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Hunky fashion plate is now men’s undergarments creative consultant

 Actor Jake Cuenca has been given a free hand in producing an entire collection for Guitar, which will carry his initials

Actor Jake Cuenca has been given a free hand in producing an entire collection for Guitar, which will carry his initials

Among the day’s crop of leading men in local show business, 29-year-old Jake Cuenca has hardly had any misses when it comes to dressing up, or dressing down as the case may be. First thrust into the limelight at age 10 as a commercial model for TV and print, the Filipino-American has naturally built a sound foundation in the style department via exposure.

Cuenca knows this and is justifiably confident in declaring, “I know about fashion.” After all, he has certainly pulled off many a different look, be it a ruggedly handsome haciendero in his recently concluded hit drama series, Pasion de Amor, as a prime celebrity in the weekly variety noontime show ASAP (both shows are on ABS-CBN where he is a contract talent with Star Magic), and generally as a man about town, whose adventurous, yet spot on style is often duplicated byyoung male followers.

“I’ve been in showbiz and the fashion scene for a very long time, so you can say I know my stuff,” Cuenca added as he happily told The Manila Times that besides being chosen as the newest image model of the proudly homegrown brand of men’s undergarments and shirts Guitar, he also serves as creative consultant for the 56-year old legacy label.

“This is something [fashion]endorsement was unable to give me,” he openly related, referring to top Filipino casual clothing brand Bench. Evidently thriving in this new challenge he continued, “With this brand, I now have creative control in designs of the underwear, the designs of the shirt, and also creative consultancy when it comes to the shoots. I may be new at this [title]but I have so much that I can contribute to the brand.

jake220160407Already, Guitar has given Cuenca a freehand over an entire collection named “JC,” the actor’s initials.

According to Guitar executive Andrew Le Paul Tsai, Cuenca is very valuable in giving the classic Filipino mens’ clothing label a more modern look, while still making use of their trademark “de hilo” fabric, or the term used by many generations past to mean the finest quality cotton.

Done with his first set of photo shoots and his official launch as brand endorser though, the actor has been allowed to take a three-week break from the drawing board, and is currently in New York, completing a short acting course.

But when he gets back to wrap up the JC collection for release, the sexy actor promised teasingly, “It’s going to be hot.”


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