• How to identify and avoid addictions

    Food addicts still eat even when their stomachs are full

    Food addicts still eat even when their stomachs are full

    When most people think of addiction, drug addicts or alcoholics usually come to mind. While these are very serious addictions and often require professional treatment, there are several addictions that people don’t recognize as such—addictions that keep people unhappy and unfulfilled. It is important to remember that an addiction is anything that can be considered an obsessive or compulsive behavior pattern, and that substances are not the only things people can become addicted to.

    One of the most common addictions in the world is food addiction. Many people are addicted to certain types of food and do not even realize it. Those who are addicted to food find themselves thinking about it when they are supposed to be completing other tasks, and often consume foods that are unhealthy as part of the addiction. Food addicts also eat food even when their bodies are full, and jeopardize their health as a result. The same is true for cigarette smokers, and even those who are addicted to the Internet! When something begins to consume your life, it becomes an addiction.

    Perhaps an even more common addiction is the addiction to fear and worry. There are so many people who are addicted to being afraid of what the future holds for them, or of pursuing their dreams. Individuals with boundless talent and ambition stifle themselves because of this addiction, causing damage to their futures because they either are not willing to get help with this addiction, or do not know that they possess it.

    If you or a family member are experiencing any type of addiction, it’s always best to talk to someone that you trust so that you can work through your problem and find the reason for the addiction. Whether you choose to visit a counselor or speak to another family member, once you realize you have an addiction, you can receive help if you’re willing—no matter what the addiction may be. For more information on all types of addictions and how you can receive help, visit www.turntohelp.com.

    About the author: Tamiya King is a featured writer of ArticlesGratuits.Com and is a freelance writer covering health and fitness.


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