Hundreds of drug users surrender

NO ESCAPE Policemen queue up during a surprise mandatory drug test at a police station in Manila. AFP PHOTO

NO ESCAPE Policemen queue up during a surprise mandatory drug test at a police station in Manila. AFP PHOTO

THEY keep coming out.

Apparently driven by fear of execution, more than 900 drug pushers and users have surrendered to the police over the weekend as police and barangay (village) officials joined hands in carrying out a tough anti-drug program initiated by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Rizal Provincial Police Director Senior Supt. Adriano Enong Jr. said 762 drug “suspects” from various barangays in the province trooped to the headquarters of the Rizal Provincial Police in Taytay town where they underwent medical and psychiatric examinations and drug tests.

In Isabela province, at least 200 people involved in illegal drugs also surrendered to authorities in the towns of Ilagan and San Agustin. The youngest was 15 years old, police said.

Senior Inspector William Agpalsa, San Agustin chief of police, said they will continue their operations against the drug personalities who have not surrendered.

Those who turned up in police stations signed an affidavit that they will not use or peddle illegal drugs again. They will be given counseling, livelihood training and undergo rehabilitation, if needed.

“The PNP anti-drug campaign operations have no timeline and it will never stop until said menace is totally eradicated in the province of Rizal,” Enong said.

The Rizal surrenderers were the latest batch of drug personalities who turned themselves in since Duterte vowed to go after drug pushers and their police protectors.

On Friday, 86 suspected drug users and pushers in San Juan City surrendered to the police.

With the help of barangay [village]officials, the suspected drug users and pushers
surrendered to San Juan acting police chief Senior Supt. Victor Arevalo.

The suspected drug users and pushers were later presented to Mayor Guia Gomez. The mayor vowed to give them livelihood training.

Last week, 210 suspected drug users and pushers also surrendered to the police in the cities of Pasig, Marikina, San Juan, and Mandaluyong

In Caraga, 272 suspected pushers and users also surrendered to authorities amid the intensified campaign against illegal drugs. Caraga police spokesman Supt. Michael Lozada said the drug suspects turned up in different police stations in the region.

Meanwhile, police officials said more than 6,000 drug personalities have surfaced in Region 12 since May this year.

Supt. Romeo Galgo Jr., public information officer of Police Regional Office (PRO) 12, said a number of self-confessed drug pushers and users have been coming out daily.

“This is a positive development in our fight against illegal drugs,” Galgo said.

Region 12 is composed of the provinces of South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani and North Cotabato, and the cities of General Santos, Koronadal, Tacurong, Kidapawan and Cotabato.

Stop drugs or get ax

Also on Saturday, Senior Superintendent Romulo Sapitula, acting District Director of the Eastern Police District (EPD), warned the four chiefs of police in Metro Manila’s eastern area to stop illegal drugs.

Sapitula said the police chiefs will be given a grace period of one month to solve the problem in their areas.

“I give the chiefs of police to show their accomplishment in one month. After one month that they do not perform well, we have to relieve them. They should perform well because I have to give myself three months,” he told this reporter after he briefed his men during his first command conference at the EPD headquarters in Pasig City.

Apart from making EPD as the most peaceful district in the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO), Sapitula said he wants to clean their own ranks to regain the trust of the people.

“We have to cleanse not only the community, but also on our own the ranks [of the police force]. This could be a simultaneous cleansing. We need to restore the credibility of the police. I want to bring back the trust of the people of EPD area,” he said.

Sapitula said he wants also to bring the police closer to the people.

“I want to bring the policemen to the community. People should feel police’s presence. I have to go around and I want to inspect the police officer. I want to see them in the respected area of their assignments,” he noted.

He said he is set to visit all the barangay [village]chairmen in the coming days to ask their support in the fight against illegal drugs, noting that all barangays in Metro Manila have been plagued by the drug menace.

Sapitula expressed confidence that the problem on illegal drugs can be solved.

“I am confident because President [Rodrigo] Duterte is the only president who’s been very bold in dealing with drugs. He’s very passionate,” Sapitula said.

“This is now the golden opportunity for us, including the community and all the people who area against illegal drugs . . . let us join hands,” he said.

Drug test

Dela Rosa late Friday ordered senior PNP officials to undergo drug test.

The newly installed police chief said the test was to ensure that all senior officials holding key positions are capable of being role models to their subordinates.

The surprise drug test was in line with Duterte’s vow to rid the police force of rogue cops and bad eggs, Dela Rosa said as he warned that officials who will test positive for illegal drug used will be dismissed from the service.

“Automatic, matatanggal sa serbisyo,” the PNP chief told reporters.

Under the law, government employees found positive for use of dangerous drugs will undergo disciplinary and administrative proceedings.

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  1. Tsss .. You dont understand the situation here .. show some respect and sympathy AHole .. They may have done it because of a good reason heres what President Duterte said. Surrender, and you will be forgiven and be given with a second chance to change. Or Escape your WRONGDOINGS then you will be punished by death.. use your head…

  2. Our new President is blessed to lead the way and he can make the change.mahubay President D.

  3. Juanito Parungao on

    Not only six was lost during the Aquino term,what about the other former pres.Have also done nothing.They are both accusing of any wrongdoing.The better for them both is to go to jail and suffer what they’ve done to our country.

  4. @May Farhi . Do you think druglords would surrender? They are called LORDS for a reason. They hide in the shadows. They pull strings, They are often times protected by politicians.
    But the time of reckoning has come. Druglords would either get out of the country or get killed eventually.

  5. Claude Radolla on

    I think this is a great move what President Duterte is doing . Taking a hard firm stance to help his country from corruption and drugs. Having testing government officials first is good move .This help stops the corruption with government officials neglecting to do a proper job with the public sector. This is a great start . Then moving to the public sector for drug testing will happen. There too many good hard working families being abused by a few corrupt people. This is time for the hard working honest person to stand up and stop the years of abuse you have taken for such a few selfish corrupt people. This is for your children that your President is doing this not for himself. I really think he loves your country. It’s tI’m for all the good people to take back your country by supporting your President. I hope soon he clamps do on all the fraud about some people not wanting to pay taxes on goods purchased. The company’s selling good and northe charging taxes to the buyers should pay a heavy fine . Thsee tax dollars is what helps support your schools and hospitals and other things like sewage, garbage , road repairs .
    Also must stop this stupid foreigners comin into your country and exploding your women in sex/ porn. It’s time to also protect the younger woman from these stupid foreigners.

  6. That shows you that Pnoy is a weakling. What can GDP make our country in good standing while hundreds of your people are drug pushers and dpendents? Those 6 years are lost years.

  7. Rodan Guerrero on

    It will be a rough sailing for the Duterte Administration to eradicate drug problems within 6 months since his predecessor STUPID AQUINO turned the Phils. into the DRUG TRADING CENTER of ASIA within his entire watch of 6 yrs. Just like his negligence in Mamasapano which resulted to the loss of lives of the SAF44, Aquino should also answer for this mess which resulted to loss and destruction of millions of Filipino lives.

  8. Perhaps this is an opportunity for the Human rights organization to put their work more to rehabilitate all this drug people who surrendered, instead of criticize what has been happening. In a way this shows that people are really looking for change , help and leadership .
    Ask assistance from international human rights organization to do this .
    There are humane societies around. It’s better to put up centers for rehabilitation than prison.

    Use all Napoles money from the PDAF AND ALSO DAP .

  9. yes,the drug lords,they’re not human being but worst than animals.even animals knows how to care..while these characters are just for the love of money.o yeah about the chinese illegal drug manufacturers? illegal drug manufacturers do not deserve to live.they don’t know what is wrong…just need to send them to hell little early.many life and families were ruined because of these Lunatics….just eliminate them all….

  10. So why don’t bureau chiefs and agency heads as well as heads of commissions also require surprise drug test of all their staff and dismiss those immediately found to be positive? Don’t tell me that all employees in the bureau of customs or the insurance commission are all squeeky clean. Maybe, even the private sector can follow suit. The call centers, bus and taxi companies, fast food chains can start the initiative. The Bankers Assn can also do the same requiring all workers in the banking industry to go to a drug test.

  11. Dudirty may not like this, he wants them dead, he does not need the problem of looking for a budget to house and feed them. To him dead is better.

    • Tsss .. You dont understand the situation here .. show some respect and sympathy AHole .. They may have done it because of a good reason heres what President Duterte said. Surrender, and you will be forgiven and be given with a second chance to change. Or Escape your WRONGDOINGS then you will be punished by death.. use your head…
      roel is right you its showing that you dont want change in this country.. take alook around and realize it for yourself..