• Hugh Jackman’s mad and flamboyant Blackbeard

    Karen Kunawicz

    Karen Kunawicz

    DId you know the writer of the first Pirates of the Caribbean film had Hugh Jackman in mind when he wrote the character of Captain Jack Sparrow? That role may have gone to Johnny Depp, but the upcoming Pan finally gives Hugh Jackman the chance to be a larger than life pirate.

    Pan is an origin story for the characters in Peter Pan. We’ll find out who Captain Hook was before he became a pirate, and we’ll find out exactly what Jackman’s “Blackbeard” has to do with the whole legend of Pan.

    The trailers reveal Black-beard’s flamboyant, multi-textured black outfits with feathers, leather, armor and various other fabrics, accented by a slash of red. At a press conference in San Diego, director Joe Wright (Pride and Prejudice) explains his take on the look:

    “When I was thinking about pirates, I was thinking about a character who’s from the real world who is really scary. And I remember pictures of the fighters in Sierra Leone who were terrifically scary and yet they wore kind of women’s wigs and fairy wings and dresses sometimes and because they were these kind of murderers wearing these kind of feminine costumes they became even more scary. So that was the idea behind the costume.”

    Hugh Jackman and Garrett Hedlund at a press conference in San Diego PHOTO BY THE AUTHOR

    Hugh Jackman and Garrett Hedlund at a press conference in San Diego PHOTO BY THE AUTHOR

    Jackman adds, “We had a dress up box and all the pirates had a chance to put on boots, dresses, hats, whatever and we would interchange them for like a week. But there was a reason behind all of them, there’s elements of samurai . . . I just lapped it up. I was Levi’s (Miller) age when I first saw Mad Max: Road Warrior. I don’t know if you remember the villains, the gangs, the biker gang, they were so eccentric and weird. If you go back and look at what they were wearing, that was terrifying for me because they would walk in a weird way, the they had make up it was so bizarre . . . ”

    Pan will be released on October 8 in 3D and 2D formats.


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