How to rescue a person against an assailant pointing a knife against his neck


This is a technique should only to be done by someone with competent skills and extreme confidence in performing rescue operations. Doing this action should be an option of last resort if one feels that the assailant could not be persuaded to let go of the victim and is about to kill the hostage.

Picture 1 shows the position of the assailant with his victim. Picture 2 shows the rescuer assessing the situation from the back of the assailant and his victim. Picture 3 shows the rescuer grabbing the assailant’s weapon hand and pulling it away from the victim’s neck while simultaneously pushing the head of the victim away from the knife. Picture 4 shows the rescuer applying leverage against the assailant’s elbow joint to immobilize the weapon hand. Picture 5 shows the successful completion of the rescue attempt.spo Contributed photos


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