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  1. The issue is “the system does not work”, criminals has more rights and privileges than a law abiding citizen. Human Rights only protect the criminals and close their eyes on the Law Abiding Citizen Victims.

  2. The difference is in the United States the police are charged, the latest killing the officer is already charged with 1st degree manslaughter 6 days after shooting a unarmed citizen whereas in the Philippines the Police are not charged for killing unarmed citizens.

    When you look at the Philippines system of justice no one get arrested or convicted.

    The Maguindanao massacre – November 23, 2009
    58 Dead

    In August 2014, private prosecutors alleged that state prosecutors were compromising the case in exchange for bribes, saying that some of the state prosecutors were receiving bribes as large as PhP 300 million
    The Department of Justice started a new investigation of 50 new suspects with a preliminary investigation in March 2015.

    7 years later no conviction due to the endless incompetence of the Philippines justice system.

    Mamasapano clash (SAF 44) January 25, 2015

    Deaths – 44 Police of the SAF, 18 from MILF and BIFF, and five civilians, 1 terrorist

    No arrests after 1 year and 8 months.

    Luisita massacre Nov. 16, 2004

    Striking farmworkers, demanding the turnover of the land to them, were violently dispersed by combined PNP-AFP forces. As the strikers and their supporters resisted the teargas shells and water cannons, successive gunshots rang out. Consequently, seven farmworkers were killed, 121 were injured (32 had gunshot wounds), including 11 children and four elderly men.

    In the succeeding weeks, eight supporters of the strike were killed: Bishop Alberto Ramento, former supreme bishop of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente; Fr. William Tadena, also of the IFI; Tarlac City councilor Abel Ladera; Ric Ramos, president of the Central Azucarera de Tarlac Labor Union; and four worker-community leaders

    No arrests after 12 years

  3. Michael Bautista on

    There is a big difference in what Police do in the USA and what Police do in the Philippines. But apparently there is no difference in how the biased press reports it.