‘Hulidap,’ ‘kotong’ rampant again


It is quite disappointing that we have increasingly received complaints of policemen mulcting money from motorists, particularly motorcyclists, in the guise of a campaign against criminals “riding-in-tandem.”

Just like a number of hoodlum-like Manila traffic aides, some groups of motorcycle policemen set up random “checkpoints” and engage in “hulidap.”

In the absence of a PNP chief, we are calling the attention of Police Deputy Director-General Leonardo Espina, whose resignation two months ago has not been acted on by President Noynoy.

Instead of seriously mounting a massive crackdown on the worsening illegal drugs problem, a number of policemen are reportedly pulling off “kotong” again.

Because this bastos in the Palace has ignored his duty to appoint a PNP chief does not mean that policemen should resort to committing criminal activities themselves.

The PNP has won respectability as well as public empathy amid the ultimate sacrifice made by 44 PNP special action force troopers on January 25 in Mamasapano in Maguindanao.

We are hoping that the PNP will not “backslide” to its old ways and regain the “bad guy” image because of the abuses of some of its members.

Noy must name pnp chief now
Obviously, the PNP fell from grace in the wake of the Mamasapano massacre, the lowest point of Noynoy Aquino’s fruitless presidency though this culprit clearly has himself to blame for the bloody mess.

Not even the discovery of the multibillion -peso Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) anomaly, which to this day remains incomprehensible to the man on the street, caused as much public furor as the killing of the SAF44 by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

To Noynoy’s sheer disappointment, the PNP’s Board of Inquiry validated the public’s strong perception of the commander-in-chief’s culpability for the ill-designed and ill-motivated Oplan Exodus that his buddy Alan Purisima supervised.

Not since the conclusion of the Senate and House whitewash-coverup of Noynoy’s treachery has the interest of justice been served.

And not since Purisima’s “resignation” has Noynoy appointed a new PNP chief to lead the 150,000-strong law enforcement organization.

He must get over losing Purisima and name a PNP chief now, today.

Within six months, the PNP has had three different spokespersons.

On Wednesday, the PNP announced the appointment of Chief Supt. Wilfredo Franco as Officer-in-Charge of the Public Information Office replacing Sr. Supt. Bartolome Tobias.

If Noynoy can appoint another OIC, why not one who can dispense with the mandated functions, duties and responsibilities of a PNP chief?

Gusto kasi nitong siyoke, yung kaispadahan at kaututang-dila tulad ni Purisima.

Meanwhile, Malacañang simply wishes the public would forget all about the tragedy and horror of the Mamasapano massacre.

In the case of DAP, we all know now that Noynoy and his bagman Butch Abad hijacked and unlawfully turned congressionally-appropriated funds into “presidential pork barrel,” which will serve as the Liberal Party’s 2016 campaign booty.

But people have become numb of the daily news of irregularities or anomalies, even as these got more rampant in this administration’s selective justice.

Alam ng mga tao na kaliwa’t-kanan ang nakawan sa Matuwid na Daan pero manhid na ang mga tao sa balitang iyan.

In the case of the Mamasapano massacre and the congressional moro-moro inquiry, the people could not help but sympathize with the families of the SAF 44 who were sent in that suicide mission at the terrorists’ lair controlled and protected by the MILF.

The people know the SAF commandos were left to die in MILF and BIFF “pintakasi.”

All for the military’s failure to flush out an unworthy foreign terrorist that MILF harbored virtually stone’s-throw away from a military camp.



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  1. You hit it in the nail Mr Tulfo….The PNP is is in a quagmire because of the dilly dallying in the appointment of a permanent PNP chief who this siyoke president as you describe is finding hard to select a PNP chief in the mold of BFF SOB purisima who is a good kaispadahan…..