• How to generate brand recognition


    Interestingly enough, we at Superbrands are always asked when brand recognition takes place and why the need for the Superbrand status? Before we answer the querrie, it is best to understand how one generates brand recognition. We first need to be clear on certain assumptions.

    Branding is not a substitute for marketing. In fact, before you even initiate branding strategies, it is assumed that your marketing efforts are already successful. While one can brand early with strategic management, the marketing principles need to have been established after all the sourcing, the identification, the manufacture or conceptualization of the product or service needs to have been completed. Then there are the other important issues that need to be hurdled. There is the target market, packaging, pricing, distribution, promotions and advertising to generate awareness and a slew of other equally important aspects the marketing theory requires.

    Only after successful marketing can one begin to brand. There is also the all important consideration to stand the test of time for your brand should you even succeed.

    “Innovations is the elixir toward any progress” and yet elusive to most marketers to stay content with their initial achievements generating a profit. Profit mind you is no measure for branding success other than to the stay the market for decades, if not centuries. The 20th century taught us the resilience of multiple brands that have risen to phenomenal heights only to lose it overnight, examples such like Kodak, Xerox, Hover and more. The prosperity unleashed by the digital revolution is not only overwhelming, it has become requirement so much so denial by many to stay illiterate will spell their irrelevance. To begin with, there is no perfect product or service; there is only change which remains constant over decades. Product improvements through research and development are essential as well as the study and analysis of the changing markets, be it for its needs or affordability’s. One such industry susceptible with a volatile market would be the pharmaceuticals. For example, how can one dictate price over consumers when it wreaks havoc to society and governments, and politics override capitalism.

    Brand recognition is but an awareness campaign but will not succeed unless there is consumer satisfaction. Superbrands always promotes that the consistent delivery of the brand promise generates integrity that makes it the brand! Simple as it sounds, many miss the point and pursue bogus products consumers defy regardless of any advertising other than of course the one-time purchase, only to be disgusted with it.

    Then there is the consistency that can never be compromised. While there are unseen forces that that can damage any consistency—there is always PR and crisis management that come to play, but this would be another topic to tackle.


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