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    As parents, we tend to think that worrying is natural. To worry that our baby might fall from the bed or suffocate under the blanket at night in their sleep. To worry that yaya will spank our kids when we are away. That we went over the budget for the month and might not have enough cash on hand for groceries, utilities and even tuition fee for the next month.

    We can find tons of reasons and excuses to justify our worry. But my question to you is, does worrying help alleviate your situation? Or does it just fan the flames by adding torment—even causing you to lose sleep by overt hinking?

    Allow me to share with you a book I am currently so engrossed in, Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges.

    Here the author tackles “subtle” sins that we never would have thought are actually sins—like worry, anxiety, frustration, discontent, unthankfulness and the likes—unless we are faced with Biblical Scriptures refuting us. And when we disobey anything The Word of God says or we fall short of the standards of the Bible, we sin. So technically speaking, when we worry (or get anxious), we sin.

    The core verses that I seek comfort from when I tend to worry are Matthew 6:34 and Philippians 4:6.

    In Matthew 6:25-34 Jesus teaches us about worry. And why we should never worry again.

    1. See, He commands us to not worry about our daily provision. If God takes care of the birds and He doesn’t even forget a single sparrow (Luke 12:6, 12:24), what makes you think He will forget us, whom He made after His own image and likeness; above all creation on earth just below his heavenly beings (angels)? If God sustains the birds, all the more will He provide for us, His children.

    2. He tells us that worry does not add an hour to our lives. That means, worry does not prolong your life nor enhance its quality. What is the point then of worrying?

    3. Jesus tells us that Our Heavenly Father knows our needs. And He tells us exactly what to do once we start to feel our need: Seek Him first and then everything else will just follow. Go to God who can give you everything (Matthew 7:11), who is not limited by anything and who has abundant riches in heaven (Philippians 4:19).

    4. Jesus advices us to not worry about tomorrow. Remember Our Lord’s Prayer where we ask: “Give us today our daily bread.” (Matthew 21:22) We ask only for the day’s supply. Yes by all means we can ask in advance but there is no point worrying about it when your present day is loaded with things to attend to. Everyday we ask for daily grace.

    The thing about worry and anxiety (as the two are closely akin) is that it is a manifestation of our lack of trust that God Our Father will take care of us (as His children) and He will provide. We doubt God’s divine providence to make a way to sustain us. Remember one of God’s many names as in Genesis 22:14 is Jehovah Jireh (My Provider).

    Another culprit I can pinpoint that causes us unrest, worry and anxiety is our self-sufficiency. We believe that it is only in our own might and strength and abilities and will power that we can fend for ourselves and our families. We refuse to allow our limited minds to accept the limitless power of God to sustain us, even in divine ways. You know sometimes, God allows us a season of lack so that He can be the one to fill in our needs.

    My main comfort and which I give my best to do in obedience to God is to not be anxious about anything, but instead to pray over everything. (Philippians 4:6) My worry will not do anything good. But my prayers have power to change my situation. At times the money doesn’t come on time (because that is God’s will even if we do not understand) but God’s peace always comes through. And this peace in the midst of your need is something to be extremely grateful for.

    As you may have read, the Bible is rich with assurances and promises that are in themselves the antidote to our unnecessary anxiety. Bask in the goodness of the Lord and never worry again.

    Take it from me, a single parent who never received a single cent from my child’s biological father, who refuses to accept monetary donation from her family, and who recently decided to give up a career that comprises bulk of her once-6-figure income and yet The Lord blessed her a home of her own when she did not have work and there is food on the table and her daughter goes to one of the most respected Christian schools today.

    Only by God’s Grace do we live each day in gratitude and contentment. Trust me, trust God, for He provides. And when he does, let us give Him a sincere heartfelt prayer of thanks.

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