Hurray for a prexy like BS Aquino!


Halfway thru his six-year term, President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino 3rd has convinced all and sundry that he truly loves the poor. He loves them so much that he has created more poor Pinoys in just three years!

I consider this administration’s feat of increasing the number of poor Filipinos miraculous. The administration increased Philhealth coverage from 62 percent in 2010 to 85 percent in 2012. It also greatly increased the budget for the pro-poor Conditional Cash Transfer program—from P10 billion in 2010 to P21 billion in 2011, P34 billion in 2012, and P45 billion in 2013.

With such programs, there should have been fewer poor today and yet, the opposite is true. That’s why I consider the increase in poverty incidence in the country today nothing short of miraculous. And how did BS Aquino accomplish this marvelous feat?

Well, his formula is no secret: Walang mahirap kung walang corrupt. (Nobody’s poor if nobody’s corrupt.)

BS Aquino made sure that more Filipinos would be mired in poverty during his watch by raising the unemployment rate. What’s more remarkable is that the Philippine economy grew thru these brilliant stratagems. Miracles will never cease under this administration!

The people, majority of whom are poor, are reciprocating the love showered upon them by the President. As per surveys, BS Aquino has the highest approval rating ever enjoyed by a president. Jobless growth and creating more widespread poverty are really reaping dividends for him. How can anyone argue against success?

The President has also convinced everybody that he’s a man of vision. A few months ago, he was picking a fight with China and declared that Filipinos were willing to defend their territory to the last man. And with what will Pinoys defend their territory? Why, with warships that will be delivered in 2016! Now, if that’s not being forward-looking, then I don’t know what is.

Sen. Tito Sotto, true to his nature, proposed that BS Aquino convoke the Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) to map out the administration’s legislative program for the incoming 16th Congress. BS Aquino, true to his nature, rejected the proposal. This will merely give the President added work.

Legislation is the primary job of Congress. Lawmakers should be allowed to do their work unimpeded, although they should not mind getting gentle nudge from Malacanang on issues like the Reproductive Health bill and the impeachment of Chief Justice Renate Corona. If BS Aquino doesn’t want to join hands with lawmakers in formulating a legislative program, then why did he urge the electorate to vote for Team PNoy? Search me. That’s why I said wonders never cease under the administration of BS Aquino.

News reports thru the years:

“President Benigno Simeon Aquino 3rd fired the head of PAGAaSA for failing to give an accurate prediction of the path of a typhoon.”

“President Benigno Simeon Aquino defends Undersecretary Rico Puno, saying he is entitled to due process.”

“President Benigno Simeon Aquino 3rd says the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao should be headed by an officer-in-charge with no ambition of running for ARMM governor.”

“President Benigno Simeon Aquino 3rd endorses OIC Gov. Mujiv Hattaman as administration candidate for ARMM governor.”

“President Benigno Simeon Aquino 3rd has lauded the faster assistance given to calamity victims under his administration.”

“Deputy Presidential Spokesman said President Benigno Simeon Aquino was not responsible for any inquiry into the ‘Sex for Fly’ scandal.”

“Malacanang said President Benigno Simeon Aquino 3rd was not to blame for the slow implementation of overseas development assistance.”

What can I say about these reports? Why, they’re a lot of BS!

Hey, did I say “a lot of BS?” I’m sorry. I take that back. The fact is, there is only one BS in the world and he’s our president. Aren’t we lucky?

Town mate honored
I feel proud that a town mate from Lupao, Nueva Ecija, Jose (a carelessly written Malacañang release gave his name as “Antonio”) Galvez was one of the honorees at the 50th anniversary of the National Irrigation Administration. Joe or Peping as we call him was a former NIA administrator and the very first Filipino to hold a PhD in Hydraulics Engineering. He handled the Pantabangan hydroelectric project before being named NIA head.

Peping is among the distinguished sons of Lupao that included former San Beda Law Dean Virgilio Jara, a classmate of Sen. Rene Saguisag and a Bar topnotcher like Rene, and Manong Noli Jara, the first journalist from our town. The late Gov. Juan Chioco, a member of the Cabinet of President Carlos P. Garcia, was also a town mate. His family donated the campus for our public high school that now proudly bears the name of his widow, Dona Juana.


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  1. how do you increase approval ratings, jobless percentage and poverty.,…

    simple.. give people dole-outs also known as CCT or 4Ps..

    who dont want freebies? i know i do! i know i would approve of the stranger who would give me money… much more if you get cash you never earned in a regular basis! the simple requirement is mom is at home to tend for the kids.

    who would rather work their back off than receive money for nothing? i know i would! .. much more if being at home is a condition for you to receive continuous dole-outs. who dont want a care free life anyway?

    but alas… it only comes once every what? two? three month? the moment you receive the money it is enough to pay off debts incurred during the time you dont receive dole-outs… yeahh its easier to spend money you never worked hard for, and easy to loose track of expense you never paid cash for…

    i live in a rural community where people earn live in less than one dollar per day. only a very small percentage are mature enough to realize that the cct/4ps are meant to supplement their income.. not their sole source of income..

  2. Most Filipino people loves popularity, drama, money and tricks. BS Aquino is the best example of what people like. Too bad we were fooled by his mother and the yellow gang about their hypocrite slogan about “laban” sign when Cory campaigned for presidency. Just to find out that the genuine meaning- was their own laban for their beloved hacienda luisita with the expense of poor people living now in extreme poverty while they control the whole system of government. We don’t deserve it.

  3. Harish Nandwani on

    I am at a loss on what is happening to our country.
    Flooding seems a common thing, affecting businesses,people, schools and students, and health of our countrymen.
    Number . of Jobless Filipinos is on the rise and so is criminality..
    The cost of basic goods and utilities have gone up substantially
    Government regulations in business is ever increasing.
    Availability and affordability of Power,water and other utilities is a great concern.
    Some Government officials like the ones accused in the Middle East seem to be oppressors instead of doing their jobs to help.
    Money and Government expenditures is still focused on Imperial manila.
    Our tourism program though commendable,lacks legs to stand on considering the lack of infrastructure, sorry state of our airports, and education of both the police,taxi drivers, others in the tourist industry and general population, relative to the benefits of tourism.
    The focus seems to be on patting ourselves for every little achievement ,instead of working on credible long term programs. An example is the hot money coming in instead of focusing of FDI’s, where we lag behind our Asian neighbors, and which provide jobs.
    Jobs are not being created by local businessmen as SME’s are drowning in excessive Government Regulations.

  4. And what do you think catapulted him to the presidency? Brains, I strongly doubt it. Just look at all the decisions he had been making, starting in the selection of his cabinet members and advisers. If there are brainy people in that group, you can count them with just your ten fingers. Maybe brawn or being a target shooter? Highly unlikely. Popularity, unfortunately, not even his (he was not even known for anything. It was his mother’s). If Cory did not meet her untimely demise, he may not had even been re-elected senator as the people begin to realize he was just a bench warmer senator.

  5. Urgie Faderogao on

    How can you say that BS Aquino III is doing a good job. More & more poverty under his watch. BY increasing the budget of Donky Soliman, DSWD, CCT or pantawid. This kind of porgram is inutil,. . it make the poor people mendicant and/or dependent on the government. Instead of giving them cash, create a jobs for them,make useful citizens, in return they can contribute for the progress of the country; not making the poor people lazy like the tenant of Malacanang is also lazy, Noynoying.

  6. Pnoy had been doing a good job compared to GMA, Erap and FVR. he accomplished many. as far as poverty, there need to be some changes in our laid back attitudes, more discipline, less corruption and honesty. you cannot blame Pnoy on this. it is us the people that need to change. and vote wisely and not based on popularity. thats why we are the most stupid country in the world and the gates thru hell. lollllll

    • Mary Rose Fernandez on

      If you can’t find anything favorable about this administration in this paper don’t be surprised. You know who the publisher is.

  7. Abraham V Magtanong on

    You are good and fearless writer. We need more articles exposing what is really happenings under presidents acquaints leadership.may your ideas be heard and good Pilipino loving citizens do something.worse president. No talents at all.

  8. Gusto mo agad agad, agad agad..sige hanap ka ng warship na ma ideliver bukas ..and sir ngayong taon lang nasabing umunlad ang ating bansa , gusto mo mayaman agad, at yung walang trabaho magkatrabaho, cmon..alam mo naman na ang poor dito sa pinas ay sagad, .magkatrabaho man ay poor pa rin..

    • miriamquiamco on

      Eh, sa 2016 pa pala ang warships ng pangulo mo, bakit naman siya nagyayabang sa kada talumpati niya in the last three years. At pinadala pa ang decrepit warship na galing sa U.S. para lang turuan ng leksyon ang Chinese fishermen, ayan tuloy, sunod sunod na ang mga military ships ng China sa teritoryo natin, eh, wala naman siyang magawa kasi sa 2016 pa pala ang ipinagmamalaki niyang warships. Gusto ba niya ng giyera sa China, bakit tahol siya ng tahol, wala naman siyang puwedeng ikagat. Pati ang Pilipinas, nawalan na talaga ng standing sa ASEAN dahil sa pagmamacho machohan ng presidente mo. Walang alam sa diplomacy, sobra naman kung manakot, kaya pinapunta ni Obama sa Washington, sa tingin ko pinagalitan, kasi pagbalik medyo tumahimik .. .