avtomobilimashiny20130730YOU badly need a car but you can’t afford a brand new one. Pre-owned car is a good alternative because many of them offer “value for money.” There are also used cars that are considered “good finds” meaning in good condition, low mileage and the price is right.

Although used vehicles typically don’t carry the same warranties as new ones, the original factory warranty on a new car is often transferable to a second owner. Buyers of certified pre-owned cars from an authorized dealer can buy a late-model car and get the balance of the original warranty.

One more thing about used car is you don’t have to pay its depreciation value. Since new cars depreciate as soon as you drive them out of the dealership, some people opt to buy used cars to avoid car’s depreciation value. But of course, the top reason you’re buying a pre-owned car is because it is cheaper.

Look for “good finds”
First, you have to look for the car that fits your need. There are many dealers of pre-owned cars. Sometimes, dealers of new cars also offer pre-owned cars. Experts say it is good to buy from credible car dealer because they are in a position to ensure that the pre-owned vehicles are of good quality and are legitimate.

Another way of finding used cars for sale is through online. You just need to type in the model then hit enter to get endless results. Some of the best buy and sell car websites are, HCP Pitstop/Sellin of Honda Club Philippines, Mitsubishi Lancer Club Vehicles for Sale, Grupo Toyota – Auto Trader,,,, and Adpost. Other famous websites are the and  (Please see related story on page 3)

You can also email the  manager or call their office for more details.

Certified pre-owned vehicles
Another way to make sure that you get the best pre-owned car is to settle for certified pre-owned vehicle.

The trend now is the proliferation of certified pre-owned programs. This idea started with luxury brands like Mercedez-Benz and Lexus.

There are important differences in buying certified pre-owned vehicle and buying any used cars.  There’s no uniform certified used-cars programs but experts recommend buying a manufacturer-certified vehicle rather than a dealer-certified one.

Review the different manufacturer’s certification programs to see which one offers the most complete coverage. Be careful in checking what the certification means and what the warranty covers.

Check and double check
One of the most important steps you have to consider in buying used cars is the history of the car you want to buy so you need an expert to do that for you. They are called professional vehicle assessors.

Once you’re decided which model you want to buy, make sure what exactly has been inspected on the vehicle you are considering and demand for the actual inspection report for the specific vehicle. Be sure that the identification number on the inspection report matches the vehicle you want to buy.

It is important that you test-drive and check the car thoroughly yourself. Look for the details like the paint on different parts should match because if not, it might haven been in an accident. Make sure that each door and the corresponding body panel has a sticker with the VIN. If there is no sticker, look for body damage.

How right is the price
Before negotiating on the price of the car, check first the true market value price of the car so you can use it as a benchmark for negotiations.

Contract signing
When signing the purchase contract for your used car, make sure you receive proof that the car is under warranty and if the car is certified there shouldn’t be separate charge for an extended warranty or for certification.

If any repair work is required and has been promised by the dealer, get it in writing. Once all the paperwork is complete, it is finally time to relax and begin enjoying your new purchase: a good used car.


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