ng magaling na abogago.

    2. Juan Delacruz on

      Besides being a very incompetent General Manager, Mr. Honorado is the biggest and the ugliest thief in NAIA. He should have been dismissed after the “tanim bala” Senate investigation. However, he doesn’t have the “delicadeza” to resign, and a lot of areas at NAIA have suffered because his inability to lead and manage the day to day operations at NAIA. Parang hindi na tumatalab ang kahiyaan kay Mr. Honorado, sa kakapalan ng mukha..

      • Yeah ugliest,dumbest,..and all the iest that connotes stupidity,thats him and his padrino Abnoy

    3. renato irlanda on

      an advise to the new president come june
      > let mr honrado stay on the job ad infinitum
      . do not accept his resignation
      . assign a squad of the best marines to see to it that honrado never absents himself from his job
      . he is to be bodily drought to the miaa everyday for the rest of his life whether he likes it or not

    4. time to go and it is now. Im tire dof hearing so many men of Pnoys creating so many embarassment to the country aside from in hurry to corrupt while their master is in the palace, they dont know how to govern. The so called utang na loob, classmates, batchmates, tagayan mates, this are the hindrances of a growing philippines. we have a stupid president, we should vote wisely for the next one, whose aim is to go forward not vengeance. I am tired of this yellow people, shame on you.

      • Mag miembro muna kayo Ng KKK and I serve at the president’s pleasure… meaning siya Lang ang pwedeng mag tanggal Sa akin..intended… scram..beat it….

    5. Elisa Bautista on

      The president has the temerity to endorse Roxas to continue his stupid tuwid na daan, should we endure more of this heaven forbid. People should wake up now and ensure non of the yellowtards ever comeback

      • Pg balik namin ay Kulay pink Na kami…have you ever heard of HUNYANGO…that’s what we are..hehe..hehe..hehe….

    6. Honrado like Purisima is a very close friend of Pinoy. It is impossible for anybody to tell Pinoy to terminate Honrado. That is a very big problem with Pinoy because like Abaya , Abad and company, he cannot properly manage this country. That is the reason why Pinoy is not an effective president and a very bad manager.

    7. Franck Frego on

      This Yellow Crook will stay there, take tons of money before leaving in June or July.

      Yellows are very much like stains, hard to get rid of it and don’t give a heck of being ugly!