Hundreds protest Israeli flag at UN climate talks


MARRAKECH, Morocco: Hundreds demonstrated in the Moroccan capital on Wednesday against the Israeli flag being flown beside the colours of 195 other countries at United Nations climate talks in the central city of Marrakesh. More than 200 people protested outside parliament in Rabat against the Jewish state’s flag being hoisted at the COP22 conference that opened on Monday. “The Israeli flag at COP22 means Morocco symbolically recognising the state of Israel. It’s unacceptable,” one protester told Agence France-Presse. “Death to America, death to Israel!” demonstrators cried, burning the Israeli flag. Several pro-Palestinian associations took part in the protest after calling on authorities to take action about the flag earlier this week. On Tuesday, Morocco’s Foreign Minister Salaheddine Mezouar responded that “UN meetings around the world welcome all nations” and that the fight against climate change “requires all governments to commit.” Morocco supported Palestine gaining observer status at the United Nations in 2012, Mezouar said, and is “the first to defend the Palestinian cause.” He denounced what he called “political exploitation” of the climate talks running to November 18.



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