How to engage toddlers in weekend activities


After a whole week of hard work, running errands, shopping and taking care of home duties, comes the weekend reprieve the family can enjoy. For many parents, this time is very precious to catch up with their children.

However, some parents don’t know how to use time on the weekend and how to organize fun activities that would engage each member of the family, most especially the toddlers.

Go for a stroll or a hike to expose toddlers to nature

As such, here are few ways to engage the little tots so that they don’t get bored quickly. These ideas are useful especially when the weather is nice and promotes outdoor activities.

Go for a stroll, hike or bike trip. If parents have a one-year-old, they can use a stroller for a walk. Toddlers can ride in lightweight strollers, which are usually very compact and easy to carry. Children two years and older will probably enjoy walking, but might get tired on longer distances. Hence, a stroller may be also helpful for older toddlers for when they want to get some rest, they can just hop on the stroller.

Where to go for a walk? Consider a place where your child like to hangout or a place where your kid hasn’t been yet like a new park or playground.

The zoo can quickly become a child’s favorite place

Parents can also choose an easy hiking trip. For such a trip jogging stroller would be very useful, because it has bigger air-filled wheels that will handle rougher or bumpier terrain in hilly area or in forest. You can also put your baby into a special carrier for hiking that looks like a backpack. These two options are the best to provide safety and comfort for the little adventurer.

Another idea is a bike trip. The family can go to the nearby lake, maybe a countryside, which is few miles from home. If you want to go on a bike trip, you can attach to your bike a trailer for your child or install specially designed child bike seat.

Trip to the zoo or aquarium. If there is a zoo or aquarium in town, it may quickly become a child’s favorite place. There are some zoos that organize picnics and festivals where parents can meet and where children can do fun activities with other children their age. As such, parents can be sure their toddlers won’t get bored quickly.

Join neighborhood activities or events. It may turn out that there are plenty attractions for children in the neighborhood. Parents can choose something that is related to their kids’ hobbies and interests, perhaps a basketball clinic, a swimming lesson for the family or a summer art school for the whole community, among others.

It ies never too early to start reading to kids

Read to your children. It’s never too early to start reading to kids. In fact, many parenting experts consider reading as the perfect way to strengthen bond between parents and their children. Reading not only calms children before they go to bed, the activity is also proven as an excellent method to teach children first words, letters or names of popular items.

To make the activity more fun, parents cannot only read books but also try to come up with their own story and tell it in a way that will stimulate their child’s curio­sity and imagination.

Whatever the chosen activity for toddlers maybe, parents must always go for ones that are fun and enjoyable for both sides. That is not to say, however, that parents should stress themselves in finding that weekend activity for the little ones. Remember, for children the most important fact is that you are spending this time together. It’s definitely better than TV and games on phone or tablet.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Zooey Barnett is mom of three and blogger on Little Baby Gear where she recommends the best baby strollers for newborns, toddlers and older children.


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