• Huawei expects to lead 5G commercial launch


    CHINESE technology firm Huawei is optimistic of leading the deployment of 5G technology in the global market given its continuous collaboration with industry leaders.

    Yang Chaobin, president of Huawei 5G Product Line, said in a statement on Thursday night that the firm remained eager to lead the introduction of 5G technology in the global market.

    “Huawei is devoted to driving the commercial deployment of 5G and has widely collaborated with industry partners,” he said.

    Its latest partnership was with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. which sought to fast-track the maturity of 5G technology for its commercial launch.

    “We are very excited to collaborate with Qualcomm Technologies. With Qualcomm Technologies’ chipset and Huawei’s commercial 5G system, I am confident that the 5G ecosystem is mature and the industry is ready for commercial deployment,” Chaobin added.

    Serge Willenegger, senior vice president at Qualcomm, said, “Close collaboration among global mobile industry leaders is necessary to validate the technologies and continue to build and improve our capabilities. We look forward to further collaboration with Huawei on the path to making 5G a commercial reality.”

    In July last year, Huawei said 5G technology will be available in the market by 2020.

    “We need new technology. We need mobile phones not just connecting people but also machines,” said Zhou Yuefeng, Huawei Wireless Network Product Line chief marketing officer.

    Huawei is developing 5G technology through its X-Lab, where it allows any company to participate in the development of the technology.


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