• How to ‘Do:More’


    Today’s young and dynamic generation is always in pursuit of their dreams and passions. From dabbling in painting to skydiving, partying to running a marathon, these self-starters always say yes to opportunities, inspiring others to believe that things can be better and that life can be rewarding when one craves excitement and adventure.
    Fueling the passion of these “doers” is deodorant brand Rexona, which offers protection from underarm sweat and odor, and boosts the confidence of individuals through an inspiring philosophy aptly dubbed “Do:More.” This exciting movement encourages young men and women to unleash their best, push their boundaries, and, ultimately, motivate others to seize every single day and live a life full of passion.

    To start, Rexona tapped some of today’s active individuals to urge people to live and experience the life they’ve always aspired for. Models-turned-TV personalities Kelly Misa and Jon Avila; Philippine Volcano squad member and Mr. World runner-up Andrew Wolff; bloggers Vern and Verniece Enciso, Dani Barretto and Nicole Andersson; radio DJ Suzy Gamboa; Ateneo Blue Eagles alum Nico Salva; and football sensations Nate Burkey and Phil Younghusband were among those who started a new wave of inspiration through “Project Do:More, the 10-day Instagram Challenge.”

    By sharing slices of their Do:More lifestyles in the popular social networking site, these individuals set the tone on how people can make everyday count. Kelly Misa, for instance, manages to juggle activities that keep her happy—reading books, attending yoga classes and cooking for her family.

    Andrew Wolff, on the other hand, defied stereotypes by excelling both as a model and an athlete, finishing runner-up in the prestigious Mr. World pageant while also playing for the Philippine Volcano rugby team and the Sta. Lucia football team.

    Through the colorful lives of these active “doers,” Rexona hopes to get people to do more and show the world that nothing can hold them back.

    To be part of this increasingly rousing movement, simply post a Rexona Do:More deed of the day photo on Instagram with the hashtag #RexonaDoMore. With just a few clicks on one’s smartphone, one can spark the flame of achievement and inspire thousands to be physically active, socially connected, and emotionally engaged.


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