• How to create a productive workspace


    Some advocate the belief that “Madness is next to Genius”. Others rally behind “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Which side are you on?

    A common excuse for all those paper piles, scattered pens, half-empty coffee cups and clutter is that behind all the chaos is a creative mind at work. However, unorganized clutter may produce a negative impact in your work and life. It can affect one’s state of mind and motivation, and may even hamper productivity. In some cases, a messy desk may even annoy your co-workers and hurt your professional image.

    In a US survey released this year, one-out-of-three (or 32 percent) among human resources managers included in the research said they wonder if someone with a messy desk will also have a problem when it comes to organization and effectiveness. The survey from OfficeTeam, a resource and staffing firm, also shows that only 9 percent of HR managers think that employees with messy desks are creative, while the rest of the 68 percent said it is “somehow alright” for workers to have untidy desks.

    The amount of messiness you can live with is subjective to how it can affect you and your work.

    For those who wish they can keep tidy and be productive, here are a few tips to help maintain a productive and creative workspace.

    Have a designated space for every work activity you regularly do. This includes the actual workspace, a library area for research, a supplies area, and an archive area to store important documents.

    Put a limit on how much stuff should be in the work area. Keep a regular schedule to prevent cabinets and bookshelves from overflowing by tossing out paperwork that is no longer needed and other items that will not be used anymore. Schedule the clean-up monthly or quarterly, depending on how much items accumulate in your workspace.

    Invest in multifunction compact printers like the Epson L-Series ink tank printers that do away with bulky cartridges. The new-generation Epson L-Series printers offer durable and reliable printing solutions that raise productivity with high quality documents at an affordable cost of ownership. Epson L-Series multifunction printers can also scan in high resolutions, and provide digital tasks wirelessly.

    Digital clutter is as stressful as physical clutter. Avoid using your inbox as a depository for to-do lists and streamline your desktop icons.

    When preparing to work on a project, keep within arm’s reach only the things you need immediately. Anything not required for the task at hand should be removed.

    All work-related stuff involve a lot of paperwork. Streamline the process with just a maximum of 3 baskets labeled “To Read”, “To Do” and “To File.” Establish a schedule to finish what you put into each basket, one day at a time, making sure to clear the items out as soon as possible.

    Effectively label your documents and other office items to remind you where to put things neatly. This will also save time when you are in a rush to find items you need. Check out the Epson LabelWorks LW-700.


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