• How staying hydrated can help children get ahead in school


    Experts all agree that an average person need to drink eight to 10 glasses in a day, but why is it so important to drink water and stay hydrated?

    The human body is made up of mostly 70-percent water, which is needed for everything in the body system to work efficiently. Water improves circulation, manages temperature, and, essentially, makes brain function better.

    Use leak-and spill-proof bottles in fun colors and shapes to encourage children to drink their water

    Given these, children needs to stay hydrated even more because they are still growing and their systems are still developing. Studies have shown dehydration causes tiredness, dizziness, poor concentration, and slower cognition in children. As such, drinking more water is actually a part of a child’s academic success!.

    Staying hydrated is also important for children to excel in physical activities. A child’s body does not adjust well to loss of fluid but and by drinking water before, during and after a physical activity, they may enjoy the activity more.

    While it is easy to convince everybody that it is important to stay hydrated, children remain short of the daily water intake recommend for them, especially when they start school and their parents are not always round to remind them to drink.

    To make it easier for parents, American water bottle maker for kids, Contigo, advices parents to use leak- and spill-proof bottles in fun colors and shapes. Not only will these encourage kids to continuously drink their water, it will also keep parents at peace as these specially made bottles can keep accidents at bay when they are not around.


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