Hubris & hypocrisy on despicable DAP (2)


In a short span of ten (10) days, President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd attacked the Supreme Court three times on its decision on the Despicable Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), which it ruled as “unconstitutional”. The first time was on national radio and television on Monday last week, July 14, 2014, when he foolishly threatened the justices of the High Tribunal and urged them to change their minds.

A day after the live telecast of his brazen threat to the Supreme Court justices, President B. S. Aquino III once again severely criticized the High Tribunal’s decision on the DAP during the visit of the World Bank president in Malacañang. This was less than 24 hours from his first attack on a co-equal branch of government.

Finally last Wednesday, PNoy defended his DAP for the third time during the 150th birthday anniversary of the great Apolinario Mabini, the acknowledged “Brains of the Philippine Revolution.” The latest defense of DAP by President Aquino was in obvious violation of the sub judice rule (no public discussion on merits of pending cases) since Malacañang has already filed its Motion of Reconsideration.

However, the Supreme Court may not cite President Aquino for contempt since the justices are acutely aware of unstable state of mind of the puerile President. The High Tribunal is not expected to go down to the level of PNoy and dignify his childish deed that is typical of spoiled brats when they do not have their way or get what they want.

Shameless Senate hearing on DAP
The Senate hearing on DAP last Thursday, July 24, was attended in full force by the Cabinet members of the Aquino administration. (The front-page headline of the Philippine Daily Inquirer was “Cabinet Goes All Out for DAP.”) It was as if, like grade school students, their attendance would be checked by Cabinet Secretary Rene Almendras. For good reason, it turned out to be scripted with the help of administration senators.

Without any scruples and/or shame, the beneficiaries of the DAP pork barrel in the Senate attended the first hearing that was covered live in broadcast media. The most active participants were those who received the biggest amounts of pork barrel after the conviction of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona: Senate President Franklin Drilon with P100 million and Senator Francis Escudero with P99 million.

Interesting enough, none of the senators asked the question on who are the members of Congress who benefited from the DAP funds. As the PDI reported yesterday, “The Cabinet officials were not asked who among the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives received funds from the DAP, a quiet admission by the Senate investigators that they too, benefited from the controversial stimulus program ”

I watched the live coverage of the Senate hearing yesterday until noon. I was appalled at the brazen temerity of the shameless Senator Franklin Drilon who acted as if he was lawyering for the Aquino administrations in defense of the despicable DAP.

Instead of acting as a senior senator, Senate President, Frank Drilon acted like an Aquino Cabinet member defending the DAP. Sobra na ang kapal ng mukha. (Too much of a thick face!) It was so degrading for a senator to do, much more for a Senate President, the third highest official of the land after the President and the Vice-President. His job was to ask DBM Secretary Florencio Abad the tough questions, but ended up as his lawyer.

Without any shame, Senator Drilon went on explaining the legal basis of the DAP while supposedly questioning DBM Secretary Abad. What a sorry sight to watch the Senate President degrade himself like a prostitute, instead of leading the Senate, the Upper House of Congress. Perhaps it is worth explaining the side of the President Aquino since Mr. Drilon reportedly received a total of P600 Million in DAP funds.

Claims of Secretary Abad on benefits of DAP
Budget & Management Secretary Abad claims that the P144 billion worth of DAP projects have been good for the country. However, it is hard to imagine how the P2.7 billion in DAP funds used to pay the obligation of the Bureau of Customs (BoC) to the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) will benefit the Filipino people.

The same is true with the P750 million tax settlement of NAPOCOR to the Municipal government of Pagbilao in Quezon province. Just like with the dubious payment by the BoC from DAP funds, Senator Ralph Recto quizzed Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima: “How did it help our economy? How many jobs were created?”

Another dubious government project funded by DAP, stem cell research, which the Department of Health (DoH) has apparently kept secret from public scrutiny, got P70 Million. Had the DoH used the said amount instead to purchase the beds direly needed by government hospitals, then the needed 5,000-10,000 beds could have been bought by now and used by patients.

During the Senate hearing, Mr. Abad spoke of the “chilling effect” of the Supreme Court decision on the “Aquino’s administration momentum for reform.” This is the most ludicrous statement I have heard and read. “Reform?” This must really be A BAD Joke!

Benhur Luy, the principal whistle-blower in the P10.0 Billion PDAF pork barrel scam, had testified before in the Senate that P425 Million in DAP funds went to Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) controlled by businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles, the alleged mastermind of the PDAF. The DBM released the money in March and May of 2012 for the projects recommended by Senators Enrile, Estrada, Revilla. Marcos and Sotto.

What is interesting is that Mrs. Napoles used the same successful modus operandi in PDAF with the DAP: getting the “honorable” senators and congressmen to endorse the ghost projects proposed by her fake or bogus NGOs!

Too bad that the Senate Finance Committee chaired by Senator Francis “Chiz-Whiz” Escudero suffered from instant amnesia and FORGOT the testimony of Mr. Luy. So much hypocrisy from Senators Escudero and Drilon with Secretary Abad and PNoy!


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  1. It is obvious that the Yellow Zombies in the govt. likes to kiss each other asses. What a sad affairs for the Filipino people.

  2. My comment, submitted at 11 am on July 26, was deleted and I would like to know why.

    The comment was pointing out 2 of the several ad hominem criticisms in the article. I am sure the Manila Times knows what ad hominem is because the word appears in your comments policy. Double standard?

  3. Hulihin yan si abad pag nakita ninyo! wag basahan ng miranda rights, murahin na lang.
    Si drilon naman, sampalin or batuhin ng mineral water pag nakita ninyo kahit saan! KUNG SINO ANG UNANG MAKAKAGAWA NIYAN AY MAGIGING BAYANI SIGURADO.

  4. Geoffrey Matthew on

    Aptly “Hubris and hypocrisy”in the sense that Budget & Management Secretary Abad claims that the P144 billion worth of DAP projects have been good for the country. People could beg to disagree and in fact. P’noy’s administration is the most F#@#!!g S#** in all of all the world in the sense that Filipinos are really robbed and deprived of good things in life. The Philippine Star reported on July 22, 2014 that the Philippine Population mark 100 million this year, and these Economic Expert President and Budget Secretary is talking about P 144 billion worth of DAP funds that benefited the country, but how come majority of our citizens are still poor? If we Filipinos are 100 million only, and if given 1 billion each, Let us say, through Cash Transfer Program, the easiest Economic Stimulus Package, This will also totally eradicate the country’s poverty. Imagine, we are all Billionaires with a lot to spend, then ours is truly a robust economy! As simple as that, if they just did it in the proper way without violating the constitution, they still have 44 million surplus!! No going against the SC Magistrates. None of this Zarzuela! This President and all his cohorts in Congress and the Senate, whatever secret agenda they have are truly nonsense and really deserved to be kicked out by the Filipino people.

  5. There goes the little honesty left of our president and president of the Senate. To be so dishonest that they see no fact that they cannot twist. Drillon and Chiz proved to me that we cannot have them in any position of trust.

  6. The Senate Finance Committee hearing was all for the defense of the briber by the bribed. What else can we expect from the Senthieves who sold their souls for the glitter of money.

  7. Tita Boluso-Rimando on

    much too painful to watch how these minions just keep going on with their charade, as if everyone else around them were idiots who would believe everything they were saying. is this part of “daang matuwid” ?! jeeezz!

  8. Drilon, Escudero, and the rest of Aquino’s dogs, would just lick Aquino’s face and wag their tails. They are all useless and shameless, if they are not, they should not have been on Aquino’s side. They all benefited from the money. These sidekicks of Aquino knew him very well, knew how to turn his screws on and off. And they knew how to manipulate him to include their own benefits. He is childish, that, everybody should know by now. He is vengeful, yes, and we know that too. He is short in mental capacity relying on people beside him, and noynoying is an appropriate term for him as well as thief executive. This guy people voted for president is shameless, senseless and senile. That would be the SSS.

  9. Your 4th paragraph loses none of its logical impact if edited to:

    “However, the Supreme Court may not cite President Aquino for contempt. The High Tribunal is not expected to go down to the level of PNoy and dignify his childish deed that is typical of spoiled brats when they do not have their way or get what they want.”

    Your last paragraph, likewise, if edited to:

    “Too bad that the Senate Finance Committee chaired by Senator Francis Escudero suffered from instant amnesia and FORGOT the testimony of Mr. Luy. So much hypocrisy from Senators Escudero and Drilon with Secretary Abad and PNoy!”

    These moderations may even help to highlight your main points.

  10. Yes, the era of Diokno, Tanada, Rodrigo, Salonga et al is long gone. Even the era of the senators from the late 1980s to the 1990s are gone: Saguisag. Paterno. Laurel. Flavier, Magsaysay and others are gone. Jun Magsaysay and Dick Gordon lost to the likes of Grace Poe, Nancy Binay, J. V Ejercito and Bam Aquino. Pathetic!

  11. gabriela silang on

    what can you expect from a man devoid of principles like drilon? true to form, drilon displayed his nauseating vintage frank! the quintessential trapo did it again. ilongos must be ashamed of their hide for having a”big man” in the senate…a BIG DISGRACE! he can drill-on all he wants but that wont make him respectable. man, this ilongo really has it…the GUTS! and it shows in his face!

  12. Hindi po natin matatawag na puppet lang ang mga Aquino Admin senatong na ito. Makakapal na talaga ang mga mukha nito – di na tinatablan kundi sagad na at hayok na sa pera ng bayan ang mga ito. Sino ang maniniwala na di sila nagkaroon ng porsiyento sa mga nakuha nila? Kahit na ika nilang di nila nahawakan ang pera or DAP, kapag nakapag bill na ang mga contractor, automatic na ang mga Pu___ I__ng mga ito sa sahod at salok ng pera ng mga taxpayers. Tsk tsk tsk…may kalalagyan din kayo. Para kayong maglolong Franco’t Maximo ng “Ikaw Lamang.” Sana may time kayong panoorin ito, para makapag-isip isip naman kayo, yun eh kung may konsiyensya pa kayo? Yung sina Franco at Maximo mga artista lang, kayong mga hayok at magnanakaw at real actors. He he he!


    Tama ka Tony P. Pero noon yon. Time changed. As Mr. Makabenta in his
    column said, we have now a THIEF EXECUTIVE. In congress, we also have
    PORK DRILON na tumatayong abogado ni abad sa senate. Makapal ang
    pagmumukha talaga. NO SHAME AT ALL.

  14. P. Akialamiro on

    Whether they like it or not, with all the annomalies where many members are involved, its sloppy performance as lawmakers and ‘overtly’ sham committee hearings (supposedly in aid of legislation), we have a congress of mediocre and corrupt members. Gone are the days of honorable, respectable and admirable brilliant minds of its former members. Some current members ratted on their former boss; rat once is always a rat! Mga “kapalmuks”! Shame!

  15. What can we expect from Congress (Senate & HR) who are puppet of Executive and received DAP! Remember Penoy said he will used the other branch of government (Congress) to bully the Judiciary. We can not compare these current senators with Diokno, Salonga, Arroyo, Tanada, Recto, Sumulong etc.Those breed of statesmen have long been gone and I hope someday we will have those kind of breed!

    • Tony P, nakakahiya naman maski na isipin natin na ma compare itong present na mga SENATONGS lalo na si Lolong-Doberman SenaTong SenaThieves PresidenThieves Drillon( DAP100M) ang mga Yellow ( Kulay ng DUWAG na SenaTongs at mga Tuta ng Malascanang na tumagap ng DAP) FIXnance Committee THIEF na si little but terrible DachshundThief Escudero (DAP99M) at nag zarzuela at gumastos ng malaking pera SA KABAN NG BAYAN para lang brain wash ang Pilipino sa apat na sulok ng mundo na NAKABUTI at KUMITA sila sa DAP. WALANG MGA GANITONG SENATHIEVES SA KASAYSAYAN NG SENADO NG PILIPINSA KUNDI SILA LAMANG, MGA KASALUKUYAN SENATHIEVES. DI BA BAYAN?