How lucky can you get?


    Come February 8 this year until January 27, 2017, the Fire Monkey will take over the Wood Sheep as the ruling animal of the Chinese zodiac.

    For feng shui followers, the changing of the lunar year brings different opportunities and certain challenges for each animal sign. Understandably, many people look forward to the luck forecasts for their respective birth signs as they go through another year.

    International feng shui master Marites Allen gives a briefing on the luck indications for each of the zodiac signs in a media conference today at the Marco Polo Hotel.

    Although she said that not all animal signs are lucky during their own year, the Monkey year is very fortunate for all Monkey-born people. The Rat, Dragon, and Snake, who are all zodiac allies of the Monkey, may share the same good fortune. The Tiger, who is the conflict animal of the Monkey, may have difficulties next year.

    To guide everyone in maximizing the positive energies and deflecting the negative ones indicated in each animal chart, Allen has written 12 horoscope books for 2016. “It took long, exhausting hours to come up with those books. It was a production nightmare, but it had to be done,” says Allen. “There is just so much opportunity next year that people need to know about,” she added.

    Each book also provides monthly readings for one’s career, business, health, and relationships. There are also feng shui suggestions for the home, auspicious fashion and accessories, guide to the lucky and unlucky house orientations for each month, and more.

    Here is Allen’s sneak preview of luck readings for each astrological sign as written in her book collection—with illustrations from www.frigga.uk.


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