How long must we put up with Grace Poe’s lies?


The last debate
The third and final presidential debate came through at the Phinma University in Dagupan, Pangasinan last Sunday, with no major hits or misses on the part of any of the candidates. There were no wild missiles as in the second debate in Cebu on March 20. The only sharp exchanges were those between LP standard bearer Mar Roxas and UNA’s Vice President Jejomar C. Binay, and between PDP’s Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Roxas. They were pointed but far from bloody.

Grace Poe Llamanzares stayed away from the exchange of fire. She delivered long stanzas to say what could be said in just a few words, and sounded more like her running mate, Sen. Francis Escudero, declaiming. All this was otherwise harmless, but she uttered one blatant lie, which unfortunately neither the ABS-CBN program hosts Karen Davila and Tony Velasquez nor any of her rivals tried to question, obviously for lack of relevant information.

A sordid lie
In answer to a question from Tony Velasquez, candidate Llamanzares said her American husband, Teodoro Daniel Misael “Neil” Vera Llamanzares, had renounced his US citizenship about a month ago, but without any details. This was all of a piece with her well-known lie, to which nine of the 15 justices of the Supreme Court have turned a blind eye, that she is a natural-born Filipino, born to her adoptive parents, Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces, the famous actors couple. To this, I shall return later.

Miriam Defensor Santiago, who spoke more about her fight against cancer than about her fight against the Aquino administration, proved to be much gentler than her usual self. She spoke of the fundamental qualities needed for the presidency, and found herself more qualified than others. Who among them had been a consistent “valedictorian” in school, and had won a Ramon Magsaysay award for reforming a “corrupt” government institution?

Roxas was confident that regardless of his low rating in the paid propaganda surveys, he would ultimately prevail in the election. His oft-repeated banter was that what his rivals were promising to do, “if elected,” the nondescript PNoy administration in which he had been Secretary of the DOTC and the DILG has already done. At one point, Mar said he had put his life on the line when he came down to Tacloban in the aftermath of the Yolanda/Haiyan super typhoon in 2013. CNN and other observers criticized the absence of government in that operation.

Both Duterte and Binay tried to puncture Mar’s balloon by asking how many people believed his claim, and where the “achievements” he spoke of could be seen or found. On Roxas’ statement about the benefits delivered by PhilHealth to the local population, Duterte said none had reached Davao, which he has run as mayor for the past 23 years. For his part, Binay, who used to handle housing, urban development and OFW concerns for PNoy, said the administration has been long on talk and short on implementation.

Issues covered
The debate raced through the China-Philippines maritime dispute, Metro Manila’s horrendous traffic nightmare, continuing unemployment and job contractualization in the malls, factories, and everywhere else, the plight of the Overseas Filipino Workers, health care, war and peace in Mindanao, and education. No great ideas surprised the audience, the candidates tended to repeat one another’s prosaic prescriptions, and the level of the discussion tended to be superficial.

It took a poor fisherman to raise the most important question about foreign policy and national security, namely, the China Sea question. What can the next President do to make sure that fishermen like him, said the questioner, could continue to fish in the “West Philippine sea” without their boats or their catch being seized by the Chinese coast guard patrolling the disputed waters?

Consensus on China
All five candidates were unanimous in saying that diplomacy must play a key role in approaching the problem with China, but in the meantime, the government must attend to the economic plight of our fisherfolk. We must talk to China, where Aquino and his minions have refused to do so at all.

None of the candidate talked of waging war on China to the last Filipino or the last American. Miriam wondered how we could ever feed the 1.3 billion Chinese, were we to go to war and ultimately prevail. Duterte was even more dramatic: Should the Philippines win its arbitration case before the UN, he would be ready to sail to one of the Chinese-occupied islands in the Spratlys, and personally plant the Philippine flag there by his lonesome.

They could have gone deeper. The Aquino administration appears to have convinced itself that just by calling the disputed waters “West Philippine sea,” it has already advanced its legal position in this dispute. This is certainly self-indulgent, but ultimately meaningless. As former Ambassadors Alberto Encomienda and Jaime Yambao point out in two recent articles, the change of name should be internationally recognized by the appropriate bodies such as the International Hydrographic Organization, the International Maritime Organization, and the United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographic Names, etc.

Southeast Asia sea?
And since we want all of Southeast Asia to line up behind our position, we should perhaps support the Vietnamese proposal to rename the South China Sea as Southeast Asia Sea, instead of calling it West Philippine sea? This, I believe, is worth putting to the candidates.

There were no strong disagreements on any of the issues. They all had strong words about “contractualization” which allows companies to limit employment contracts to five months, at the end of which they lay off all employes regardless of performance. All the candidates would like to end contractualization once they are in office, but not one said anything about reviving the labor unions, which have since died.

And the hosts did not dare ask who among the candidates have received financial support from the companies that are making their pile from contractualization. This would have tested the candor and integrity of the candidates.

In discussing the need to expand the country’s infrastructure, in order to solve the monstrous traffic problem, Mrs. Llamanzares led her rivals in naming specific large infrastructure projects that should be prioritized. This gave the impression that she did her homework well. But many of these are projects favored by her financiers.

The latest lie
But her biggest blooper—-unnoticed though by her presidential rivals, the media, the Phinma university audience and the nationwide TV crowd—was her casual announcement that her American husband Neil Llamanzares had already given up his US citizenship, in preparation for his potential charmed life as First Gentleman. This was just the latest falsehood in a long series of lies.

The subsequent report, already aired on television, says that Neil Llamanzares “renounced” his natural-born US citizenship on April 17, 2016, before a barangay captain in Greenhills, San Juan, the place where Mary Grace Natividad Sonora Poe was formally adopted by the Fernando Poe Jr-Susan Roces couple in 1974. But if this report is true, it is all a joke—-the so-called renunciation is void ab initio, and does not change Neil Llamanzares’s citizenship status one bit.

Neil now stateless?
Were his alleged renunciation valid, meaning he had already lost his US citizenship, then Neil Llamanzares would now be stateless, since his claim to be a dual citizen is false, and has no legal basis. He is a natural-born American citizen of Filipino parents. Born in the US, he has been an American from birth; since his parents are Filipinos, he has an inchoate right to become a Filipino, even after embracing his US citizenship.

But this is subject to “recognition” under Philippine laws. He has to apply for this recognition, and the Philippine government, after due hearing, must formally grant it. He has never applied for recognition, and has been an American citizen all his life. He is not covered by Republic Act 9225, popularly known as the Dual Citizenship Law, which allows former natural-born Filipino citizens who had been naturalized as citizens of a foreign country to reacquire their citizenship.

US law on citizenship
Under the US Immigration and Naturalization Act, an American citizen may lose his citizenship by:

1) Applying for and obtaining naturalization in a foreign country, provided he is at least 18 years of age;

2) Making an oath of allegiance to a foreign country, provided he is at least 18 years of age;

3) Serving in the military of a foreign country as a commissioned or noncommissioned officer or when the foreign state is engaged in hostilities with the United States;

4) Serving in a foreign government position that requires an oath of allegiance to, or the nationality of, that foreign country, provided he is at least 18 years of age;

5) Making formal renunciation of US citizenship to a consular officer outside of the US;

6) Making a formal renunciation of citizenship while in the US and during time that the US is involved in a war;

7) Conviction for treason or attempting by force to overthrow the US government, including conspiracy convictions.

Still American
If Neil Llamanzares had intended to renounce his US citizenship, as claimed, he could have gone to the US Consulate General in Manila for this purpose. There a consular officer would attend to him, and if the officer is satisfied that he understands the ramifications of his decision, he would be asked to take an oath and a certificate evidencing his loss of nationality would be executed. Going to a barangay captain in Greenhills is certainly not even in the list of bad jokes.

It is not Neil Llamanzares’ US citizenship alone that presents a serious problem for the Philippine State.

It is unthinkable enough that a foreign national should be sleeping with the President of the Philippines, if enough crazy people should vote for Mrs. Llamanzares, or if the cheating operation succeeds in installing her in office. But Neil Llamanzares is not just an ordinary foreigner; according to all the information available on the Web, he used to be a member of the US Air Force and part of one of the biggest contractors of the US Defense and Security establishment. Since 2006, he has been working as an IT consultant in one of the country’s largest conglomerates, without a worker’s visa or an Alien Employment Permit.

Birthdate unknown
Accompanied by my lawyer Manuelito Luna, I went to the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation on Monday to formally ask the Bureau to look into this potential breach of our highest national security protocols. I was gratified to see that under Commissioner Ronaldo Geron, the bureau has developed such an excellent rapport with the public and that everyone of its employee seemed to be in top form. But for a couple of hours we could not get the BID information system process my complaint, for the simple reason that we had no access to Neil Llamanzares’ date of birth in any of the numerous documents. Without that data, the system would not take in the complaint.

It took us more diligent research to find out that Neil Llamanzares was born on March 6, 1970, two years after his future wife was born as a foundling, of no known parentage, and found inside the parish church in Jaro, Iloilo on Sept. 3, 1968. This was but part of the scary world of shadows which appears to be inhabited by this potential First Gentleman of the Philippines.


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  1. Basil Smith on

    Poe also supports the oppressive TPP(TransPacificPact)….a pact that turns over much of the member states sovereignty to mega-corporate/mega-bank interests…challenge her and the others on this

  2. Talaga naman etong mga kababayan kong mga talangka, reklamo ng reklamo laban sa America tapos pa petisyon naman ng papetisyon sa mga kamaganak nilang mga nakalusot sa Merica.

  3. And for Gods sake, you dont renounce your US citizenship to a Philippine official. We are not bloody idiots like you Grace Poe and Mr. Llamanzares, you go to an american official to do the US renunciation. INTIENDES. pls be true to yourself and to the filipino people whom you once abandoned.

  4. This is the first time i agree with mr. Tatad. Mr.llamanzares is an american born american from naturalized filipino american. He can only be a naturalized filipino if Poe sponsored him to be a filipino if Poe is a filipino.

  5. There’s no constitutional provision, law or even a Barangay Resolution that require that the spouse of a Philippine president must be Filipino citizen. Nothing, nada, waray, wara, dae, awan! So, where’s the beef?

    • You clearly don’t get the implication of an American living at Malacanang.
      Try to educate yourself and get more information, will you? Google the words “allegiance” and “loyalty”.

  6. mikhail hieronymus on

    Wilfredo Magtibay says:

    April 27, 2016 at 12:18 am

    Why on a Barangay Captain?. Because he don’t want to lose his citizenship.

    They are making the Filipinos stupid.


    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      We are not only being made stupid by the stupids themselves but crazy as we were when we placed one as head of government even if knowing of his state of mind and health. God save the Philippines.

  7. teresita tan on

    Why look so angelic when in fact you lie like lying is your idetity twin. Is it because of danding cojuangco’s promise of billions? yes, billions not only millions. The poor coconut farmers money will never be return to them once Poe becomes president.
    She lies while she sweetly smiles . . . . . .a very rare combination and it is unbelievable how she was able to convince a good number of people…..

  8. Grace and Niel, husband and wife team makes the people stupid and both US and PH constitution a mockery ! Who’s to blame but the fools who gobble up everything she feeds them ! Do you wonder why there are no active supporters of Poe in America. Simply because the FilAms seriously use their heads when voting . She is nothing and a nobody in America but in the Philippines, they idolized her celluloid persona .There are only two candidates competing abroad – Duterte and Roxas . Check out her rallies, are there thousands of people behind her ? Movie people will create the props and the scripts!

  9. You said: “Neil Llamanzares is a natural-born American citizen of Filipino parents. Born in the US, he has been an American from birth; since his parents are Filipinos, he has an inchoate right to become a Filipino, even after embracing his US citizenship.”
    If none of his parents was a Filipino citizen at the time Neil’s birth, then he could not avail of Filipino citizenship, if my reading of the citizenship law is correct.

    • eltee mulawin on

      >>> Neil Llamanzares could not be called ” natrual born citizen” of the Philippines although his parents are a Filipino ( or Filipino-American, if). He only could be granted as a “Naturalized Filipino Citizen”.
      And he could not qualified in the US Law ….Serving in a foreign government position that requires an oath of allegiance to, or the nationality of, that foreign country, provided he is at least 18 years of age;
      Because his nationality never yet a Filipino, due to not yet gone to facilitate or do an oath of allegiance to the Philippines as required in our Immigation Law and the very he is active in US military forces and working in military wares and intelligence things.
      While in the Philippine Constitutions and Immigration is only for a Filipino natural-born citizenship who avail foreign nationality citizenship, and then come back and REACQUIRE OR WANTED AGAIN BACK HIS/HER FILIPINO CITIZENSHIP FROM BEING A FOREIGNER OR OTHER COUNTRY NATIONALITY.


  10. How could a Governor of a province enorsed the candidacy of Poe-Llamanzares? While the Sereno Court gave the green light for her to run for President, such a decision is purely ‘political’ and poses a big and continuous problem, if ever she is elected. No wonder the Philippines is going to the dogs!

    May God save the Republic of ythe Philippines!

  11. Proof pls sir. I bet this will just be dismissed. I think you should stop harassing Poe’s family Pati husband niya, dinamay mo pa apra manggulo lang.

    You are losing your credibilty.

  12. Rizalde F Laudencia on

    Regarding Ms. Grace Poe’s birth certificate, which shows that her natural parents are Ronnie Poe and Susan Roces, she may be held criminally liable for Use of Falsified Document under the last paragraph Article 172 of the Revised Penal Code. She “knowingly” introduced the false certificate in a judicial proceeding and in other official proceedings.

  13. Maybe the Barangay Captain shuld be invstigated for performing acts not compatible to his office

  14. Southeast Asia Sea sounds correct and best we keep it ambiguous at this point… as if Duterte does win the election this place will be owned by either China or the USA in a short time…so they will have to redraw all the maps anyway.

  15. “Make a big lie, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it”. – Hitler

    How about a string of lies?

  16. Now that the public is getting to know more about Neil Llamanzares, Lying Grace’ husband, some things are starting to jell and fall into their proper places. As an example, the Social Insurance Number (SSN) of a deceased person which Lying Grace appropriated while she and her husband were living in The USA. She used this false SSN for identification purposes when the couple bought a house in Virginia. I had thought that this SSN had been acquired through the usual means that TNTs in the USA are forced to acquire theirs: by surreptitious purchase. But I now think, after reading the above article, as well as the research and investigative report of Perry Diaz of Global Balita, that Lying Grace may have gotten the SSN through her husband Neil. He had worked for the US Military and SAIC, and it would have been easy for him to come up with a deceased person’s SSN. Since husband and wife had to sign for the house purchase and mortgage (for which SSNs would be required), one can therefore conclude that both knew that Lying Grace had used a SSN that was not hers, and committed identity theft.

    Recently, Lying Grace presented to the public her Boston College student ID to prove that the SSN at issue was really her student number. An examination of this card led to the finding that it is fake and that it was “manufactured”. Comparing the card with a genuine BC student card revealed a number of inconsistencies and irregularities, such as showing nine digits instead of eight, and “Grace Poe”, rather than Grace Poe Llamanzares, the name associated with the house in Virginia (for more details, see The Daily Tribune). In short, as she again lied about this card, what would stop her from lying about her husband’s citizenship renunciation?

    It would be interesting to find out how the administrators at Boston College and its Alumni Association would respond if they find out that one of their former graduates manufactured a fake BC student ID.

    As for an American working at the conglomerate SMC, one wonders if, in a country of more than 100 million Pinoys, not a single one qualified or was available to do the job that Neil Llamanzares was hired to do. Did SMC even advertise the job opening? Or is this the usual case of a job being created or tailor-made for a preferred potential employee? “Kanya walang asenso sa Pilipinas”. It is never what you know, but whom you know. is it any wonder that even in dangerous places like Syria and Iraq, OFWs would rather stay put, rather than go home?

  17. Masyadong ambisyosa ang ampon na Llamanzares! Iniinsulto niya ang mga Pilipino. Akala niya lulusot siya dahil sa 9justices na nabayaran at mga magnanakaw. akala niya mababayaran din ang lahat ng Pilipino sa pagsisinungaling niya. Mga tanga lang ang boboto sa iyo PINOCHIO Llamanzares!

  18. Mr. Tatad this expose of the llamanzares family should be given to the TV networks
    so people can truly know their candidate.
    Why is it being given little attention?

    TV networks are guilty of manipulating the news and the minds of the people.
    My opinion, I am hopeful that this last 2 weeks ,showdown should be focus on Knowing your candidate more and not about Survey ratings .
    Survey Ratings should not be the basis of the Proper Leader for the Philippines.
    Must educate the Voters to not fall into prey of Undeserving Leaders with Malicious/Communistic /Dictatorial Intent for the Country.
    The innocent victims of this election are the poor and our Country as a whole.

    • I agree! Abs cbn mapagsamantala eh…pinalabas ang probinsyano eh libreng publicity yon para kay poe..tapos si susan roces at coco martin andun pa…hay kapal muks lang ba talaga sila?

    • butter, since llamanzares is the trojan horse, apple of the eye of benito boy sisi, the major networks will never do a story about the lies that she and her husband are spinning. for sure, the expose of ninez about the fake ssn would have alerted the news hungry reporters of the 3 major tv stations. they have men stationed abroad to check on this but apparently they did not. if not for blog of investigative group, i forgot the name, the secret of mr niel would not have surfaced. let us stop this talk about llamanzares and JUST NOT VOTE FOR HER so she and her family can go back to their country, the good old us of a.

  19. GP, a known pathological liar, evidently by now, has a typical “dampot” mentality. Lack wisdom, sever knowledge deficit. Poor Pilipnos.
    I am for Mar for calm demeanor & decency.

  20. So, well, I am totally àt a Loss whether that Barangay Hall by the city of San Juan , renunciation proceedings presided by the Honorable Barangay Chairman is a Legal extension Offices of the US Embassy and the Ambassador and his OIC Charge d’Affaires…just wondering, anybody coud be more knowledgeable to let me know…while my older folks here are playing the Beatles’ HELP and Yellow Submarine…

    • vik, that is the same route that llamanzares took to renounce daw her usa citizenship. it looks like the supreme court agrees with their method of renouncing their usa citizenship. he he he

  21. mikhail hieronymus on

    It is really a Shame what Grace Llmazares is presenting or feeding to the people. Blatant lies and yet the people are accepting it as Gospel truth, hook line and sinker. So does the Supreme Court who for some reason suddenly became blind to the very obvious lie. It is a very awkward situation, but grace doesn’t seem to be bother by it all. It is sad!