• How love – and music – make the world go round

    Brad Go, the Filipino-American is Filipino-American singer-songwriter from New York who describes himself as being ‘passionate about passion’

    Brad Go, the Filipino-American is Filipino-American singer-songwriter from New York who describes himself as being ‘passionate about passion’

    The jaded phrase that something wonderful “only happens in the movies” is entirely untrue if you ask Filipino-American singer-songwriter Brad Go. While the man is all but 28-years-old, he must know what he’s talking about with film editing and directing as his thriving profession in New York City.

    The US-based artist, who is currently in the country for a project that is very apt for Valentine’s, is quick to explain, however, that he knows about film perfect moments happening in real life not from his expertise but from experience.

    “While walking home from work late one night in September of 2012, I met this super beautiful girl on a rainy day in New York. She didn’t have an umbrella so I offered to share mine. It was a scene straight out of a movie, complete with a movie script that just went on and on for a good while,” Brad remembered vividly. “And although we didn’t work out in the end, that beautiful experience inspired me to travel around the world in search of incredible love stories, which inspired me to sing and write music and film a documentary of what really makes the world go round.”

    The Hush Project, which serves as Brad’s official debut album under MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines), is the result of his passion-filled exploration, which took him to eight countries around the world, in eight of the most romantic cities, and face-to-face with eight couples whose stories are the stuff of movie magic.

    “It was the most incredible adventure I could have asked for, and it all went by so quickly. Touching down in each new country was such a rush, especially when I didn’t know where my interview would come from. On top of the excitement of being in a new place, there was the thrill of trying to find a person receptive to the project and willing to share their story. Those interviews really offered me a chance to share some truly happy moments with people. I loved watching everyone’s face light up as they shared their stories,” he continued.

    This is ‘The Hush Project,’ a self-penned, self-produced collection of ‘love songs inspired by love stories around the world’

    This is ‘The Hush Project,’ a self-penned, self-produced collection of ‘love songs inspired by love stories around the world’

    Brad went to Barcelona, Tokyo, Melbourne, Singapore, Palermo, Berlin, Manila and Paris, and came back with eight original compositions, namely “All Along,” “I Want You Now,” “It’s You,” “Follow Through,” “Firestarter,” “Feel This Way,” “Love Is Love” and “Time Machine.” The trip is documented in the form of vlogs, which are published on his YouTube channel, youtube.com/bradgofilm.

    “I’d much rather have people listen to the songs rather than talk about them so they can really feel these love stories that abound in the world,” Brad enthused, when asked to talk about his discoveries. “They all came about just talking to strangers on the streets of Paris, Barcelona, Palermo, and just being amazed at their openness and how beautiful life can be with love.”

    Asked how he discovered his musical side, Brad told The Manila Times, it was from growing up with a lot of Elvis Presley and Carpenters in the background.

    “They were my parents’ favorites, and of course, being Filipino, I also found the karaoke in our living room one day,” he laughed.

    It wasn’t until 2005, however, with Brad decided to drop out of an Aerospace Engineering program and enroll at the New York University to study film.

    “After graduating, I got a job working in post production as a video editor—but after a few years, grew tired of it and found myself wanting to do more music,” he went on. “So I got a band together and started performing in New York City, and here I am now.”

    “Here” has taken Brad to perform alongside top OPM artist in ASAP 18 several times even before The Hush Project had its official launch this month.

    “I’ve gained quite a following on YouTube, and come here to Manila is amazing! Getting to perform with the likes of Gary V. is just really overwhelming.”

    Asked what plans he has next now that Hush Project is out, Brad replied, Now that the album is out, what are your plans moving forward?

    “I’m excited to get out there and play shows to promote the album here in the Philippines and abroad. I’m hoping the album’s release will give me an opportunity to travel again. Other than that, I am excited to start writing my next album and further develop my catalog as a songwriter for other artists as well.”

    The artist is currently on the Hush Project Tour in Manila, which has since taken him to Roofdeck Bistro in Quezon City, Chef Arch’s Lime 88 in Mandaluyong City, Bruce Lim’s Rustique Kitchen in Makati City, and Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo on February 21.

    The album is available at Astro Plus and Odyssey record bars and online at iTunes, Spinnr, Deezer and Spotify. For more information, log on to hushproject.tv.


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