Bleeding-heart pigeon PHOTO COURTESY OF SHERRY P. RAMAYLA

    Bleeding-heart pigeon PHOTO COURTESY OF SHERRY P. RAMAYLA

    Bleeding Hearts are very unique birds of the Gallicolumba genus. In addition to spending most of their lives on the ground, they all have a patch of red or orange on their breasts, inspiring the name “bleeding heart.”

    There have been five species that were already identified, all of which can only be found in the Philippines. These are the Luzon Bleeding Heart, Mindanao Bleeding Heart, Sulu Bleeding Heart, Negros Bleeding Heart, and the Mindoro Bleeding Heart.

    Haribon Foundation, the country’s pioneer environmental organization, works with communities locations where the Bleeding-hearts reside.

    For a donation of P250, you’ll get the “Can you heal my bleeding heart?’ shirt, which will enable the foundation to further help people help the environment, aiding not only endangered Bleeding-hearts all across the country, but for the conservation of biodiversity and the livelihoods of our communities.

    For more information about the shirt, visit http://www.haribon.org.ph.


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