The hurt business and religion


MY pal, Quinito Henson asks: “No KO but who cares?” I do. The context is the hurt business, the manly art of modified murder, boxing, and Manny Pacquiao. His camp had bragged, KO in one. But, no KO in twelve by one said to have recovered his Killer’s Instinct, to maim a fellow human being on the installment plan.

He should have run as Guv, so Vice Guv Jinkee (of an incipient dynasty) could govern in his absence; no such post as Vice-Cong. He is rumored to be a PBA player (oldest rookie as he will be 36 next month, who passed the ball to a foe on his first touch; even his billions surely cannot make him Rookie of the Year). In 2016 he will be a Great Pretender as Senator, inflicted by another pal, Veep Jojobama.

Last Sunday, Manny had several pastors sing our Pambansang Awit, all of them praying that he destroy a fellow human being (and continue to earn billions enabling them to junket, and savor the good life).

Manny has savaged the House and the PBA and next, the Senate. I care for the latter, having once worked there, with the likes of Ting Paterno who is gone to the Promised Land. Last November 14 I said here: “I must have first heard of and noticed Ting when `[t]he New York Times once quoted [him]on its front page in the late 1970s [his]comment that the Philippine government was buying one nuclear plant but paying for the price for two’.” Page 93.

I have noted that his contemporaries have written about him positively, even glowingly, in tribute, but did not touch on what Ting said on the nuke plant. Are they the Good Filipinos like the Good Germans of Hitler, uncaring about kleptocracy and/or gross human rights violations? Yup, I am delighted that Ting was my Senate contemporary who proved that pork is not toxic per se (elect Paterno- and Flavier- types in 2016, not Manny Pacquiao, please).

Jimmy Licauco was my hotshot campus contemporary in San Beda. He asked last Tuesday: “Is the Kama Sutra indecent?” PDI, 11/25/14, p. C3, col. 1. I got a copy of it in November 1969, when at the Manila International Airport, Raul Roco saw me off, and slipped a copy to me. I don’t remember anything from it. I have a better recollection of the Conjugal Dictatorship by Tibong Mijares, in 1975. Rumor has it that he was dropped from an airplane between Manila and Guam by minions of Macoy and Imelda, very displeased by what he had written about them. Prurient. My two copies of the book were borrowed and never returned.

If one has to father a child, plant a tree and write a book before he goes (to the Promised Land or where his foes tell him to), I will have to put off writing a book. I will continue writing columns as long as I can and some paper would accommodate me. I want to live still before some epitaph says of me: “Here a lawyer lies still.”

Media killings and those of lawyers should upset us but so should any other killing. The law’s delay? Lenny Villa was killed in a frat hazing tragedy on February 11, 1991. Case involving only one death still pending in the Supreme Court (SC). Now on its 24th year. My client, Zos Mendoza, acquitted twice by the Court of Appeals and once by the SC, on February 1, 2012, continues to twist in the wind. In Ampatuan, scores of victims. Ampatuan may be the subject of Chief Justice Meilou Sereno’s 2030 valedictory.

PNoy cannot dictate the pace of any trial. Every killing matters, even of ordinary folk, non-lawyers or non-media people. He had nothing to do with the liberation of Hubert Webb on December 10, 2010, after the latter spent more than 15 years in unjust captivity. The judiciary is not under PNoy, who may in fact be told by the former that he has gravely abused his discretion, a power the US SC does not have.

In this regard, PNoy recalls at variance with our (Bobby Tanada’s and my) recollection what happened when we met PNoy last July in the Palace; we were politely adamantine in our assertion that the Senate may not be ignored, on EDCA, for legitimacy and acceptability.

The Prez kindly refused to identify us in his unkind PDI interview: “If I say specifically who they are, you will interview them, and these two are already quite old. [Ouch!] They might say . . . they might not welcome too much attention [it seems that is for us to say; I was once the spokesman of snap polls bet and Prez, his Mom, in 1985-86.]”

Bobby and I worked in the Senate once, along with predecessor Senator Lorenzo, and with the father, contemporary, of another EDCA petitioner, primo Steve Salonga, son of Senator Jovito. Bobby, concerned that his deceased Grand Old Man would visit him and make kalmot, emailed me thusly: “Idol Sag – Laking gulat ko rin Idol nung mabasa ko yung article. Sa haba ng usapan natin tungkol sa EDCA, ilang ulit natin sinabi sa kanya na dapat may concurrence ang Senado sa EDCA dahil kung wala iyan, ang EDCA ay labag sa ating Saligang Batas sa ibat-ibang dahilan. Sabay tayong umalis. . . . Nauna ka lang lumabas sa pinto dahil inulit ko yung tanong ko sa kanya tungkol sa Coco Levy Fund. Mas senior ako sa yo Idol, pero sigurado ako hindi tayo na senior moment at hinding hindi tayo masi-senior moment sa usaping Ito! Idol – kailan mo ko tuturuan sumayaw ng walang Baston? KamanBob. 11/22/14.”

With all due respect, I disagree with Senator Miriam – with whom I agree on so many other things – that we should have brought EDCA to the Senate, which should have in fact demanded of, and asked, PNoy not to ignore the body. The Senate should in fact have initiated a petition for certiorari in the SC, or joined us, given its disregarded exalted position in foreign relations. But, the body is too busy with other things and may not care being cuckolded by the Palace. At least one Senator should have crooned, beamed at the Palace: “Are we that easy to forget?”

Use it or lose it, Senate. No need to wait for Manny Pacquiao, Jojobama’s Senate pick, for 2016. EDCA is open-ended as to duration. The presence of foreign troops on our soil could be a provocation, unlike that of the South Korean battalion quietly working in Yolanda-stricken areas, partly to thank us and Ninoy, for circa 50’s help. Yesterday was his 82nd birth anniversary.

Late-breaker: Senator Miriam has set an EDCA hearing on Monday, December 1, in the Senate, with its crucial role in foreign affairs; EDCA has polycentric dimensions.

Seeing Pearl Harbor on TV last Wednesday night, I was struck that the audacious American pilots who had bombed Tokyo flew to China and were aided by the Chinese, on April 18, 1942 (Doolittle Raid). Bataan had just fallen.

Anyway, no permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests. Lord Palmerston.


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  1. At least we know how Manny made his pile, compared to other public officials, especially those allied with this BS. Madami lang nai-inggit kay Manny talaga.

  2. I agree with a lot you say here. I think a lot of people wont fully understand what you meant in this writing. Lets see what the people do, but the church well you can keep that as with most religious people i have no time for them, they say one thing but do another & always turn a blind eye to people doing the other.

  3. Noong panahon nila Rene saguisag ang lahat ng kasabayan niya ay edukado at hindi basta-basta mga abugado mga maysinasabi!
    Ang hindi ko lang maintindihan bakit hindi sila nagtayo ng mabuti at matibay na pundasyon para sa ikabubuti ng bansa noong sila pa ang nasa puesto!wala-wala ako naalala na masasabi kung magandang naitulong sa bansa!
    Ngayon kung magmataas atmanglait sa felling nila di kalevel!
    Hindi ba sila nahihiya ,, lahat ng nasa gobyerno at naging president ay kalevel o mas matalino sa kanila, pero anong nangyari puro magnanakaw at ngayon yung mababa ang ginagawang paki sa kanila kawalanghiya!
    Kahit kailan felling ng may pinag-aral at mayayaman perpekto sila!
    Kaya hindi naging mabuti ang mundo dahil maraming nabubuhay na ganito dito sa mundo!
    Pati langit inaakalang doon sila pupunta!
    Pag may time isip-isip habang humihinga pa!

    • Kapatid, kung and inaasahan mo na proyekto ng mga senador sa panahon nila ay pag papasamento ng daan, tulay at pag bibigay ng fertilizer, eh wala kang makikita sapagkat sa panahon nila alam nila kung ano ang tunay na obligasyon ng isang senador-yan ay magsulat ng batas.

      Kayat kung gusto mo makita kung ano ang legacy nila balikan mo kung anong panahon naisulat ang mga magagandang batas.

      Yung pag require sa mga public officials na mag file ng SALN si Ka Rene nag panukala nun, kung sinusunod yan ngayon di sana alam natin kung paano biglang laki ng mga yaman ng opisyal kaso di sinusunod at pinapatupad sa patahon ngayon. Yung Archipelagic doctrine, sa panahon ni Tolentino yun, yan ang dahilan bakit di hati hati ang Pilipinas. Marami pang magagandang batas, di gaya ng anti-selfie ng ating senado ngayon.

      Ang legacy nila ay hindi sementadong itruktura kundi sementadong batas, na ayaw pansinin at pahalagahan ng mga ibang pulitiko ngayon na mag nakaw lang ang nasa isip.